Anokha…… A unique love story…… Episode 3


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Dp says to laksh adarsh nd sanskar to go on a business trip to Kolkata. After one week. They agree. In the hall ap and sujata are seeing photos of girls for adarsh. Ap says his age is suitable for marriage and I will feel that I am giving priority to my responsibility being a mum. Sujata says correct jiji. Adarsh and sanskar leave to office. Laksh goes to his frnd omi’s house. Dp wonders when will laksh understand his responsibilities……..

Swara goes to temple and says thank you kanhaji. And goes to office. Chetan sir asks what are you doing here? I fired u right…….. Swara says I work here Sir… Chetan doesn’t allow swara to complete the sentence and start shouting on her. Someone says mind ur language Mr chetan…. He is none other than sanky. Chetan says I fired her yesterday but she is still coming here. Sanky says she is my PA. Don’t even dare to behave rudely with women. Chetan says sorry swara and goes angrily. Swara says thank you. Sanky says no sorry and no thank you in friendship. He asks will u be my frnd? Swara says yes. They both shake hands. Sanky and swara finish their office work together. Sanky says bade papa said us to go to Kolkata on a business trip. You have to come with me. After one week. He moves out of cabin after saying. Swara thinks about her mum. She thinks how can I leave mum alone?and wonders. She goes to her house. Parineeta is plucking flowers in her garden and says swara….. U r so sad wt happened? Swara tells about trip. Pari says I will take care of sumi aunty. Swara says I am going to Kolkata after 3 yrs. Kanhaji have to protect me from my family. Pari says hmm…. Then swara goes inside the house.

Ap waits for adarsh.adarsh and sanskar come back from office. Ap says I want adarsh to marry a girl of our choice. Will u do adarah? Adarsh says whom? Ap says her name is Priya. She is sooo beautiful and well mannered traditional girl. Adarsh says I want some time. Ap says OK. Sujata says wt about my bahu sanskar??? Sanskar says mommm…… Sujata laughs and says ur wish. Next morning swara goes to temple and says kanhaji cure my mom… Suddenly heavy wind blows and bells ring continuously. Swara goes to office. Sanky says we have to attend a meeting. Is the project ready? Swara says yes sir. Sanky says let’s go. Swara switch off her mobile. Pari goes to hospital to visit says she came out of coma and is continuously taking name of shona. Pari runs inside and sees sumi saying call my swara. Parineta says yes aunty and tries to contact swara. Swara’s mobile is switched off. Parineta says I will get swara at any cost and goes to her office. Meanwhile swara and sanky finish their meeting and come out. Swara checks her mobile and finds 20 missed calls of pari and fears what happened. Pari comes inside the office. Sanskar and adarsh talk about some work and swara stands beside sanskar. Pari goes to swara and says sumi aunty……. Swara says what happened to maa??? Is she alright? Pari says she came out of coma and want to meet you. Adarsh is not able to take off his eyes from pari. Swara’s eyes are filled with water and says after 3 yrs…… Sanky says I think you must go to see ur mom. Swara and pari go to hospital. Adarsh thinks about park and smiles. Sanky says wt happened? Adarsh says nothing. Sumi sees swara and says meri bacchi. Swara hugs sumi. Sumi says where is ragini? Where is shekhar? Swara says everything to sumi.
Precap: intro of ragini shekhar and other characters. Swasan moments pari Nd adarsh

Credit to: Zaara

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