Anshi Love Episode 1


Hey people. My name is Miraaj and this is my first fan fiction..
To all the Anshi fans out there. This is just an extra bite of the beautiful romance between Shivaay and Anika. Keep loving them…!

I love the current track of Ishqbaaz and don’t want to change anything. But I’d love to add a bit more. So, I’ll be picking up right where it ends in today’s episode.
A little recap: Mallika hints to Shivaay that he might have feelings for Anika.(actually,it was more than hints.. anyway). Mallika leaves the Oberoi Mansion with Siddharth and leaves a little gift for Anika.

Anshi Love Episode 1:
Scene 1: Shivaay’s bedroom. Oberoi Mansion.
Shivaay is sitting near the pool gazing at the water immersed in his thoughts. He recalls whatever Mallika says just before leaving and gets confused.
“Paagal hai sab. Anika aur main? Usske pehle main Siddharth Rana ko gale laga loon.” he mutters to himself.
But then he remember moments spent with Anika and unknowingly smiles at her antics. Oh Jaana plays..
“Bhaiyaa..!” Rudra claps him on the shoulder and takes the seat next to him. Shivaay gets startled and Rudra notices.

“Bhaiya yaar, mujhe laga aap dar the nahi ho. Lekin Jabse Mallika dee ne aapko balo se daraya hai Na tabse to aap pinku se bi dhar ne lage ho.. Naak kata di aapne Oberoi brothers ki…!”
“Oh please ha. Sabse pehle tum dare the. Voh nakli haath aur nakli boot se. Aur voh bhi Anika ke boot se. Safed Baal aur lambe nakoon laga se vo booth kam aur boodi patient zyada dikh rahi thi… Aur vaise bhi voh idea bhi ussi ka hoga. Pehle pani pekthe phir thi thi. Ab boot ban ke phire gi. Voh ladki nahi aafat hai. Main to….”
Rudra taps on Shivaay’s shoulder to stop his rant. Shivaay gains his focus and looks elsewhere sheepishly…

” Bhaiya topic boot se Anika di kaise ban gayi ye samaj nayi aaya. Vaise aapko mauka chahiye bus, Anika di agar Japan main bhi ho na unko uta ke yaha laadoge….”
Shivaay stammers and says ” Aisa.. Aisa kuch nahi hai. Tumhaari Anika di main muje koi interest nahi hai. ”
” Accha, toh phir unnse itna affect kyu note ho aap…??”
Shivaay gets agitated and leaps to his feet.
“Pata nahi sabko ho kya gaya hai. Anika aur mere beech me na kuch hai aur na hi kuch kabhi hoga. Usski aukaad kya hai ki voh mere liye Maine rake gi. Na kuch atha na patha. Shivaay Singh Oberoi aise logon se baat kar sakta hai lekin rishta kabhi nahi rakh sakta. Mujhe uss ladki se koi Farak nahi padta hai aur sabke liye behtar hoga ki ye baat yahi katam karde.”
Rudra looks on shocked at Shivaay’s outburst. Shivaay turns around to storm out of the room but halts as he sees Anika and Om at the door.

Shivaay see’s Anika’s face and gets alarmed. Anika is looking a little shocked and hurt. Shivaay cannot understand why he is so affected by the hurt he sees in her. Om looks chastisingly at Shivaay.
Anika controls her emotions and says in a serious tone. ” Voh main Rudra ko bye bolne aayi thi.” She pauses and looks at Rudra before continuing. ” Voh tumne kaha ta na Salman ke purane picture ka DVD tumhare paas hai. Aaj Sahil vaapas aa raha hai, usse dekh ke accha lage ga. Kya main voh tode din ke liye le sakti hoon…?”
Rudra comes towards her saying ” Are Anika didi yeh bhi koi poochne walk haath hai. Zaroor doonga. Aap aayiye room me hai CD. ”

He catches her hand and drags her out of Shivaay’s room. Om shakes him head at Shivaay and follows them out.
Shivaay looks uncomfortably around the room and sits by the end of his bed. He recalls Mallika saying when you love someone you feel their pain and happiness as much as they do. He is thinks ‘why am I feeling so bad about what I said even though I believe it true…?’
His phone rings and seeing that it’s from office he answers it and gets busy.

Scene 2: Rudra’s room. Oberoi Mansion.
Anika is standing near the window looking deep in thought. Rudra is tearing the room apart muttering to himself about the DVD.
Om comes and stands next to Anika and says. “Tum teek to ho na..?”
Anika composes herself before answering and smiles brightly saying ” Are main to bilkul teek hoon. Billu ji toh kuch bi kehte rehte hai. Isska matlab ye todi hai ki main unnke baaton ko mann pe loongi… Mujhe koi Farak nahi padta.”

Om looks at her for a minute and then replies. ” Tum jaanti ho Anika jab tum dil se nahi muskurati ho na to tab tumhaari sirf hote pe hote hi. Aanko tak pohanchti hi nahi hai. Shivaay ne Jo bhi kaha ussne aisa kyu kaha pata nahi lekin voh sach nahi hai, na mere liye aur na kudh Shivaay ke liye. ”
Anika smiles a small sad smile and says. “Pata hai, main tumhe jab bhi dekh ti hoon toh yahi sochti hoon ki mash sahil bada hoke tumhare jaisa ban paye. Tum bohut aache ho Om, lekin iss baat pe tum galat ho. Voh Jo bi billu ji ne kaha , voh Maine pehli baar nahi suna hai. Yeh unka sach hai aur sach hi rahega. Tumhare bhaiya kabhi muje apne barabar nahi dekhenge. Aur ek baat jaanti ho, mujhe unke barabar kada bhi nahi hona hai.”

Om tries to say something, but then Rudra shouts “Milgaya… Ye dekho Anika di Milgaya….!!”
Anika and Om both turn towards Rudra. Anika smiles indulgingly where as Om looks at him and says “Shut up, Rudra.”
Anika takes hold the DVD and says “Mujhe sach me chalna chahiye. Sahil intezaar kar raha hoga mera. Main tum logo ko baad main mil ti hoon. ”
Both bid Anika goodbye.
Precap: Anika welcomes Sahil home. Elsewhere in Oberoi Mansion Om scolds Shivaay saying if you don’t get your act together then you might loose the most important thing in your life.

Uff. There goes my first Episode.. I hope you all like it. Keep loving Anshi and comment to let me know your feedbacks.
I’ll be back with the second episode soon…!

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  1. ImmatureBookworm

    Pweeezzz update soon ?

  2. Welcome to IB family first of all dear loved it too the core it was nice
    Its reflected ur passion on anshi good going

  3. Waiting for the next??

  4. Pweez update next one asap

  5. Miraaj… It was super.. one of the Best Os in IB…

    Pls continue.. 🙂

  6. i really liked it
    i would love if anika and om are shown getting closer and shivaay is jealous of that
    but after that shivaay and anika should be together
    once more i really liked it…….

    1. Miraaj

      I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I do have something in mind to make Shivaay jealous. But it’s not Om.
      Thanks a lot for liking it…!!

  7. Miraaj

    Thank you everyone for giving me such a warm welcome…!!
    Will continue.. more Anshi..!!

  8. Yazhu

    Really liked ur ff a lot Miraaj…it’s so amazing…Om and Anika’s convo was nice..

  9. Jazz1

    Thnx for making a ff on anshi. Plz update the next episode soon

  10. Shaza

    Awesome one …pls continue and post the next one ASAP…loving it …??

  11. Pls try to update in english my frnd. Becoz really i dont understand anything. I dont knw hindi bt feel to read ur ff.. Will u write in english too.. Pls pls

  12. Miraaj

    I’ve uploaded my second episode… Please go and check out Anshi Love Episode 2

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