Anshi Os Takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 3) by shama

Guys hi shama is back with new part hope you guys are liking my articles and thanks for all the concerns really it was emotional … Hope you guys are now happy with the track and if you think that I am off track or bore or something is missing in this part so let me know but your comments.. Thanks for reading … Please comment if u feel.

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Present Episode ..
Scene 1
Shivaay POV..
Shivaay was fainted and closed his eyes he reminisced the sweet and sour moments was his life the first scene which flashed was his obro moment hugging his brothers cooking for them dil bole oberio and one for all and all for moment his dadi and omru giving him lecture about ishqbaazi ..
His mom’s oh mata and her language her requests for his marriage and her kanchi aankho wale grandchildren his little sister prinku pahelwan moment ..
His first meet with anika… That glass broking sequence their taadibaaz fights.. She irritates him but keeping his weird pet names doing his same signature step… Their panibaaz fights…in anika and oberio home their pool sequence… Bedfalls hugs ….etc..
And remembering all these scene he uttered only a word ” omru panika”…
Roop and gayatri turned and moved towards him to hear that was he said….
This time it was only ” Meri anika” ….
And the wall behind him breaks with a bang ….. Which left gayathri and roop riddhima shocked….
A jeep entered the scene in which police forces omru anika gets down and anika saw shivaay and run towards him and rested his head on her lap and cried terribly seeing his condition…
Sometime before

Anika and omkara reached the kidnapping site and saw the CCTV camera footage video on their tab it was not contained and clue such as number plate ,goons faces, driver face nothing was that much clear actually after getting this video also they were still clueless the trio (omru and anika ) was holding forehead …. All were in deep thoughts…

Rudra POV..
Shivaay bhaiyya mera Superman kaha ho aap … Dekho aapka Rudy bacha upset hai? aapka duffer baby aapse obro promise karta hai ki rudra ke hote hua uske Superman ko koi hurt nahi kar sakta aur agar kiya toh main uska sir dumbbell say tudh doga…
He closed and remembered the moment when shivaay used to joke on him … Hello dimple kapadai … Sunshine… And the second moment which flashed in mind was somo thrown water on him and he consulted to shivaay and omkara…
The first time shivaay suggested credit card idea and the second was omkara’s idea to apology when he called somya moti … And they were like phirse…. And then he applied one for all and all for one concept by bringing and throwing water on both…
A sudden smile appeared on his face remembering all this and he was determined that I have to find bhaiyya at any cost…

Omkara POV…
As soon as he closed his eyes a tear droplet dropped down and he uttered shivaay mere bhai kaha hai tu.. And the first scene which flashed in front of his sight was shivaay almost raised his hand on omkara for being Coward and committing suicide by eating sleeping pills… He hugged shivaay with tears and said main marna nahi chahta tha shivaay bus bhagna chahta tha.. The second scene…. Shivaay was searching alcohol and drugs in omkara room and he said main aur tu bahut aachi tarah jaante hai tu kya dhoga raha hai Maine drugs chod diye…
The third scene … Raksh bandhan incident when shivaay saved omkara …. ( Omkara came out of thoughts and said … Shivaay tere bhai tujhe kuch nahi hone dege… Aaj hum tere liye great wall of obros banege..)

Anika POV ..
Wese mera koi haak Nahi hai aap per billuji per paata nahi kyu mera dil ghabra raha hai ki agar aapko kuch hua toh mera kya hoga… Jabse aapse mili hu aapki taadibaaz nature ki aadat hogai hai … Aapse fight karne ki… Agar kisi din maishivaay na dekhoon ya Baat na karu toh michmichi hoti hai.. Paata nahi I feel incomplete without you… Ek baar mere samne aaye billuji .. Aapko punishment milegi.. Mujhe pareshaan karne ke liye..

Then were thinking… And no one uttered a word for awhile and something happens which raised hopes in their hearts….
Scene 2
@ India –
A girl was visible she was Riddhima’s sister ( her face is not shown) but her body gestures was clearly showing that she was terrified and worried for her sister while walking not actually walking but running she saw a phone booth and halted at the same place she thought of calling riddhima and borrowed some coins by nearby shopkeeper and went in and dialed riddhima number but it seemed that it was switched off .. Then her mind strikes and she dialed another number ..
And was waiting it to connect when she saw some goons searching her and the telephone dropped from her hands … In fear she hided herself by bending down so that the pco seems empty from out..
Till that the phone call connected the person over it said hello… Hello … Who is on the line please speak otherwise I am dropping the call … The girl grabbed the phone in haste and started breathing heavily due to fear…
She said only two words.. Shivaay Singh oberio in godown… And was still breathing heavily…
Till the person on the line shoots further questions the line automatically disconnected..
Scene 3..
@ Godown
Shivaay was struggling but was helpless for the first time he thought that bhagwan why you create such situations in ones life which makes him helpless .. But I am happy that omru is safe I promised them and family that I will become their great wall of shivaay which I kept..
And today I promise myself that today if this the ending of my life than I will make sure that our enemies ( roop&gayathri ) will also end forever so that my brothers and family will be safe forever..
Roop was roaming around his body and was laughing like devil .. And picked shivaay up and made him sit and patting his cheek said
( in not so loving tone) that ab veerji tumhe kese batyege shivaay ..and turned to go.. ( she laughed again)…

Shivaay closed his eyes and scene flashes infront of his sight omru and anika.. And he had an intuition that they will come for sure and thinking this he laughed like hell and roop stopped and shivaay said… Kya hua why you stopped laugh na..
What the hell you think of yourself?? You think that my brothers and my ani… Won’t leave this matter so easily… ( he couldn’t complete anika name as his ego pricked him)..

You will see I will be freed soon
Gayathri and roop fumes in anger…
Scene 4
@ street..

While they were thinking about shivaay omkara phone rings…
( the convo of scene 2 ) and they were first confused that who called now and then they reminisced her voice “shivaay Singh oberio ” … “Godown”..

Omkara and rudra was trying to figure out it but anika was quick to react she opened her tab … On search engine she typed ” vacant godowns ” and luckily it shown results in positive there was 4 godowns …
Anika shown it to omru and they were like wow that was quick… Omru turned to go and check all the places when anika mind strikes she remembered something and halted …

@ Flashback
Anika was about to leave the job after priyanka marriage broke.. And he fired her that time anika visited the oberio mansion for the last time .. Everyone was in hall and was consoling priyanka anika entered and shivaay sensed it and turned in anger..
She came to apology to priyanka but shivaay stopped her to do so.. And the other reason for which she came was to inform that I am leaving Mumbai .. And going everyone over there was shocked and omru tried to stop her shivaay stop them … And she turned to go when she felt weird all of a sudden and she saw in mirror a reflection of gunpoint on shivaay
she rushed and pushed him towards her bolt fired and touching her bracelet goes and hits the pillar… Shivika was safe but anika’s favorite bracelet broke in to piece it was a memory of her mother for her and tears flooded … Rudra took the bracelet in his hand and went to shop omkara and shivaay managed to catch that person ( shooter) it was none other than gayatri ..
She was behind the bars … Apart from this rudra didn’t want anika to leave so he fixed a GPS in her bracelet so that whenever he misses her he can meet her .. And this GPS was coincidentally connected to the other one ( which was shivaay watch which was gifted by omkara on his first painting seal)..
One day after leaving the job and city rudra came to anika home and anika was surprised to see rudra at her entrance… She thought ki bhagad billa ki tarah unke Bhai bhi achanak kahi bhi prakat ho jaate hai .. And rudra said hello anika di… And came in and anika asked him that I am not in touch with you guys then how you down here rudra explained everything and she cupped her mouth thinking of GPS..
Flashback ends

So anika came out of her thoughts and said no need of roaming here and there and wasting time as we can trace shivaay’s location in just in second .. And omru said like how ??

Anika said through GPS … And rudra gets happy and explained everything
Omru and said tu der kiss baat ki anika search it.. She opened her bracelet and on the GPS and entered the same code in her tab and gave it to omru so that they could enter shivaay code… Om remembered half code QRsB234 and asked the remaining to rudra and rudra said bhool gaya bhaiyya.. Omkara asked for his phone through which he he can crack the code … Rudra said bhaiyya I was having it but bank me bhool gaye..
Anika hits and head and omkara was like super frustrated he said code bhool gaya phone bhool gaye khud ko kyu nahi bhoola tu … Look tujhe bardhash karena meri bus ki baat nahi hai…
Rudra makes a puppy face and knocked his forehead with index finger and started singing aa jaa aa jaa … And om ,anika was giving him deadly glance and om said tera kuch nahi ho sakta rudra and rudra said 88..and took pause .. Omkara and anika looked at him and typed 88.. ER rudra said… Omkara said this GPS is asking only 3 more alphabets say it rudra … Please remember.. 003
And they enter shivaay watch GPS code and it was showing ” checking in process”.. Their eyes were glued on tab and fingers were crossed…
Process shown 50….69…89…95….
And started buffering and they started praying please god… Anika said to god kabhi toh maano please and she hits her hand of screen ( tab ) and suddenly it got again connected in few seconds reached 100%.. Shivaay connecting in process…
They hugged each other in excitement and was waiting…
Apart from this shivaay was again tried with ropes on chair … His watch was giving pink notification light that connected…
Anika bracelet blinks and sounds beep beep.. When ever can was on wrong route.. Omru followed tab and anika… Anika was in 110 speed running…. Here to there in lanes …
Scene 5
Goons saw riddhima ( elder ) sister running from there and followed her she turned her head and saw them and saw manhole opened and for confusing goons ran towards it and they followed her and at the nice of the moment she diverted her track and due to this one goon fall in manhole and said the other to follow but till that she increased her speed on running and hanged on bus and vanished… And got down and again started running senselessly thinking that the goons are still following and she didn’t saw that a car was heading on road it was somya driving … And talking to dadi about shivaay kidnapping and by mistaken she hits that girl and screams …. And a bang sound was heard … Girls head was bleeding crowd gathered and started scolding somya… Dadi was still on line and saying hello hello… And somya saw the mobile and in a feared voice explained everything …. Dadi suggested to bring that girl oberio mansion… And she did the same…
Scene 6..
@ godown
Roop and gayatri thinks of shivaay words and thought of plan to kill him but not like murder but by accident she put fire in the godown and opened shivaay and thrown him on ground and scene 1 repeated… As they were upto leave the wall breaks and omru anika entered in police jeep…
Riddhima gayatri roop in shock..

( fb … Anika omru was running on roads when cops said that if you have the correct location we will help you come sit)
Anika ran towards shivaay rested his head on her lap and tears rolled down and fall on shivaay cheek and he opened his eyes and saw anika and lifted his hand and touched her cheek and said ” panika” and omru rushed and he said dil bole…. Trio says oberio .. And he faints due to fire suffocation and omru and anika screams shivaay….
And omkara in anger gets up and gives a deadly glance to roop gayathri and he walked forward…
Roop and gayatri saw flames of anger in his eyes and stepped back in fear.. Omkara said in raised voice ki phichali bar inspector Rathod ne tum dono ki help ki thi per ab aasa nahi hoga… And grabbed their hands tightly and pushed them police holds omkara and says calm down sir now they are arrested ..
Omkara rudra anika said wake up shivaay you can’t leave us please wake…
Anika cried terribly resting head on shivaay chest and omru hugged each other in tears..
Omkara anika rudra reached … … And was shocked… Especially om…

Sorry guys for being late actually I typed it long back in private notepad and kept it safe but when I thought of posting it it vanished from the notepad too.. So I had to type again…
And let me tell you this is draft 3 actually this is 3 rd attempt of this storyline actually earlier I was not satisfied so I tried 3 times same article..
So late and when I came on tu page to submit it vanished again..
And I had seriously unbearable stomach ache …..
So sorry for late, short and boring storyline I feel that others are writing much better than me …

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  3. Sat

    I think ishana is riddhima’s sister, the one who was hit by soumya. Anyways I love annika feeling for shivaay. And shivaay repeating annika’s name. It was lovely. Please update ASAP. I am in love with your ff Yar. Di, love you❤❤❤

    1. Sat I really don’t know when I can update.. Because of serious stomach ache but thanks for comments and I will try to clear ur doubts niharika

  4. Ayath

    wow,superb track..especially the last scene but precap is little terrified I hope u fine now

    1. Thanks dear but still I am sick and not satisfied with track and I will try to spice it up more by the way if u have suggestion so plz pm me ..

      1. Ayath

        ur track is soo good dear and not at all boring actuaaly I really liked ur new ff bcz its different story line

  5. Tulasi

    Noo diii…it wass superbbb….u r an awesum writer……it was a great thriller……!!!!!!waitng for d next!!!

    1. Awesome writer oh my mata that’s a heavy comment

  6. Goms

    Shama it’s not boring Dr.. You rocked as usual.. Take care of health..
    And why anika want to apologize to prinku.?

    1. Actually she was the reason behind prinku marriage stopped actually somo knows everything about rehaan and dev actually they plan something and it was awesome obro broke the marriage but the plan and implementing technique was wrong priku got angry… So
      And yaa thanks for commenting …
      And I am still in pain ..

  7. Shama Didi, how are u now?
    Your ff is really interesting and pls don’t stop

    1. Depends on comments dear if u all really like it so I will come to know from comments dear
      Still horrible stomach ache

  8. Ketaki19

    thank god finally shivaay omru n anika ko mil gaya… ye acp rathore yaha bhi aaya 😛 shivaayko kuch nahi hoga afterall bhaionka pyar or anika ka pyar bhi to hain sath me 😀

    1. I am happy that u all are liking it thanks for commenting dear

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    1. Abhiha dear.. More than the story is really a huge compliment dear which means a lot thanks actually now u will find me on cloud9

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    I so happy❤❤sorry for nt cmntng in ur
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    Bt i m fan of ur writing skills??
    Carry on
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    1. Hey ur back Sarita

  11. Jazz1

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  15. Tany

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    Sry for late cmnt di… M not well and last night I watched movie.. In which just now I scrolled down pages….. It’s superb..

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