Anshi OS Takarar Ya Pyaar Samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 28) by shama ( surprise 1)

Hello guys I am back and now with long episodes as I wanna end it as soon as possible because of hectic schedule I will not be able to continue this article so please bear me if you can this article is divided in four parts this is part �???
Present Episode
Scene: 1 { @oberios hall}
@ 11 am
Pinky walked towards the hall with million thoughts going on in her mind she was murmuring oh my mata jab se shivaay ki shaadi Hui ha tabse itni musibate aa gayi hai mere hire beta pe paata Nahi woh ladki kon hai,kaha se hai ,khoon khandan ka paata Nahi aur oberoi khandan ki bahu bana diya ( she takes a seat )
“Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs the one who accept you for who you are. The one who would do anything to see your smile and who love you no matter what that’s a family”. janvi said to pinky..
Dadi: janvi bilkul Sahi keh rahi hai yeh mat bhulo pinky ki anika ki wajah se billu thik hai usne humesha billu ki jaan bachai hai aur bhahut kuch kiya hai iss family ke liye
pinky: ha ab toh main hi galat lagugi na !!
janvi: please pinky !! stop it this is not the correct time to decide all these matter this time we should think that how to overcome all these issues..
preksha walked towards the hall and said pinky kabhi kabhi haalat yese ho jaate hai ki Sahi galat ki lakeer mit jati hai jagah musibato ki Baat hai kuch musibat itni badi Nahi hoti jiska hal na ho .
Dadi : correct !! aur agar pinky tumhe itni hi firak hai toh grehshanti pooja kar walete hai
pinky(smiles): corrects mummy ji pooja thik rahi GI bhahut arrangements karni hai ( she goes).
preksha: umm mummy ji if we keep mum so media will strike several questions so I was thinking to host a reception for shivaay and anika after this pooja .
janvi: preksha you’re right hum jitna media interaction karege unhe muka Nahi milega humari family per ungli utthane ka ( she gets up and calls Tej to inform about pooja and reception).
Dadi calls Rudra !!
Scene 2 { @college}
Rudra was today not the same Rudra which his buddies use to see he was in deep thoughts that how can I save shivaay bhaiyya from these false charges what can I do to protect him like great wall like he does always that’s why I named him Superman and the time has come that I have to prove that his super brother wese toh dumb hu per jab Baat bhaiyyo ki aati hai joh main bhi kam Nahi hu jaan dedo ga per shivaay bhaiyya ko kuch Nahi hone doga .. somya noticed him from a corner and understood his situation she walked towards him and sat beside him and gently kept her hand on his shoulder and the silence conveyed all their thoughts
Somo ( heart) I wish main tumhare liye kuch kar paati Kash main tumhari problem ko mita paati …

Rudra ( heart) somya tum meri love angel ho tum jagah hoti ho waha problems apne aap hi mit jati hai aur ha I am very lucky to have you my Somo wrestler tum toh na wrestling kar ke hi problems ko dara do !! ( all of a sudden light smile appeared on his face)
Somo : khayalo me bhi mujhe Somo bol rahe ho duffer baby.
Rudra breaks the ice and said in a raised tone : Somo !!
somya got up and was a bit scared she saw his phone vibrating dadi.. she grabbed the call
somya : ji dadi boliye
dadi : Arrey somya puttar tu accha sun Rudra tu sahana tum tino jaldi ghar aa jaao
Rudra: kyon dadi ?? shivaay bhaiyya thik hai na ?? ( somya nodes in agreement)
dadi: ha billu thik hai aur office me hai … tum logo ko reception ki taiyaari karni hai joh ghar aao.
Rumya: reception !! they stare each other
dadi: hello hello!! oh khotu kaha mar gaye reception ka naam sunte hi Arrey shaadi Hui hai toh reception bhi hoga na
Rumya : shaadi they reminisced their marriage …

dadi : anika aur billu ki shaadi toh tum log jaldi aana aur ha kuch aasa karo ki anika ghar se bhahat rahe billu se saath thaki hum yaha sari tayari kar paye
Rumya: they took a sigh and agreed Rudra gives an idea dadi anika bhabhi ke pass attire Nahi hai pehne ke liye toh kyon na bhaiyya Aur bhabhi shopping jaaye .
somya and dadi : good idea !!
( and they walked ahead but halted as they had to take sahana too ) Rudra and somya walked towards sahana classroom where she was chit chatting with her friends as she saw Rudra entering
sahana ( mind) : yeh Rudra jiju ko kya hua? humesha woh tubelight ki tarah inka face jagmagata raheta tha aaj kyon power cut ho gaya koi Baat Nahi … she smiled at Rumya and hugged somya and whispered for two mins can I Barrow my jiju from u taai ?
Rudra says ( in a slow tone)why not miss aadhi ghar wali..
sahana( smiled and) dragged Rumya to a corner and said I must say taai you’re very lucky and I am very jealous .. you have got such abcdefghij husband.
rumya: kya abcdefghij MATLAB?

sahana : oh ho !! Nahi samjhe ( they nod in disagreement) this once for you my sweet jiju.
A- you’re so adorable
B- you’re the best ( Rudra shows some attitude and sets his hair)
C- you’re so cute ( Rudra smiled)
D- you’re dear to me !! ( somya was like yeh kya raita phela hua hai she gives a suspicious look to both)
E- you’re excellent ( Rudra whispered in somya ears sikho kuch sikho aapni Behan se)
F- you’re funny
G- you’re so good looking ( somya was like ab bus kar tere breaks fail ho gaye hai kya!)
H – he he he ?
( why is she laughing?)
I – I’m
J- joking
( somya laughs and says ha Rudra yeh toh sikhna hi padega and Rudra gives an angry puppy face look and says ab chalo)
sahana gives a high 5 to somya and the three goes …
after few minutes after their departure priyanka calls the chauffeur and leaves to meet ranveer . ( an unknown person started following priyanka car) naina too leaves the college lectures in mid as she was disturbed and wanted to be with her sister .
Scene 3
@12:00 pm noon
Ranveer was waiting for priyanka and the car halts at its destination and the other too halts at a bit distance behind the bushes priyanka gets off from her car and opened the garden gate … the man was keeps an eye on priyanka and suddenly priyanka looks all around as she felt that someone is watching her ranveer came to her and asked with concern kya hua priyanka ji ?
prinku: no nothing ( she nodes in no)
ranveer : priyanka now tell me why do you wanted to meet me ?? you know I was searching my sister ishika

prinku: kya kya kaha aapne !! ishika jinda hai
ranveer: ha priyanka she is alive he shows the picture which Ishana has sent him dekho ab yesi dikhti hai woh she is now much more prettier .
prinku : takes the phone and said ha she is ! kese bhul sakti hu she is my friend
the man hiding behind the bushes gets a call he lifted it .
voice ( a unknown place in darkness a person was sitting on a giant sofa): good !! listen to me I don’t want to lose this time I want priyanka dead at any cost Bhai kimat Nahi chuka sake toh kya hua bichari behen hi chuka degi shoot her.
man: but WO akeli Nahi hai uske saath koi ladka hai.
voice: what !! ladka OK toh tum bhi akele Nahi ho mere admi tumhare ass pass hai aaj chahe kuch bhi ho jaye oberois Nahi bachne chahiye just shoot.
man : OK ( he keeps the call) and opened the car and took a sliencer fixed it on and aimed at priyanka ( he could clearly see priyanka but side ways) slowly the whole garden was surrounded by guns and people and their target was priyanka .
scene 4 ( oberois)
Rumya and sahana was arranging some funky stuff when anika saw them working with such fascinating stuff she walked towards them ( just behind Rudra)
Rudra was busy fixing the beauti
ful handmade lantern when he asked a servant to pass glue to secure the ends but there was no one sahana was busy in her work and just plugged in earphones in a ears and somya was on call ordering something..
Rudra again asked glue and anika looked here and there and gave him he said without turning to anika very good mala agar tum yese hi kaam karugi na toh function ki tayari jaldi ho jayegi anika was thinking..
And Rudra turned and screamed mummy seeing anika there instead of servant

somya heard his scream and ran towards him and sahana to switched off the phone and ran towards him
Rudra was making several weird faces at a time somya came and asked Rudra kya hua bhoot Dekh liye kya he slowly turns to somya and makes a crybaby puppy face and nodded in no …
sahana: toh kya ghar me woh so called devi aai hai
Rudra shouts Nahi … and anika says konsi devi guys ..somya and sahana too hugged each other halfy and said in low voice phel gaya raita.
anika said woh I thought to keep mum because you all were super busy wese yeh sab itni khubsurat cheeje kis ke liye yeh photo frame, vase etc..
somya and sahana stammers : WO WO
Rudra said : WO bhabhi yeh beautiful sa photo frame beautiful si Somo I mean somya ke liye ..
somya was shocked and sahana hits her shoulder and says in a low but teasing voice: wah wah di beautiful huh !! good lucky ho yaar
Somo : she smilingly said shut up !!
anika: its cool Rudra but toh ki function ki Baat kar rahe the!!
all stare each other and pinky comes and says woh ghar me poojas hai you know grihshanti pooja mere billu ke liye
anika nodes in yes…OK she says yeh toh bhahut aachi Baat hai
dadi : aachi Baat toh hai puttar per tere pass pooja ya function me pahne ko kapde Nahi hai na … toh tu jaa apni pasand se shopping kar le ( she gives her a limitless credit card)
pinky: mummy ji pooja tak toh thik hai yeh functions kya hai??
Rumya: Arrey shaadi Hui hai toh reception bhi banta hai ki Nahi..
pinky: mummy ji no needs of receptions anika too agrees to it..
dadi: Nahi pinky rasame agar seedh me ki jaye toh hi aachi hoti hai aur yeh sab mera decision hai so no further argument!! pooja ke baad reception final hai. anika puttar toh jaa shopping kar aur pinky pandit ji ko bulaya !! aur billu ko?
pinky with a sad face : ji mummy ji bula liya and leaves
( dadi ordered servants to help sahana Rumya to finish up fast and leaves)
anika takes her purse and kept the creditcard safely and was ready to leave.
Rudra: anika bhabhi aap jaa rahi ho?
anika carries her purse on shoulder and said ha woh dadi ne kaha hai na aur time bhi bhahut kam hai.

( om comes from his room) Rudra says bhabhi jaane se pehle apni jhadi dete jaana
sahana om somya all were confused
anika: nodes and says ha ek second and was about to take off her purse when she thought and said ek minute konsi jhadi ?
Rudra: bhabhi wahi jadoo ki jhadi joh aap bhaiyya ke samne yese ghomati ho ( he mocks) aur woh phatek se aapki saree baatein maan lete hai
Om: gives a kabhi Nahi sujrega look and said Rudra shut up !! anika hum toh bus tumhe thanks kehne aaye the tumne shivaay se naaraaz hone ke baujudh bhi usko sambhala uska saath diya uske liye thanks…
anika nodes in no ….
Rudra: bhabhi bataona aap bhaiyya ko patati kese ho .. ( shivaay entered folding his sleeves a bit and murmuring log Sahi kehte hai shaadi ke baad pati pati kam aur kabhi kabhi chauffeur jyada hote hai shaadi kya ki anika mummy ki duty per lag gaya) Rudra continues bhabhi aapko paata hai mujhe sirf puppy eyes banani aati hai aur uska success rate bhahut kam ho chuka hai
( omni and sahaya saw shivaay behind Rudra and their faces turned yellow, green and finally blank)

anika tries to intimate Rudra by turning her head and eyes towards the side shivaay was standing and om mouth was wide open
Rudra: yese yese kya kar rahe ho ? ( he was mocking anika)
Somo and sahana thought : oh ho she is trying to save you !!
Rudra : bataona bhaiyya ko patati kese ho !
shivaay was shocked anika was looking here and there

om tries : Rudra !!
Rudra: Rudra Rudra kya kar rahe ho bhabhi aapni hai sab samjhti hai ( Somo thinks Arrey duffer woh toh samjhti hogi per bhagwan ne WO feature tum me kyon Nahi dala)
anika nodes in no and prays please aage Aur kuch mat bolna
Rudra continues: aapko paata hai Maine bachpan me ek movie dekhi thi king Kong !! shivaay folded his arms

king Kong bhahut hi dangerous tha per woh tha ek monkey ek dam yese karta tha he mocks he hits his chest and made a sound aaaaaaaaaa….
sahana cupped her ears and somya made an angry face and thought forest walo ko iss unique piece ko bhi le jaana chahi aapne saath … uff the impossible Rudra…whereas anika was making weird faces and raised her eyebrows …
Rudra: per ek haseena ne use paltu bana diya aur aapko paata hai woh usko aapne haatho se kele bhi khilati thi aap yesa karti kese ho

( om made an angry face and gives a kabhi na sujrega look again and asked yeh khud yeh kyon se janam ke karmo ke thuphe ke roop me mujhe yeh Bhai diya .. accha beja toh beja per beja me beja hi Nahi beja)
anika: per main billu ji I mean shivaay ko kele kaha khilati hu??
Rudra; kele Nahi khilati per paltu toh bana diya na ! ( he does his logic sign whereas shivaay thinks aacha beta)
anshi looks here and there to avoid eye contact

Rudra: aur paata hai jabse aap aai haina bhaiyya ne ek bhi phone Nahi toodh Nahi toh pehle bhaiyya itne baade pheku the ( shivaay gives a what?? look to Rudra) ki ek phone toh toodh te the dekho kese yese ( he takes his phone out from his pocket) yese phone nikala yese lagaya ( he keeps the phone near his ear ) Baat toh karte Nahi hai woh aur yeh ( he turned and raised his arm he was about to throw when shivaay holds his arm and takes his phone from his clutches ) Rudra was shocked Rudra turned and shivaay said : king Kong !!
Rudra: ab ab in an explaining tone king Kong bhaiyya kya sun rahe ho aap main pooch raha tha king kon ?? ( he looks at om King kon na!!)
shivaay: paltu !! Rudra makes an innocent face and said paltu ! faltu bhahut faltu sher Marne lage hai o aajkal ( Rudra gives om a bachalo Bhai look)
Rudra feels that he will not be able to handle more so he says abb bhahut kaam Karna hai bhaiyya main chalta hu huh he encircled his arms on shivaay shoulders and said love you too he kissed shivaay shoulder he ran a bit and shivaay says phone !! Rudra comeback and says kon ?? shivaay says showing phone ise phone bolte hai
Rudra: accha ha yeh mera hi ha he pecks shivaay cheek and goes sahana and somya too followed him.

om says main toh bus anika ko thanks kehne aaya tha aur Ishana ko dhudhne I guess shivaay tumhe bhi anika ko thanks bolna chahiye..
shivaay : huh umm anika woh bahar gadi hai come I am Waiting he excuses himself and leaves..
anika : wese Maine Ishana ko last time oberois guest room I mean uske room me dekha tha thodi upset dikh rahi thi you can go and check main bhi aati but I have to leave so bye..
om: its OK bye and I will check once again thanks..

Scene: 5 ( om walks in passage which straight goes to oberois guest room )
@ present Ishana room
The door was halfy open and Ishana was gathering all her stuff as soon as she could with plenty of tears filled in her eyes she felt omkara coming towards her room and she quickly took her luggage and pushed it under the bed and some clothes were in her hand she quickly stuffed it in wardrobe and closed ..
Ishana ( heart) ; I know if omkara came to know about my intentions that I am quitting this meaningless relationship for his betterment so he would never ever let me go she wiped off her tears .. when omkara entered the room
and saw his lady facing her back towards him and he was totally confused that what relationship he shares with ishika or riddhima or now what is my right on Ishana he stops his mind and thinks from heart .. whereas Ishana composes herself
om ( heart) om listen riddhima Teri life me closed chapter hai don’t forget ki usne apne comfort ke liye aur money making purpose se aapna boyfriend banya aur USS waqt you used to think that what relationship you both shared was true love but it was not it was just not more than friendship.
om ( mind) what ?? friendship I don’t believe it!! it was not friendship OK
heart : oh duffer mind you idiot it was only friendship I am damn sure agar yesa Nahi hota toh om ko riddhima se shaadi ki commitment karde ni chahiye thi but always he used to backout as he was not sure then came ishana … yes their relationship began with truth and lie but she actually loved om as a friend ,as a listener,as an advisor everything yes she too entered his life for money but not for her personal use but for family and riddhima was only thinking of herself when riddhima felt that Ishana and om are getting close she represented Ishana truth in a wrong manner that she is with om only for money purpose and Ishana was out that time om was having another close friend ishika .. all three ladies loved om but om only purely committed and accepted Ishana you know why mind??

mind: umm ab ??
heart : love simply yeh a word humari poori zindagi badal ke rakh deta hai or yeh pyaar wala ehsaas kisi khaas ke liye hi hota hai .
omkara got his answer for what he was searching he breaks down the ice and closed his eyes and once again asked his heart aur woh khaas hai he visualized only Ishana and said Ishana and opened his eyes with a pleasant smile on his face and hugs Ishana from back and rested his chin on her shoulders and said
” Sukun milta hai jab tujhse Baat hoti hai,

hazar raatho me woh ek raat hoti hai ,
nigah uthakar dekhte hai tumhari taraf ,
toh mere liye wahi ek pal poori kayanat hoti hai!!
Ishana controls her tears and bites her lips and thinks in mind
Zindagi se nafrat kise hoti hai,
Marne ki chahat kise hoti hai,
pyaar bhi ek ittefaq hota hai,
warna aansuo se mohabbat kise hoti hai!!
Bhula Dena Mujhe
Hai Alwida Tujhe
Tujhe Jeena Hai
Mere Bina

( om turned Ishana towards him and hugged her tightly she too reciprocal as she wanted to take that feeling of being his arms until her last breathe )

Safar Yeh Hai Tera
Yeh Rasta Tera
Tujhe Jeena Hai
Mere Bina
( Ishana gives a fake smile to satisfy om)
Ho Teri Saari Shohratein
Hai Yeh Dua
Tujhi Pe Saari Rehmatein
Hai Yeh Dua
Tujhe Jeena Hai
Mere Bina

Bhula Dena Mujhe
Hai Alwida Tujhe
Tujhe Jeena Hai
Mere Bina
( Ishana asked om in a cracking voice kya tum kabhi bhi mujhe chor donge akela om said with a smile ishu koi aapni saanso ko aapne alag hone de sakta hai bhala she smiled with tears)
Tu Hi Hai Kinaara Tera
Tu Hi To Sahara Tera
Tu Hi Hai Tarana Kal Ka
Tu Hi To Fasana Kal Ka
Khud Pe Yakeen Tu Karna
Banna Tu Apna Khuda

Tu Hi Hai Kinaara Tera
Tu Hi To Sahara Tera
Tu Hi Hai Tarana Kal Ka
Tu Hi To Fasana Kal Ka
Khud Pe Yakeen Tu Karna
Banna Tu Apna Khuda
( still hugging accha tell me Ishana phir se mujhe chod ne ka toh plan Nahi kar rahi na she nodded in no with tears for his satisfaction but she was cursing that day when she had to leave om in pain )

Fiza Ki Shaam Hoon Main
Tu Hai Nayi Subah
Tujhe Jeena Hai Mere Bina
Tujhe Jeena Hai Mere Bina
( Ishana thought I am sorry om I have to let you go its for your betterment main tumhare laayak Nahi hu.)
Khelengi Jahan Baharein Sabhi
Mujhe Tu Wahan Paayega
Rahegi Jahan Hamari Wafaa
Mujhe Tu Wahan Paayega
( Maine pyaar ka MATLAB tumse sikha om ,jab MATLAB samjh aaya toh pyaar bhi na jaane kab tumse hogaya and I don’t know why !! kyon jisse aap sabse jyada pyaar karte hai sabse dard bhi aap usi ko dete hai )
Miloonga Main Is Tarah Waada Rahaa
Rahoonga Sang Main Sadaa
Wadaa Raha
( om felt weird he was able to sense some hidden pain in her eyes he noticed her eyes they were moisted he understood that she was weeping but dropped the thought to ask )

Ishana thought om agar mere jaane se ishika ko uska pyaar milta hai so I have to makeup my mind I have to do this and I will only for your seek
Tujhe Jeena Hai Mere Bina
Bhula Dena Mujhe
Hai Alwida Tujhe
Tujhe Jeena Hai
Mere Bina
Tujhe Jeena Hai
Mere Bina
( authors note : I know om love story is tricky but I will elaborate it in next few episodes in detail manner sorry for the inconvince).
Scene :5 ( garden)
Ranveer feels weird ( as priyanka was in danger) and he says priyanka I am not feeling not feeling well I guess we should talk somewhere else maybe in car he kept his hands onto her shoulder and sees a triggered fully loaded gun behind the bushes he scoped whole garden and was shocked but he stood calmly as nothing has happen or nothing is going to happen to priyanka.
prinku: kya hua ranveer aap thik hai na aap swear kar rahe hai I guess aapki tabeeyat Sach me kharabh hai so let’s go.
ranveer slowly opened the car gate and a bullet fired but hits the car door and priyanka screamed ranveer cupped her mouth holded her tight in his arms covering the car gate like wall he said priyanka tab tak aap mere saath hai aap mehphoos hai you’re safe don’t ado I am there he pushed her into the car and took his gun out …
PrinKu : ranveer chauffeur is not here !!
ranveer : what ?? OK you sit it car …more bullets fired and this time on ranveer he squatters down and somehow manages to reach the driver seat and pinku opened it from in and they drive off

All mens gathered and followed their car and from one car a shooter shoots the windshield and prinku screams and leaned on ranveer arm with closed frighten eyes

Aa Dekhe Jara Kisame Kitana Hai Dum
Jamake Rakhana Kadam Mere Saathiya… (2)

( Ranveer sees priyanka worried he speeds up the speed and it reached to 120)

Aage Nikal Aaye Hum Woh Pichhe Rah Gaye
Upar Chale Aaye Hum Woh Niche Rah Gaye… (2)
( ranveer car started dodging the traffic prinku realized her position and comesback to normal)
You Can Never Stop Us, Never Break Us Down
B’z I Have You Beside Me,
( the people who were chasing now where super angry Arrey yeh police wala kahi USS ladki ko bachana le jaldi chala gadi)
Aa Dekhe Jara Kisame Kitana Hai Dum
Jamake Rakhana Kadam Mere Saathiya… (2)
Life Is Light, Life Is Flash
Thodi Thodi Slow, Aur Haan Thodi Hai Rush
( Ranveer says him ghar Nahi japayege we have to go somewhere else otherwise tumhari family danger me aa jayegi prinku nodes her head in agreement)

Inn Raahon Mein Hai Khatara Bada
Kya Hona Hai Aage Aa Dekhe Jara
( jaldi chala abbe agar yeh ladki bachi toh hum Nahi bachege they manager to overtake ranveer car now there cars are straight at right intruder people and left priveer)

Ssaare Shehar Mein Hami Hai, Ham Sa Kaun Hai
Dekho Idhar Hum Yahin Hai, Hum Sa Kaun Hai… (2)
( prinku screams ranveer name as the shooter was aiming her only)
You Can Never Stop Us, Never Break Us Down
B’z I Have You Beside Me,
( ranveer looked down actually this was a signal to bend and prinku blinked her eyes in agreement the bullet fired and the very moment she bended and the bullet passes through the window )

Aa Dekhe Jara Kisame Kitana Hai Dum
Jamake Rakhana Kadam Mere Saathiya… (2)
( and ranveer gives an angry wala look to them and he saw a big truck coming which passes from the middle of both cars so the truck is in middle and priveer left side and the intruder car right and prinku looked at her arm which was bleeding due to mirror piece she hides her hand underneath her shawl)
Mai Khatam Toh Khel Khatam
( the truck passed and priveer vanished intruders were confused that in just fraction of seconds where they disappeared ) they called their boss and said voh voh voh ladki bhag gayi …. and they get scolding and order to leave that place as soon as possible.
@unknown place
intruder bangs his hand on his side table and with full of anger said : Priyanka Singh oberoi bhi Bach gayi …paata Nahi yeh oberois marte kyon Nahi !!!!

simultaneously at road intruder people leaves and priveer car comes out from the bushes and priyanka says with confidence raakho jaake saiya mar sake na koye …( no one can end oberois life until gods wish) ( fb …ranveer see bushes and feels as the truck is wall now I can safeguard priyanka first inhe toh main baad me Dekh lunga )

Scene :6
@ drive SHIVIKA to mall
shivaay says which driving : yeh Rudra bhi bus Rudra hai !!!
anika looked at him and smiled: ha bhagwan ji ne Rudra ko banane ke baad woh mould hi toodh diya hoga!!
shivaay ( in anger) : in agreement he nodes and said exactly!! bhagwan ne sooch hoga ki ek hi Rudra kafi hai !! Rudra jese koi na
anika ( happy): ha akhir woh dewar kiska hai ? she praised herself silently and pointed at herself.
shivaay ( murmurs) : obviously panika ka ( and they looked at each other)
anika breaks the eyelock and looks outside and says billu ji I mean shivaay mall toh piche chut gaya
he puts breaks on car and anika knee hits the dashboard and she screams out of pain
shivaay ( with concern) kya hua??
anika ( in anger) : kya hua ?? shivaay aapne mera ghutna ( knee) todh diya aur pooch rahe ho kya hua Arrey aapse aachi toh main apni champa chala leti thi.
shivaay ( with concerns) anika shopping chod do him hospital chalte hai …
anika ( shocked + sacred) hospital Nahi waha woh doctor pau me saliya dhal deta hai I won’t go.

shivaay: s..s…saliya what?
anika ( in explaining tone) Arrey woh hoti hai na lohe ki rod aapko saliya Nahi paata !! accha ab mall pahuch hi gaye hai toh shopping bhi kar lete hai … she gives a smile to shivaay and opened the car door and stepped out… shivaay too stepped out and saw anika limping and was about to fall but before she could shivaay holded her hand …
naajdeek hai dil ke phir kyon lage milke jese ho Milo door woh jasba hai anjaana muskil hai samjhana aapna hai ya hai gear woh …plays….
and anika leaned her body weight on shivaay and they bothe started to walk and they came in …..
@mall shop
shivaay made anika sit at one place and ordered a set of Indian party wear saree’s and the person started displaying he shows various kinds of fabric and saree’s and the person asked anika to try it on her…
anika agreed and got up but as she her knee pain increased and she screamed out of pain
shivaay holding her from sideways : Arrey anika !! kya tum kabhi I mean kabhi meri Baat manogi ya apni hi taadi me rahogi huh ?.
anika was shocked by taadi but at last a smile appeared on her face .
and the personnel to smiled at his loving caring gesture ..

shivaay to personnel ( in commanding) : ab ye khe khe ( laugh) kar na bandh karo and you wear the saree’s for anika .
personnel ( scared ): OK sir he wears to display … but shivaay feels all saree’s OK OK not so good….
he thinks I personal should select but kese samne toh anika chowkigar ( guard) ki tarah beithe hai how he looks at his watch and gets idea… he excuses himself by saying I have to make a business call and ran to the saree section..
whereas anika thinks inka phone bhi na meri sautan hai…
shivaay ran his fingers on saree’s hanging over there but nothing was tempting him he walked through many saree’s and murmurs yeh saree’s hai ek bhi meri panika per suit Nahi karegi kisika color dark hai toh kisi ka bhahut light kisi ka print aacha hai toh fabric aacha Nahi hai uff how this girls shop …aur dadi ne mujhe anika ke saath bej diya jisse business highs and lows maloom hai per aapni panika ke liye ek saree purchase karna maaloom Nahi hai woh shivaay !!! he scolded himself and at last he was like why am I scolding myself …this shop should close there is nothing good here he walked through a saree which grabbed his attention (leave green blouse with golden beads and golden saree) ( imagine reception saree )
and he secretly purchased it and cameback to anika and said let’s go home prinku has arranged everything she was like OK…

they came back to car and shivaay thought I will gift my panika that saree he looked back and smiled at the bag ..
anika shivaay what’s that bag !!!
shivaay: anika wait don’t touch it
anika kyon ???
shivaay : woh woh woh khanna ke liye gift hai
anika thinks: I guess shivaay ke guards mujhse jyada lucky hai but its good ki shivaay aapni personnel ki care karte hai she smiled.
shivaay: in mind yeh tumhara present hai anika but I will only give you at reception …

intruder: oberois I am coming to give you surprise and a present to you and this I will come personally ( devil laugh)
part one ends on their thoughts….
author note
highly I apologize to make you all wait , but I am really busy and @my place the temperature has gone below 0 degree and heavy snowfall so I am having cold and other issues ….but I will try surely to post part2 as soon as possible when I get satisfied I don’t know how was the epi but in case if it was a bore ….I apology ….do remark me I will try to spice it up..

and everyone is going great job @their articles… love u guys….especially my new friends gang mad house…. ldh love u
guys after this four parts this story will end as I am planning more and I love to add Real Ishqbaaz scenes as it always reminds me ib journey hope so this article was not short ??

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