Anonymous – He is Real (intro)


Swara ~~
“The most beautiful thinks in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with heart.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupréy. . .
He was right.

Falling in love with him was the most beautiful thing that had ever happened to me. What made it all strange, was that, I had never seen him. Neither had I met him. But, I had felt him. I could feel him everytime, everywhere around me.
I closed my eyes and I pictured a man; a dark shadow, standing in front of me. It was him. And I was dying to see him, to feel him and to talk to him. But the moment I opened my eyes, he disappeared. I could see him nowhere. And it hurt, because he was a lie.
He was nothing but a beautiful nightmare. I felt a pit in my stomach the moment I realized that the man I was in love with never really existed. He was just an illusion. When in reality, the man I thought I was in love with, had betrayed me in the worst way possible.
Now, neither him, or the other one, whom I called anonymous were real. Everything was fake. Their love, their friendship. . .every single thing about them was fake. And what made it worse, was that, both of them were the same person.

They were anonymous. . .
He was anonymous. . .

An introduction for my dream fan fiction Anonymous
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  1. U again started????its good!

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  4. interesting anu….continue

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