Anshi Os Takarar Ya Pyaar samjhana mushkil hai yaar ( Episode 14 & 15) by shama

Author’s Note ???
Hello everyone thanks for all the tremendous support I was am getting in all my articles I am overwhelmed with the lovely comments but in the previous part : 13 I felt that many elements were missing that’s the reason I got less comments rate but I will try my best to spice up the track.. Do support with comments please ..
Recap of Previous part :13 in brief..
Ghar ke rishto ko jodhte jodhte khud bekare Ishqbaaz brothers ? the truth revealed that Preksha Rathore is actually Preksha oberoi and their family first bahu move over shivaay mom everyone is shocked but the most shaken couple are SHIVIKA..
* apart from this Ranjhawa accepted the fact that he hates oberois because omkara was the reason for ishika ranjhawa ( sister) death
* Rumya was shocked with this incidents

Present Episode : ( Part 14)
Scene : 1
At oberoi mansion…
Shivaay was in omkara room he was trying to calm his feelings and reactions om was constantly trying to console shivaay even though he was broken from in but he can’t see his brother tensed … Om walked near the window uncurtained it opened it and stood there the gentle breeze was knocking his face and hair … In a forceful relaxed manner closing his eyes shivaay said om tum Nahi samjho ge meri situation om looks back at him.. Shivaay said I am broken I mean ho…how…I..I. Is it possible but move over I am tensed for anika… As I understand her feelings as well as silence (main uski feelings bhi samjhata hu aur khamoshi bhi)…

Om gives a ? smile and thinks chalo SSO (stone Singh oberoi melts ho rahe hai anika ke liye good at least something is good in this)
Shivaay says I can’t see tears ?in anika eyes because I really care for her and today her tears and silence was creating a emotions tornado in me … Like why she chose me.. Like if she loves shivin … Wait Wait wait shivaay scolds himself to think such things he said you’re mad .. You’re totally mad … I mean… can you think shivin & anika yuck no… not possible to the infinity .. He asked the same to om…….
( scene changes and shifts to ishani room)

The same was happening here too there was a big tornado of emotions in anika and Ishana was trying to console her… Anika says Ishana I am not that much worried for myself mera kya hai my life was started with me and will end on me with no support ? but I am tensed for billu ji as today his kache aankhe was reflecting his emotions like mirror which generally he hides .. I could see the pain in his eyes that pinky aunty is not his mom as I know him and his POV khoon khandan blood lineage etc.. We must be all alone even though his brothers will be there but still …… Shivaay thinks the same that anika must be all alone and she is good at hiding her feelings but still (Anshi together thinks in a rhythm I wish I could be his/her support ….. O jaana plays)..
Ishkara together unknowingly started consoling Anshi … Ishana says I guess this is only true love ( shayad yehi sacha pyaar hai.. And Ishana smiles a bit)…
Whereas om says I guess this is the power of true love which connects to alternatives in one soul I guess its beyond our thinking Ishana continues.. Yes love is beyond every emotions it has no boundaries … No rules…

Omkara continues shivaay I am happy for you that today you understood the meaning of ” soulful relationship which connects two hearts and this relationship can’t be deal “..
Ishana says anika I am happy that your heart is yelling for whom you love and I guess you too know this that its not shivin obviously is beating for ” shivaay ” … Am I right ? Om also asked the same … Anshi was like in thoughths is he/ she right do I share an unique bond with anika/ billu ji….
Scene changes and shows shivin at the entrance listening anika confusion and Ishana suggestions to it he in anger said why is anika confused do shivaay loves her more than me and that Ishana she is manipulating my anika I have to do something… ( he walks towards ranveer room and goes in)
He sees ranveer wearing gloves and punching the punching bag in anger shivin was like ab isse kya hua???? And ranveer was continuously punching and punching (dhisoom dhisoom ?) while punching in his mind the incident played again …. How Ishana consoles om… Hugs him… And after knowing the truth also supported him… And challenged me…
He was fully packed in anger and before shivin could ask anything he himself said iss Ishana aur om ka kuch karna padega..

Shivin agrees…. Ranveer says bhahut hogaya… Shivin too says bhahut hogaya .. Today due to shivaay and his family my mom is hurt… / ranveer says ( holding the punching bag in anger looking at a picture of his sister ishika Ranjhawa with blurred eyes today due to Om my sister is not with me… Shiveer ( shivin + ranveer) says I will not leave oberois…..
Ishkara respectively thinks of each other
Om POV..
Every mistake has its own punishment I agree with the fact that I was the reason of ishika death unknowingly…. Past flashback plays…
( as you all know it was prinku 18th birthday om was asking ki prinku tujhe kya gift chaheye … And prinku replies meanwhile a girl hits the car… And rolled down the bridge this much will be same) …. ( om prinku in haste comes out and goes near the body… And om slides down to help the lady as he turned her body to his side he and prinku both were shocked and shouted “ishika” …

Prinku was a friend of her but online they used to video chat and as far as om concerns he addresses her as a ” just good friend ” he lifts her body and pinku stretched her hand to pull her up they both managed to make her sit in car she was unconscious and was heavily bleeding.. Prinku was terribly nervous and panic to see ishika… But prinku started consoling herself by saying prinku pehalwan is the strongest prinku you’re brave you can save you friend … She took her napkin and with shaking hands tried to stop the blood and omkara drove seriously like flying and reached hospital… They both rushed with ishika.. Ishika was in om arms … Prinku was hell shouting doctor … Doctor and stretcher came and she was transferred to it immediately she was shifted to I.C.U both om and prinku were praying.. And the doctor after examining declared ishika dead..)
Om comes back to the reality and said with teared eyes I am sorry ishika really sorry.. I guess I deserved punishment that’s why you’re brother snatched Ishana from me I wish I could save you ishika… I really wish..
Ishana POV…
I wish I could save omkara from ranveer anger and omkara dark past I really wish she says om I entered your life as a con girl but today you’re my life you pulled me out of my darkness by teaching me the truth path… And I guess ab its my turn ki tumhe tumhare andhere se nikhalo…

Scene changes… Ranveer says omkara you snatched my sister from me na and you must be thinking that I am gonna snatch Ishana from you .. Aha no… You’re wrong at this note Mr omkara Singh oberoi I am going to snatch your sister from you…
Shivin asks kese ( how?) Ranveer says miss priyanka oberoi is going on a trip with her collegemates and there…………….
( he tells the plan which is mute.)
Shivaay feels uneasy as if anika was in terrible need of his support he picked the car keys and rushed with the car to Rathore Mansion without a second thought…
Scene :3
At Rudra Room…
Rudra was upset but for a change today he was not crying he was just upset???
He needed motivation he gets a call … He took the phone from pocket and straightly hits pick button and says hello Rudra Singh oberoi here….
Voice said : kya hua Rudra ? Pratit hota hai ki tum chintit ho…!!. ( guys hopefully you guessed)..
Rudra says : chinta ta chita chita main kyu Karoga Romi … ( why I should dance)
Romi : Nahi Rudra I meant tension!!.
Rudra : was like ooooooo OK…
Rudra said in a crybaby tone ki ab main tumhe kya batao shivaay bhaiyya aur anika di ki life me ek villain aagaya hai ( romi ek villain film ke ritesh deshmukh ki Baat Nahi kar raha OK)..
Romi : was like OK.. Agar tum chahu toh main aapni powers se sab thik kar sakti hu.. Main devi hu na…
Rudra: oh … Ur joking na ..
Romi : says Nahi Rudra dev you know Aapke liye Maine ranveer ko reject kiya…
Rudra was like WO 2nd year wala collegemate na no problem….
Romi says Nahi Ranveer kapoor…
Rudra : says accha agar yesa hai toh paata hai ranveer Katrina ka break up kyu hua the reason was me. .

Romi : tum!!!!
Rudra: ha WO toh Katrina traffic jam me phas gayi … ?
Romi : Rudra dev mujhe aapse milna … He thinks no baba Nahi yaha ek problem kam kya joh romi aana chahti hai.. Tab oh meri oh my mata ho jaayegi…
Rudra shouts : Nahi Nahi romi woh bhaiyya mujhe bola rahe hai he cuts the call and takes a sigh…and holding the phone he crused pagal hai tu pagal…
Rudra walks out of his room and sees an intruder in home….
He becomes Rudra agent and follows the intruder secretly…
The intruder was heading towards somya room… Rudra was like yeh hai kyon aur yeh meri Somo ke room ki taraf kyu jaa raha hai..
The intruder in no time in front of Rudra sight kidnapped somya….
Rudra tries to catch him hits the alert alarm and shouts khanna…. All rushed out…
Dadi janvi pinky with crying face shakti tej all had one question… Why this alarm is ringing what happened??
Scene changes…. Prinku thought of checking her brothers room and console them before she leaves for college trip… She goes to shivaay room .. And finds shivaay missing… She goes to Rudra room he too was missing… And prinku was hell confused she goes to omkara room and shouts om bhaiyya……..? she saw him fainted on ground and saw the drug injection….
She again shouts o bhaiyya get up….
Dadi tejanvi shinky and servants reach the room…
Dadi : om puttar!!!
Janvi : o beta she knelt down and cried..

Pinky : oh my mata om get up!!!
Prinku : shouts on servants Arrey koi toh doctor KO call karo… Tej goes out and calls doctor…
Prinku calls in conference to shivaay anika Ishana.. They all rushed…
Prinku : said o bhaiyya see your prinku pehlwan is still keeping her promise to be strong and face the face the problem with smile… She I am smiling … She tried but blasted in tears….
Ishana reaches with anika…. And shouts om……… Om..
He opened his eyes and hugged Ishana tight… Ishana asked are you OK ?? (keeping her hand on his cheek) he thanked her for coming….
Whereas shivaay was shaken with the fact that om again took drugs… He suffered a jerk and anika holded him and said sambhalke … Carefully…
Anika says I know you love your brother but this time I guess he needs Ishana more than you he nodes… Anika takes shivaay out…

Ishana makes om lie on bed and om kept his head in her lap and crying terribly Ishana was gently stroking his hair and sees his tears she also cried om felt bad and rubbed out her tears with both hands and Ishana did the same….
Ishana calmed om and feeded him soup and scolded him for consuming drugs…
Om said what should I do you were not there I was guilty and….
Ishana felt his pain and stopped him and made him sleep….
Scene changes….
Rudra missed the car in which Somo was there and he scolded khannas ki why I am keeping vaanar sena with me … I guess ram ji vaanar sena was better than you… At least sita mata rescued….

He murmurs useless… And takes the car and rushed and sees intruder car… And follows…
Intruder was irritated he called Romi because he knows that romi is gf of Rudra and in no time …
Intruder car….. Followed by Rudra car and his car….. Followed by romi…..
Rudra was like yeh road toh pune jati hai ..
He speeds……. 80…100..120..140…
And all reached a place in pune ….
” saamuhit vivah” ?( now you guessed the track)
The intruder opened his mask on somya firing… It was none other than rehaan chabbra… Somya was shocked…
Rehaan tum…rehaan said hai main …

Rudra was hiding behind the bushes and saw rehaan ….. And was angry… Romi pats his shoulder… And he was like romi tum … Romi says ha main….
Anika consoles shivaay and makes him sleep but in this process she too slept in his arms….
Rudra gets an idea to get rid of this machhar documentary and devi he escaped from romi and gave a tip to a servant to mix bhaang in glasses… But romi calls him out and he runs servant was confused that how many glasses he didn’t mention… He mix in all four …. Somya made rehaan drink it as she was also thirsty …. She drinks… Rudra says romi I am tried of running he makes romi drink and he drinks….
Most welcomed in Rumya and SHIVIKA ki shaadi must attend… Omish ki shaadi in process….. Priveer love story on trip …. Because of friends gang…. Shreya entry naina sister & a famous author….

Hope u all liked it…
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  1. Nansshivika

    Shama ta starting scene is soooooooooooo good shivom and ishani , ta scene was going in front of my eyes and ishana consoling om I loved it I wanted tat happen in ib but ridhima this but u made for our ishkara so emotional????
    Rudra track is funny
    Waiting for ta next part eagerly

  2. Akshaya

    Shama too much interesting.

  3. Shama…. loved it dea… rumya was superb…?????
    Ishkara shivika was emotional..???
    I m touched… the way u expressed their emotions was very good… shiveer r soo cruel?
    Eagerly waiting for next epi???
    Friends gang…???

  4. Nithu

    Lovely dii….a big teddy bear hug dii……..oh my mata….shivika marriage….lovely

  5. Sanaya_malik

    Ohh….. God shama how could u right soo gud?? I mean wow??rumya were best ❤❤shivika and ishkara were sooooo emotional…. Feeling so bad for them….
    But waiting for marriage drama… Love u ❤❤

  6. Priyanka_22

    awsum 😀 loved shivika n ishkara part nd super excited for mrg track… update soon

  7. Anah

    great episode

  8. Shama…I love the way you express the feelings.. I mean it’s solo real and that’s why you are my fav….plzz don’t leave na…looking forward to see the marriage track.. wud be full power pack entertainment I guess …plz post asap

  9. Tulasi

    Hey shama…u potrayed evryones feelngs sooo well tht i felt tht pain truely……i teally luvd each n evry frame of it …….shivikas pain n carng luv to each other…….omishu scene was reallyyy suprrb dear?????? i wantef to tell u wich part i luvd d most…but aftr readng i was like each n evry sentence was very well writtenn…….waitng for ur next….

  10. Jazz1

    Awesome ? ???
    Yayy it’s shaddi time. I will surely attend it.

  11. Ayath

    wow shadddi time….cool awesome u narrate all three well….by the way i missed u and ur ff and sorry tooo now am reading this and plz upload next part soon…take care ur health

    1. Thanks dear as hectic journey change of climate water surrounding made me sick yesterday night 1:30 pm I came back to home as I was out of station for exams for maybe more than a week … 2 days to go…come..5 buses changed… Hectic na…
      So taking medicines and I will try to post it soon …
      Send me ur links

  12. Nainaa

    (WOW!) to the power of INFINITY. You are immortal ab kya batau mein tumhe….. kaise batau ki mujhe kya ehsaas hua…… Di you killed it. Aapki ff mein jo bhi hai takkar ka hai….. Fun, Drama, Sentiments, love, care and many more. I don’t want to make a mess of my feelings So, I will come in a order.
    Count down Starts::
    1. Shivaay and Anika’s mixture of feelings are perfectly displayed.
    2. Om and Ishaana’s support to Shivika is carried out clearly.
    3. Shivika and Ishkara thinking and saying same things is truly one hundred percent cute. It is like 1 soul 2 bodies.
    4. Om and Prinku’s past is very promising it proves that they did they duty towards Ishika of admitting her in a hospital orelse The story might be something else.
    5. Shiveer’s feelings are correct but their intention of doing something like that is not good. But I trust you that you will present enough hungama for us.
    6. Rudra and Romi’s convo is asusual So funny and crybaby is so cute hah…
    7. Somu kidnapped!!! Oh my mata!! I guess Rudra dev will find her out soon.
    8. Om is really so sensitive and the pain of loosing Ishaana…. Oh god!! he consumed drugs on loosing Ishu….. Aww!
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    10. Eagerly waiting for precap. It’s really a honour to be a part of your ff…. Thank you Dimples.
    And If you don’t mind Can you please tell me who is Shreya, My sister on ff?.

    Not a big thing that many people love to read your ff as you portray each and every emotion in a perfect way So, it will be a heart snatching one.
    And I am sure next epi is gonna be a smashing one.
    Love you Dimples…

  13. Ishqkum

    Excited for next one dr

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