Anokhi kahani ( swasan,raglak,zaya) (episode1)

Hello guyz hope you will like it.

The episode start with.
At gadodia house.
Sumi. Swara, ragini, aliya get up beta
Aliya get up and see her sister sleeping and smile.
She then goes to bath. And after that goes to ragini wake her up. She wake up and goes to bathroom.
Aliya was getting ready when she get a call from zain.
Aliya. Abb yisi kai ho hai.
Aliya pick up the phone.
Aliya. What now.
Zain. Problem.
Aliya. What.
Zain. Yes that girl i was with yesterday night kicked me out of her house with out my shrit how will i go home. Plz come here and pick me up.
Aliya laugh.
Aliya. Zain you are stupid.
Zain. Aare meri maa abb aayo bi.
Aliya. Thaik hai i am coming.
Zain. Take colthes also.
Aliya. Ok.
Aliya. Ragini di i am going.
Ragini. Why its time.
Aliya. I have some work to do.
Aliya leave.
Ragini come out and get ready.
She then waked swara up and she goes to bathroom get ready. After breakfast they goes to mm house.

MM house.
Sanskar get up and say laksh get up.
Laksh goes to his room and get ready.
Sanskar also get ready. They both then goes to zain room and does’t find him.
Sanlak get tensed.
Laksh. Bhai i think he is with some of his girlfriend.
Sanskar. Then he is gone.
Laksh. What.
Sanskar. Today dad said that if we all dont come on breakfast at 08:00 then will not get food. And even he will take our mobil. And we are grounded special zain. He is never at time.
Laksh. Now what we only have 30 min.
Sanskar. Thanks too zain.

At the other side.
Aliya come to zain.
Zain get in the car.
Aliya. Where will you change.
Zain. In car.
Aliya. No way.
Zain. Yes way.
Zain. Turn around.
Aliya trun around and zain get ready.
Zain. MM house.
Aliya. Why.
Zain. Just go.
Aliya goes to mm house.
Its only 5 min in 08:00 o’clock he runs from there.
Everyone is waiting for zain.
Sanlak are tensed.
But just then zain make a entry.
Sanlak sees him and get happy.
Zain. Hello mom and dad.
Dp. What day is today. Where come sun from you first time in life are at time.
Zain. My pleasure.
Sanlak laugh.
Ap get angry.
Sanlakza eat food and goes out.
Swara and ragini come in there car and sees aliya standing outside.
Swara. What are you doing here.
Ragini. Zain have done something right.
Aliya nods in yes.
Swaragini laugh.
Aliya. Plz di stop ok.
Ragini. Swara stop.
Swara. Ok.
Zain come out and tell everything to sanlak and swaragini all laugh.
Aliya. Stop laughing at my friend.
Zain. Yes right.
Swaragini. Your friend ok.
Sanlak. What ever lets go to collage if we get late then dad will not leave us.
Ragini and laksh get in car and goes.
Swara sanskar get in car and goes.
Zain. Aliya sweetie what happenend.
Aliya. Nothing.
They sit in car and goes. Aliya was very angry at zain. On the other side zain did’t understood any thing why aliya is angry.
They all reach at collage.

Swaraginiya. Goes in.
Sanlakin. Goes in.
Swara- laksh.
Sit together.
Where aliya is angry with zain.
Zain dont under stand any nothing.

Rags and zain.
Zain. What happenend with aliya.
Ragini. How did i know.
Zain. Ok.
Ragini in mind. Dumbo she likes you.
Zain. Did you said something.
Ragini. No not at all.

After class all went to canteen.
Aliya is ingnoring zain.
Zain got a idea.
And take myka.
And sing a song. ( beintehaa title song.
Aliya get surprised seeing him.
Zain after song.
Zain. My sweetie aliya plz forgived me.
He then come down from stage and give a rose to aliya.
Aliya smile and hug him.
Zain also hug her.
Sanlak and swaragini cough.
Aliya and zain. What happenend guyz.
Zain. Are you ok.
Aliya. Stupid.
Zain. What.
Aliya tell him why they cough.
Zain. Oh.
Aliya smile at zain.
Zain also get a feeling but ingnored it.
Sanskar. What guyz now can we eat
Swara. Greedy.
Sanskar. Great you will not eat ok.
Swara. Who said that.
Sanskar. No one leave it.
Swara. Yea whatever.

Ragini. I will go to ishaan.
Laksh. Why.
Ragini. I promise him that i will be with him at break.
Laksh( angrliy) . ha ha you go.
Ragini. Thanks laksh for under standing.
Laksh More angry and say know she dont know that i am angry. Wow. Ishaan teri tu.

Ishaan. Ragini.
Ragini. Oh hello.
Ishaan. I am sorry ragini i cant be with you know but i will be with you tommorow.
Laksh. Finally.
Ishaan did you said something.
Laksh. No nothing.
Ishaan goes from there.
All of them had fun.
And after school swaragini and sanlak leave for home.

Precap. Zaya moments.

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