Anshi OS Takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 5) by shama

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Recap Of previous episode in brief
Ishkara hug …. Rumya first date…. Shivaay is happy that anika is taking care of him … Anika tensed…. Ishana tensed…
Present Episode
Scene -1
@ Oberoi Mansion – Hall
Anshi entered the home in each other arms everyone was shocked to see this pinky was not pleased to see anika so close to shivaay dadi omru janvi was happy to see Anshi together so close ..
Pinky came forward and said oh mata mera Hera beta is looking so dull jaa anika main billu ko sambhalugi.. Shivaay looks up at pinky and thinks in mind… Mom huh.. Why ????
Anika was about to leave shivaay but shivaay tightened his grip and intensionally trips or dis balanced so anika could hold him and the same happened … As he was about to fall anika gave him support and they looked at each other and dadi went to omru who were watching this DDLJ type moment and dadi asked omru ( looking at Anshi) omru yeh ho kya raha hai???
Omru too looked at Anshi and said dadi tumse yeh dono mile hai hum yahi sawal pooch pooch kar thak chuke hai per ab tak jawab Nahi mile..
Rudra looks at omkara and said bhaiyya jawab kyon dega woh lady baba ka ” universe ya uski reki ” bolo na ??
Omkara as always uses his patent dialogue …. Shut up Rudra…
Bhaiyya kya her waqt shut up shut up ?? Kuch naya bolo..
Omkara said pointing his finger shut up Rudra..
Rudra said with a puppy face same hi meaning hai o
Omkara said moo bandh rakh Rudra..
Rudra said yeh bhi toh wahi hai ….
And Om said shut your mouth !!!
Rudra said o behave … Hum samne hai
Omkara said oh ha !! Dadi was looking at omru sweet fight and hits her forehead and said to them ki pehle tumhara jhagda khatam ho jab toh tum Anshi ka figure out karoge … Per mujhe paata lagana hoga !!

Omkara and Rudra saw Anshi again ( shockingly ) and Rudra said looking at om bhaiyya aur anika..
Om looked at Rudra and said anika aur shivaay … Both look each other and Rudra said yeh ho kya raha hai..
Dadi says anika to take billu in his room and anika looks at dadi and then shivaay and nodes her head in yes and they slowly slowly walked with each other…
Omkara and Rudra was still giving a confused look towards Anshi ,dadi was smiling .. Pinky was worried … Pinky thinks in mind ki pehle Malika aur ab anika Nahi ?? oh my mata aaltu jaalal tu aai anika ko taal toh..
Scene – 2
@ the unknown mansion
The same edifice had a board on entered the camera focused on it a wooden board designed with bold letters the name of the place was
” Rathore ” ..
The servants were in a hurry all were running here to there and doing arrangements the same guy who was messaging anika came out of his room and walked down …
His personality attitude was smashing and dashing he was wearing Navy blue painted shirt light grey pants and with black shoes walked out his face was not shown yet he looked here and there he saw servants all around he said in a commanding voice listen everyone tomorrow is a big day for us and I don’t want any silly mistakes in it at any cost .. Understood..
The servants nodded their head in agreement and again focused on their work …
The guy was standing on first floor holding the grip and supervised every thing and a call comes.. He lifted it
The convo between that guy and a lady :
Guy – hello!!
Lady – hello ( in background the copper sound was coming kat kat kat )
Guy said with a killer smile on his face.
Are you coming home !!!
The lady replied aha yes … Today is a very big day for us rathore so should be there and not in abroad !!
Guy said exactly !! ?
Lady said where is my anika ??
Guy – suddenly his smile vanished and in a low tone he said your anika is showing me nakhe she is not answering my calls or messages as she is busy with oberois … Huh?
The lady said oberois !!! And disconnected the call and thrown the phone in anger..
Scene 3
@ corridor ( Anshi walking towards shivaay room)..

Shivaay looked at anika and thought when she is with me or near me why I become so different .. I smile … I sometime use her khidki tootdh language in short I behave like her .. What kind of new feeling is this in me ??..
Anika thought lo phirse ghar me aa hi gaye ( again I am in this home)..
Paata Nahi yeh ghar yeh log mujhe Nahi chudna chahte ya main inhe Nahi chudna chahte .. Yeh confusing hai

( don’t know whether this House this people are not willing to leave me or I am not willing to leave them.. Its confusing

Aur jab bhi ye billu ji aas pass hote hai mujhe michmichi hoti hai kuch naya ayehsas hota hai

( and whenever billu ji shivaay is around me I feel something weird I feel something new feeling ..)

They were thinking about each other and o jaana played in both male and female voice…
They reached at room entrance shivaay was looking constantly at anika and trips on the entrance and anika came out of thoughts and said sambhal ke … And they had an straight eyelock .. Shivaay looking into her eyes said jab dev aaya tha Maine tumse poocha tha kya tumne dev ko bolaya toh tumne jooth kyu bola ki tumne use bolaya tha I know it because priku came and said it to me
( when dev came here I asked you did you call him so why you said lie that you called him.. )

She avoided the eye connection and made him sit on bed and covered him from blanket and said take care and turned to go when shivaay holded her hand and she was still she turned and shivaay said
(with a question mark look) I asked something na?? Answer my damn question anika …
Anika looked down and said finally you came to know the truth Mr shivaay Singh oberoi I am glad ki aapne mujhe joh illzaam lagaya tha woh galat tha aapko paata chal gaya..
Maine aapko jail say bahar nikhala because aap innocent the ..

( flashback.. As we all know in the recent episode of IB anika and shivaay mobiles exchanged and shivaay was abused for gayatri murder case the real culprit sent a voice message on shivaay phone as it was with anika she heard it and represented it in media and police and shivaay was freed … And all the oberoi family once again was thankful to anika and requested her to comeback again but it was not possible as anika started working somewhere else and after some days the news came that gayatri was alive and this was a threat against oberois and again roop gayatri planned and was willing to kidnap Rudra for revenge as shivaay loves his brothers to the core and kidnapped but shivaay)

{ note- hope all readers are clear with the track now}

Shivaay said don’t dare to leave me !!
Anika gave a shocking look and shivaay reconstructed the sentence and said I mean… Don’t leave this place and me both…
Anika was satisfied with the reply ..
Shivaay asked her why did you apologized priyanka ..?
Anika said going in flashback….

Another flashback ..
Anika one day while walking on the road saw dev with a girl they were really standing close to each other … Anika was confused she started following him and called Somo .. That time Somo was also keeping an eye on rehaan ..
Anika and Somo convo..

Hi anika di boliye … Somo said

Anika said somya yeh dev toh cheap de type ka insan hai iski ek girlfriend hai.. Tu yaha aa jaa hum dono mission parda phash karege..

Ha… Di mujhe toh laga tha ki dev aacha hai per yeh toh bilkul rehaan jisse hai… Agar aap abhi dev ko follow kar rahi hai toh main bhi rehaan ko follow kar rahi hu …

Anika shocking said rehaan ko kyu ?? Tum dono toh bf gf bane the na..

Somo said yuck !!! Boyfriend no way yeh phirse mujhe cheat karne aaya tha
Anika and Somo was walking on the same road and dashed each other and said sorry and turned now they were face to face and they disconnected the line and saw rehaan dev with 2 girls they went in pub .. Anika and Somo to went in pub and called shivomru there..
Dev and rehaan said.. Oberois were our mission and that priyanka was just the key to destroy oberois that BL**DY shivaay Singh oberoi said dev chabbra me illegitimate…
Anika can’t listen anything against shivaay she was angry and holded the table tightly… Somo calmed her
Shivomru reached there and was listening all this…
Dev and rehaan said I am not interested in priyanka / somya I remember due to oberois several years back we chabbra suffered a huge business loss ……
Shivaay scolded dev rehaan and scolded anika too for coming in such a dirty place and you danced here to save yourselves from their eyes.. and dragged her to oberoi mansion back …
Priyanka was heartbroken … And anika apologized her for revealing this truth and breaking her pure heart
Flashback ends..
Shivika was clearing their differences when anika went to restroom and her mobile rang it was the same lady which was mentioned in scene 2… The screen was flashing a name ” mumma” and anika came out and saw the mobile in shivaay hand shivaay was confused as he thought that anika is ophan and anika was tensed that please please phone mat pick karna
Scene – 4
@ omkara room
Omkara was in deep thoughts when he heard sound of gugrus and saw straight through the door to corridor Ishana was crossing that area and she was exactly at door and was searching exit from this house..
She said yeh ghar hai ya bhool bhulaiya
She was looking here and there and omkara suddenly pulled her in his room and locked the door from one hand Ishana took support on the closed door and was shocked to see omkara in front actually she was not ready…
Ishana POV…
I know omkara very well there is a tornado of questions regarding me and our relationship in him now he will slash all questions on me one by one for which at present I am not ready
Omkara hugged her tightly in his arms and cried and said where were you why you left me alone dear you know I was so alone without you ….
Ishana sensed that he is in pain and no one is there to support him and she reciprocal the hug and cried and apologized to him for leaving him alone and for hurting him ….
You know ishu baby that riddhima ditched me and I am broken …. Please support hold me … I need you terribly.
Ishana showered her love on om and hugged him ….
Suddenly her mobile rang she was still in his arms she was holding the mobile in a hand and saw ” acp rathore called ”
Suddenly her expressions changed and she was tensed.,…
Scene – 5
@ Rumya
Rudra was crossing Somo room and the door was slightly opened and Rudra heard sound uuuuu ha….u ha..?
And peeked in and saw somya crying he can’t see his personal angel crying he went in and sat beside her and he too started weeping…
Seeing him Somo was confused but continued to weep
They were doing completion in crying and around after 20 minutes .
Somo said in a shaken voice oh crybaby kyu RU raheho tum..?
Rudra answered Somo dadi kehati hai ki rishta usi se rakho joh takar ka ho aur tumhe paata hai iss ghar me main sabse bada crybaby tha aur tum aagai
Somo looked at him and said what do you mean I am crybaby huh ????

Yes you’re and when you cry na so you look damn dangerous and he laughs.. Hahaha….
I look dangerous you… Go I will not talk to you and she turned her face to the other side … And Rudra got tensed
Episode ends …
That’s it for today readers sorry for being late hope you love it and sorry for ishkara and Rumya less scenes
No precap….

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