Anshi Love Episode 3


Hey guys this is Miraaj with the third episode. I got a couple of requests to write in English instead of Hindi.. so this one I am writing in most English. Hope you like it. Send me the he feexback about which language you prefer. Keep loving Shivika…!!

Episode 3 :

Scene 1: Oberoi Mansion. Entrance.
Anika is coming at the morning. Just before she steps in she hesitates and takes a step back. She hides behind the door and peeks inside.
“Dear god, I will not will not scold sahil any longer. I will even stop eating that extra chocolates I do whenever I get stressed. Please make sure I don’t cross paths with Mr Pagad Billa ji today. I’ll even visit temples every Monday if I don’t get to see him at all today..!” She mutters.
Rudra comes to the hall and sees Anika peeking. He goes to her and looks at her confused.
“Didi.. is someone playing hide and seek around here. The by hasn’t anyone told me yet. I’m the expert in that game. I know every corner of this house. Come I’ll show you a good place to hide. If you stay here even papa can find you and he was terrible at the game when we where young.”
Anika pushes Rudra out of the way and says “Shh! Rudra. Noone is playing his and seek here. But I’m definitely hiding from someone. Now go away and let me be. ”
Rudra scratches his chin and thinks. “But from whom are you hiding from?”

Anika gets agitated and whisper yells at him. ” Rudra..! Stop talking to me and go away. If someone sees you here they’ll know I’m here. Shoo Rudy..!”
Shivaay comes there texting on his phone and notices the commotion at the door.
He sees Anika gesturing to Rudra and halts. (O Jaana plays). He watches her and gets lost in thought.
At the door, both Rudra and Anika have not noticed Shivaay yet. Rudra whispers to Anika saying. “But Anika di, why in the world are you hiding anyway. Have you done any mistake?” He thinks for a while and then exclaims “Ho Anika didi you didn’t eat all the cake I’d saved from last week’s party did you? ”
Anika gets irritated by his persistence and says loudly “Aree yaar Rudra.. no I haven’t done any mistake. I’m just hiding from your Bade bhaiya today. The pandit near my home today told me that I have to face someone’s ire today as per my horoscope. I don’t want your brother to open his third eye and burn me to ashes…. So either help me hide from him or please go away.!”
Shivaay catches his name in the conversation and comes out his reverie. He frowns when he notices that Anika is lingering at the door and walks towards them.
“But didi, “Rudra says “that someone might not be….”
Shivaay interrupts them by reaching them and asking “what are you to talking my about here..?”
Anika gets startled by his sudden voice and loses her balance. She goes to call backwards but Shivaay reaches on time and steadies her by placing his hand at her waist. Anika you need her head and looks at him. The share a look and people who music plays. They both get lost in each other’s eyes.
Anika raises her brow and Shivaay raises his too, silently asked my ‘what?’. Anika says in a whisper “I’m steady now. I won’t call again.”
Shivaay more his head and says “Good.”
Anika looks at him expectantly, Shivaay doesn’t understand and asks “Kya?”
Anika looks down at his hand at her waist and back at him before saying “You can let go of me now.”
Shivaay looks down n to see him still holding her and immediately snatches his hand back. “Yeah.. I was just making sure you didnt break a hip or something. ”
Anika takes a step backward and stare at each other awkwardly. Rudra coughs loudly to bring their attention and says “If your daily dose of each other is over, I would like to borrow Anika di. I have to show her something.”
He holds her hand and begins walking inside.

Shivaay calls out from behind “You can show her something later. I need to talk to her.”
Anika gets frustrated and whisper to Rudra. “Take me away, I don’t wat to talk to him now. I’ll even prepare your protein shake for you.!”
Rudra doesn’t hear and asks loudly “what?”
“Rudra” Shivaay says “I need to talk to her about something important. Just go I’ll send her as soon as it’s over. ”
Rudra shrugs and says “okay.!”
“No!” Anika shouts.
Both Shivaay and Rudra look at her. She notices them both staring and stammers.
“Ah.. I mean no. I have to see what Rudra wants to show me. It might be important right? And anyways we can talk whenever we want. Let’s go Rudy.”
“It’s not that impo….. Ow..!!” Rudra starts but Anika kicks him in the shin.
Anika then turns around and drags Rudra behind her saying “Bye billu ji. Talk to you later.. ” and then adds in a whisper “… Or maybe never.”
Shivaay stares at their retreating backs confused. He shakes his head and goes to work.

Scene 2: Oberoi Mansion. Dadi’s room.
Dadi and Anika are both looking at some old photographs..
Anika gets shocked seeing one and says. “Dadi, am I seeing things or is this billu ji…?”
Didi laughs softly and says “Aree beta this is Shivaay. I still remember when was taken. Shivaay was in fifth standard and had won the dance competition. He was so happy. Then Rudra was only 4 years old. Shivaay had taken Rudra on his lap and danced in the entire house. ”
Anika looks at the photo with a frown and says ” But what happened that transformed this laughing boy who loved openly with joyful eyes to a stone of a man who believes love doesn’t exist…?”
Dadi looks almost remorsefully at Shivaay’s photo and says in a sad voice. “I had thought I had shaded him from the harshness and the bitterness in out family. But Shivaay always was curious and wanted to see the world. He just saw it too quickly from other kids. The world as he saw left a lasting impression on his heart. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t erase the bruise on his heart.”

Anika sees tears in dadi’s eyes and hugs her. She kisses dadi on the head and says. “No dadi, you didnt fail in shielding your grandsons from the bitter reality. Look at Rudra for example, I think he is living enough childhood for both Shivaay and Om. And look at Om, he sees the world around him, filled with lie and betrayal, yet he stands by the truth.”
Shivaay enters dadi’s room at that time and stops at the door noticing their conversation.
Anika continues saying “And dadi, I know Mr. Stone Singh Oberoi is a little stubborn, ahh well maybe a lot stubborn, overbearing and thinks he owns the world. ”
Shivaay gapes at her hearing this, he then folds his hand and glares at her.
“But dadi,” Anika continues , holding dadi’s hand. “He is also a man who loves his family the most. I just wish that some day when chance comes I can do to sahil as much as he does to the people he love. He may look carved in stone from outside but his heart warmly in him and it does only for the people he loves.”
Shivaay’s face softens hearing this. He unconsciously unfolds his hand and stares at Anika mesmerised.
Dadi smiles hearing Anika talk like this and cups her face. Anika looks at dadi smiling smugly and asks. “Why are you smiling like this?”
“Because, ” dadi says “I thought you hated my billu, I never knew you thought so well about him.”
Anika gets uncomfortably hearing this. She hesitates and finally says. “Nothing like that dadi. I don’t hate billu ji. I just hate some of his views. Whenever he talks like he is the king of this world and we are all born to service him I get very angry and how to hate him, but when I see him with his family I see the love shine that he tries so hard to hide and even i melt under his warmth.”

Shivaay smiles a small smile hearing this. He casually leans against the door and listens.
” But, then he brings me back to reality and makes it perfectly clear that I am not worthy of his warmth. I’m just someone he tolerates and if I’m lucky will be polite to. You know dadi, I don’t know why, I’ve never cared for what people think or say my entire life. But he makes me feel very small and insignificant and I hate him for that.”
Shivaay straightens hearing this and looks taken aback.
Dadi takes hold of Anika’s face and says in conviction. ” Beta you are nothing like that. You are a hard working , intelligent, caring and a loyal person. Don’t make billu or anyone else feel otherwise.”
Anika smiles sadly at dadi and says ” I know dadi. I’ve seen enough of this world that I know and understand my worth. But, in front of your grandson I forget all that and wish that maybe even if I was from a reputed family he would have treat me with respect. But, then I realise that outside his family no one is good enough for Mr great Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I just hope someday he sees the world other than the part outside of his palace window and realise the worth of every single being god has created. ”
Dadi clutches Anika’s hand and says ” I hope that happens too puttar… I hope too…!”
Shivaay looks at Anika for few more seconds contritely and then turns and leave the room.

Scene 3: Oberoi Mansion, kitchen.
Shivaay comes to the kitchen agitated and drinks a glass of water. He places the glass on the table and stand clutching the table. He hears Anika saying how he humiliates her and gets angry. He clenches his fists.
He reminisces all those times when he insulted her and gets more upset. He again rehears Anika’s words about how he makes her feel insignificant and picks up the glass and throws it hardly.
Anika comes at that moment in the kitchen. The glass breaks near her feet and she gets startled. She gasps placing her hand over her heart and Shivaay turns hearing that sound and immediately concern replaces his anger.
“Shit! ” he mutters “I was just…. I didn’t see you come. You didnt get hurt did you? ”
Anima shakes her head and takes a step forward cautiously. Even then a small piece of glass hurts her leg and she cries out. Shivaay holds her hand and stops her from falling.
Oh jaana plays.
They both stare at each other for a while and then Shivaay rebukes softly saying ” Careful, you might get hurt.”
Anika too looks at him and says in a whisper. ” It’s okay it’s not something I can’t handle.”
Anika nods and says “when someone gets used to getting hurt emotionally they won’t be able to feel the physical ones. Don’t worry this small piece of glass and not be able to hurt me. ”
Shivaay gets conscious hearing this and helps her across the glass pieces and steps away.
Anika takes the juice container out and starts pouring it to glass. Shivaay watches her and finally stammers, “Ah.. look… I wanted to tell you something.. it’s actually…”
Anika thinks that he will again say something condensing and says evadingly “actually, dadi was feeling tired.. I need to give this juice to her. I’ll talk to you later..”
She quickly runs out of there leaving Shivaay perplexed.

Scene 4 : Oberoi Mansion.
The whole day Shivaay tries to talk to Anika and she ignores him. He first doesn’t notice, but then realises that she is intentionally avoiding him and gets annoyed.
Shivaay finally retreats ti his room and Anika breathes a sigh of relief.
It’s evening and Anika is going home. She says goodbye to pinku and dadi and tells them she’ll be there tomorrow first thing in the morning. She is just passing through Shivaay’s room that someone drags her inside. They place a hand over her mouth and push her towards the wall.
Anika fights the hold, but sees Shivaay when she opens her eyes and stops fighting.
Shivaay looks at her angrily and says. ” If you don’t want to make me any more angry than I already am, don’t shout when I remove my hand.
Anika nods her head and Shivaay removed his hand, but doesn’t move away. Anika takes a deep breath and asks “Billu ji, what the hell are you doing? You scared me.”
Shivaay replies angrily, “Good! After what you have done today I don’t mind scaring you a little.”
“But, what have I done?”

“You have been avoiding me from the morning.”
Anika’s eyes widen hearing this and she replies unsteadily. “Nothing like that billu ji, I was just busy, after all it is your wedding I’m planning. ”
Shivaay narrows his eyes and says “You think I don’t know the difference between you being busy and you avoiding me..?”
Anika shakes her head in confusion and says “but, why does it matter to you. I thought you will be happy that I’m not in your business like I usually am…”
(The piano music plays.)
Shivaay looks at Anika and thinks too. He looks at her in contrite feelings. Finally he regains his focus and says.
“That’s not the point, the point is that I wanted to say something important to you from morning and you have been avoiding me….! And no one avoids Shivaay Singh Oberoi.! ”
Anika gets annoyed hearing this and says. ” Accha, so that’s why you are angry, because I again did something that people don’t have the courage to do with you. What will you do now, you will punish me or make me realise my status, it better yet….”
Shivaay places his hand back on her mouth and says. “Shut up. Just shut up. When Shivaay Singh Oberoi apologies to someone they shut down everything they are doing and focus only on these three words.”

Anika eyes widen and she stares astonished at Shivaay.
Shivaay closes his eyes and says. “Anika… About what I said yesterday.. I don’t mean it. I have no idea when it happened but I don’t feel that way anymore. You are everything what dadi said you were and more. If I’ve ever made you feel insignificant then…. ” He takes a deep breath and whispers “I’m sorry…”
(Piano music plays)
Anika and Shivaay both stare into each other’s eyes mesmerised. Shivaay is looking relieved while Anika looks shocked. Shivaay slowly removes his hand from her mouth and and takes a step backward. Anika looks at Shivaay and slumps against the wall.
Shivaay does his signature hair move and goes out of the room.
Anika looks at him still in shock and mutters to herself “Did pagad Billa just ask me sorry…? Is it the end of the world…?”
Anika dazedly picks up her bag and goes out of the room. She walks lost in her own thoughts in the hall and collides with Rudra.
“Didi..! Where are you seeing. You almost made me drop my protein shake!”
Anika doesn’t react and Rudra notices her lost in thought.
He taps her forehead and says “didi are you okay? Did something happen…?”
Anika finally notices and says distractedly. “Let me understand what happened first then I’ll tell you..”
She then walks out if the house. Rudra looks on for a few seconds, shrugs and goes away.


Precap : Anika feels sleepy and falls asleep while writing something. Shivaay picks her up and puts her to bed.

Thank you for all your support guys. This episode is written in 95% English. Hope you like it. But I just wanted to say I prefer writing in Hindi as whenever I think of Anika and Shivaay I imagine them conversing in Hindi only. So, tell me which you like best…!

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