AnShi A horror love story TS – prologue


Hey guys it’s been since many days I didn’t post devils love I will post tomorrow till then enjoy my Ts on AnShi! It’s a horror based concept!


A girl is shown walking through the jungle she was wearing a plain white dress with long hair she went inside an old palace behind the jungle it was kinda haunted house!! She move to a secret room and opened the lock the room was filled with many pics of a boy and a girl! “I will destroy you! Hahaha I am ghost I would snatch your love from you and you won’t able to do anything! The ghost said.


Scene 2

A person is shown caressing a boy’s photo “I will soon propose you I know you would accept me I love you so much she kissed the photo.

Prologue ends*

So guys how was it? Do tell me your reviews I’d be waiting to know them. Love you ishqbaazians ? take care! I will post first shot soon!

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  1. Its interesting sounds something new lets seewht u have got ATB

  2. Sat_9492

    Intresting….. please continue…..

  3. Lalitha


  4. Akansha

    Interesting waiting

  5. MariaRebecca

    I remember kavach…but I’ll definitely like a horror twist for shivika

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