Anshi Os Takarar ya pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 2) by shama

Thanks guys for commenting though comments were less but you all were asking me a common question that please add SHIVIKA … So let me clear one thing first its a love story based on thrill .. I started with suspense as I felt that its missing and yaa thanks for remaining me that now love is missing and I will make sure that I could touch all the elements which is needed in story…
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It would be easy to trace if someone has missed it thanks now enough of my buffering let’s begin..

Present Episode
Scene 1
Rudra felt weird and scared because shivaay didn’t comeback he started trying his number but failed because the phone was switched off… Rudra thought that bhaiyya ko itni der kyu ho rahi hai?? Is he safe?? Hey Rudra yeh kya sooch raha hai tu bhaiyya safe hi hoge he consoled himself but he was worried he can’t wait for him he picked his jacket and goggles and said ab agent 000 Rudra bhaiyya ko dudega he closed the door and went to supermarket he walked here and there tensed because the staff said that our shop is closed 6 hours back itself and any customers are not there… He saw people on the street and started asking about his brother showing his photo …. But after negative reply each time he finally came to a conclusion that Bhai is missing.. He sat on the bench nearby holding his head and tears were just streaming out his mind suddenly strikes he called someone…

Scene 2

A meeting was going on in the conference hall .. Tej shakti and all other clients were present at that moment… The camera focused on a mobile ringing it was flashing Rudy..
A person was giving a presentation and turned towards the phone it was none other than
” Omkara Singh Oberoi” his passion was art but whenever shivaay was out of station he used to handle all his meetings so that the important work doesn’t stop .. Omkara looking at the mobile and finally after several bells … Tej advised om to pick the call first he walked out from the conference and lifted the call and the very first word Rudra can say while crying … Shivaay .. And took a long pause … And omkara sensed something is wrong he said Rudra say what shivaay??
Rudra said … Shivaay missing…
Rudra tried to explain but words were not there and omkara disconnected… the call saying don’t worry shivaay ko kuch Nahi hoga.. And holded his head his breathe rate increased he was sweating in tension … He told priku (priyanka) to handle the meeting as he had some urgent work to be finished and ran towards the staircase and went in the parking and opened his car and rushed to airport as in car he booked tickets for New York and said to himself shivaay main tujhe kuch Nahi hone doga I am coming to you … You will be fine… His mind strikes he called someone..
His convo..
Omkara called and the phone was ringing the scene focused on a small house …
and in it the phone ringing it was flashing om … And a person I mean a girl entered and picked the call…
As she was about to greet him he said

Look I have no time for hello hi I am facing a huge threat shivaay Singh oberoi went to new York and gone missing..
What ???… The person reacted..
Look I need him back and I know you can do something in this … Please help me ..

The girl said don’t worry I will help you ,you never need to request just inform I will do anything for Oberois.. The face is shown as she walked into light …
Omkara said thanks I have arranged your tickets anika….
reach there soon the flight is in one hour…
Anika said one hour …. OK I have to be quick bye …
Scene 3
@ Street… New york
Rudra looked here and there and pacified him that how can you loss hope so early try try and try till you succeed ..
And walked in the street near the market and he saw CCTV and smiled with tears because it was exactly the same place the supermarket was in front … He went in the bank where the CCTV camera was and requested the people to show him CCTV footage but got negative reply then after defeating again and again after requesting also he used his “surname power”….
and connected to Newyork police head and Indian police together in conference call … The police ordered the bank to show the CCTV footage as it was a high profile case..
The bank manager and Rudra straightly went in monitor room and there started searching the correct time that when this incident took place..
Scene 4
@ Godown
shivaay took support of wall to hide he sat on ground his eyes was closing due to drug injection he saw electric main supply box by great affords.. He got up slowly with support of wall looked here and there he saw goons searching and heading towards him he slowly walked to main supply ..
and from there he saw the antidote of drug was kept he slowly switched off the whole supply and goons and the hood person was shocked… Shivaay took the antidote from under their nose and walked out… And while leaving the place he turned and light flashed on that hood face was visible it was none other Riddhima which was a shock for shivaay…
Scene 5
@ Airport…
Omkara rushed in and anika too entered in blue feather printed kurti contrasted with white in it and paired with white narrow jeans.. Opened straight hair and neutral makeup …
Omkara saw her and they had a friendly hug and went through security check flight was ready to depart…
They entered in flight sat together..
They switched off their phones but before that omkara sent shivaay photo on anika phone so that she could trace him on net with ease… She know shivaay but she was not having his photo ..

( Anika a hardworking girl dedicated her work she is a caterer but she is passionate about gadgets and other new items … She used to spy on anyone its her hobby which today was utilized by omkara … She could trace shivaay much more faster than police)..

As soon as she touched the photo of shivaay in phone the word came out from her mouth was Shivaay..
And on the godown exit while going shivaay sensed that someone special called him out and he turned to check there was only a voice Shivaay hitting his ears but no one was there he saw a car coming towards the godown and roop and gayatri stepped out of it and went in …
Shivaay in double shock that Roop Bua and gayathri are a team and riddhima why is she working with them ? Roop slapped riddhima for negligence…
And ordered his man on phone to kill the person which was in room…
Riddhima came on her knees and begged for her sister’s life…
Gayathri holded her from her hair and said you can’t finish any task properly…
Shivaay was silently watching this and was unaware of the danger which was heading towards him and he was dragged by goon again in godown…

Shivaay was again in this same condition the drug dose increased and as a punishment… He was beaten hard ..

Apart from this …

Anika was in flight and was in sleep not really she just closed her eyes and took support on seat and was thinking about shivaay his kanchi aanke his breathe taking smile his taadibaaz attitude his signature step all was flashing in front of her sight … And shivaay screamed out of pain … And anika in flight became restless…
In faction of seconds her smile disappeared and she was sweating and was super scared … She touched her bracelet and with a running breathe said shivaay… Tum thik hona…
Shivaay falls and faints on ground and a tear droplets runs down and hits the ground and the very moment a sudden tear rolled down from anika eyes too..

Scene 6..

Priyanka handled the whole meeting with ease just like her mother it was her first presentation but our pinku pehalwan rocked ..

Tej and shakti was shocked that suddenly where omkara disappeared and at the ending note …. was the meeting the room was filled by applause for Priyanka everyone complimented her and congratulated her and said to tej that we are jealous from you as your each kid is a gem..
Shakti and tej hugged her and was about to congratulate her when she whispered in Tej ear that om bhaiyya attended that call and was looking uneasy and was very scared he just rushed somewhere in hurry stating it urgent and I am feeling that something is serious papa….
And then he got a call from police comissioner Kadam and he explained the whole matter that what is happening in Newyork …. Pinku shakti was scared after listening the convo..
@ Gayathri Residence..

Riddhima sister went in restroom and saw a window panel opened she stepped on the stool which was present there and somehow managed to open the window and slowly she jumped out and walked not really walked but ran… And was searching a phone to inform her sister and she saw a phone booth nearby and borrowed a coin from a shopkeeper and called riddhima but her phone was switched off …. She again tried
Omkara and anika landed in Newyork… Rudra called anika and sent him the CCTV footage …
Omkara and anika was busy with it…
When omkara phone rings he lifted the call and a running breathe made him restless…
Episode Ends …

Omkara…… Rudra happy…….. Anshi …. Gayathri and Roop tensed…

Hope it was not short or boring …
Sorry for super delay because I am also sick now taking care of mom … And this stomach ache will kill me and if not Tu will surely…
Sorry but don’t give me punishment as not dropping comments please do comments…

Love you all
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  1. Sat

    Shama di, just waiting for your os. Really I don’t have words for it. Anniks and shivaay as if connected by destiny and the supernatural forces are indicating them. It was awesome di. Just loved it. Pm box is not opening. Can’t contact with you. Want to talk.please update the next epi ASAP

    1. Pm problem is troubling me from like 100 ages..???
      But we can talk on wall if its not so private mean some suggestion or ideas and thanks for commenting dear

  2. Pragya

    Poor Shivay baby…..i think the universe want him to suffer ??? precap is full of suspense…….plz shama spare shivay baby…… Awesome dear……how is your mother.?

    1. My mom is 50% OK but not fully and now I am sick stomach ache…

  3. shama..ur back again…I love your ff’s ..keep writing

  4. di episode was good& precap is full of suspense .take care

  5. Awesome episode Di story line is quite interesting…., too much suspense to handle. -am getting restless ? to read the next one post ASAP waiting for your next update ??

  6. awesome episode & precap full of suspense

  7. Akshaya

    Super cool OS

  8. Cuteprincess

    superb ..
    the part where anika feeling what shivaay is feeling.. hearts are connected with invisible threads
    awesome dii…..

    1. Thanks dear hope now there is some love spice in it and did you read ishkara OS by me …. Part 7

      1. Cuteprincess

        yup I read it…its lovely..

  9. Priya15

    Ha…omkara… Luv it….superb di….

  10. Hai frendzz good to see u all

  11. Ketaki19

    oh god shivaay in such pain… anika n shivaay felt each other 😀

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