annoyed-a shivika os


now this is also an os..seeing today’s episode..specially billuji..makes me sad..i feel so bad for anika..phass gyi bechari…bt the point is the character i used to be so proud of,my favorite character turned out to be so bad…one moment this,the next that..n i dont even wish to utter a single word abt tomm…ughh..only shivaay can stop this marriage or elsee we will see a typical forced hate marriage…………………
thats annoying…

shivaay came up wid the baddest lines for her…forgetting the help n the support she gave,forgetting everything,covering his feelings…n avoiding the truth omru were trying to show him….he behaved lika an a”ho””………
shi:the girl whose slippers are broken,she is a garbage..n blah blah….

just then he hears a voice n turns around just to see a pile of files fallen n anika standing there n her eyes reflecting her to be immensly she didnt utter a word..stoping ters from falling…she oicked up the files n went head asking..sorry sir,i hope i didnt disturb u…n without waiting for his reply she went inside n asked him to choose from various files what he wanted n what he didnt….n if he cant choose in an hour then this piece of garbage will choose by herself…saying so n giving him a murderous look,she said not even a word more n walked…but her chameli was broken so she got disbalanced n shivaay tried to grab her n support her…she took of his hand…n went bare foot leaving the chappal behind….

n seeing the chappal abt which he was talking abt n knowing the fact that she heard everything n then also she didnt say a word..made shivaay more guilty n more annoyed….
he felt irritated that his panika who used to never stop fighting with him went away,without saying a pierced him…bt then he thought why should it affect him n he went away with the files…he was standing there word less when omro too went away with a shameful eyes that told him he did wrong…

he didnt even see one file, he wasnt he wanted panika to reply so he went to anika…n said her that no designs r good n he said threwing the file at one corner…so anika without saying a word came with two more files n handed him..he was speechless n even more guiltier…

time passed like this…n shivaay could no longer looked like she was unaffected..why was she not saying a word..he knew he did wrong but aleast she should have said something silence was killing him so he came with a better idea n went with the next wo files n said they r also not good ebough! is this what we have kept u for ! no great ideas u have?r these the only designs which u can show..then maybe u should demand for less pay..n this tim he threw those two files on the floor….

still annika looked unaffected same expression was the thing he could get even after being so cruel..he was really done with the silence,he felt so bad……
now it was his guilt killing him deep inside

the next day…
everyone was busy preparing for billus marriage..his mom n shivaay couldnt see anika..he wondered where was she..after alot of searches and scanning he just went n asked daadi
daadi replied that anika has told n explained everything to everyone,she wont come now….so shivaay asked what abt her money to which daadi replied that she has done that work…n now since u r getting married she would never come…
ru added yes she would never come,she looked so upset yesterday,i hope she is fine…
n he vanished…..
the word never killed shivaay inside…will anika really never meet him?is that the end?

hrs passed bt each hr was troubling him more n more thinking of this…..the silence was the most powerful weapon anika was using….n this silence was leading himt o a very regretful,sorrowful stage..he told himself enough of tadhi…n he felt bad,really bad as the time passed ….to his utter surprise n most disturbing one was that instead of staying with him,his brothers n saumya n her sister were at anika’s house…..

bass….enough have he had…he took his car n reached anika’s house only to be welcomed with two bucket of the sweeping water…

n then he was welcomed with tomatoes by the brothers….bt he couldnt see anika anywhere..where was she he wondered? he sat there n finally asked them abt the same thing…
n before they could answer anika was back wih aalu,for her to make aalu pudi for all of them..she saw shivaay bt ignored him as if he didnt exist..this was also not left unnoticed by shivaay…then she came with aalu pudi plates for everyone bt didnt get one for shivaay…aree anika tum shivay bhaiya ke liye nahi laayi? pinku said pointing out towards which om replied..shivaay bhaiyaa aise bhi kahi ka nahi khaate specially of the people who r not of his class…n ruda continued shivaay bhaiya bhi hai kya… n anika reacted the same,expressionless face as if no1 was talking…

n this was enough for shivaay to get extremely guilty n annoyed n angry..he stood ,walked abruptly n held anikas fist tightly n didnt let her go… his surprise anika still didnt say anything..he came close..still she didnt..he came much more closed…bt she didnt say anything..there was only the silence of her n an audience looking at the very vulnerable yet romantic scene…now shivaay started his thing..u didnt come today?u think my wedding would happen without u?this is ur lack of consistency n linnient approach towards ur job..u said u r not well n here u r enjoying with everyone..u r ignoring me,not replying me n acting as if no1 is there in front of u still..he twisted her hand still she didnt say a word…this pissed him he said i know i was wrong bt why did u listen to it?why didnt u stop me?i know i shouldnt have siad that i m sorry..ohk?
now anika finally spoke up…firstly htis is not ur oberoi mansion where u r allowed to do anything where u can come up anytime any occasion or no ocassion..this is my house..n who m i to u huh?why r u wasting ur time on this sadak ka kachra..on this person for whom to talk u have to bent down which u cant n for this person who dosent have a class.surname or a good pair of chappal as well…shivaay SIR.. .. n what should i actually say when all u said had no answer from my side..i cant just say no u r wrong..i dont have a u know what i m happy all by myself without a surname atleast without a surname i dont have to make my life a bussiness deal like u did…i dont care of any1 n no1 ares about me..happy-happy….(the words pinched him badly bt they were better then the silence)
shivaay: see i m sorry ohk?
anika: do u think ur sorry will suddenly heal everything? will it take ur words back ,will it vanish my insult from ur side? if u think its so easy its not..even ur sorry is not worth it..n thats why i was not talking to u,it is simply wasting time n money..if i say it according to was a deal a deal is over…i have to never see u again n u also wont have to hurt ur eyes seeing this piece of garbage….
shivaay:listen..listen..(he siad giving him an eye to eye contact trying to make her calm)
anika: no i m not in amood to stay quiet now..enough of ur misbehaving..if ur mother had given u 4 thappad in ur childhod this would have never happened(everone chuckled at this)
i dont understand mr SSO at one moment ur so good to call me a family n at the next moment u say its my family one moment u drop me say tc n save my life indirectly looking like things r changed or u r getting oh no! mr.shivaay sing oberoi can never get better ,any better…n sir who r u to comment anything regarding my surname,my family or my anything,even chameli..(b4 she could utter a word )
shivaay:annika look her,he said cuping her face n looking in her tears flowed through her eyes…………
everone left bt shivaay stayed…

n this time anika told him evrything regarding the past..n shivaay felt miserable n sorry bt he knew his sorry wouldnt work n he needed to win her heart…
though phone had ringed varous times bt he didnt replied to any phone as he knew it would be of his whereabouts as he was getting he didnt want to..n he said n he felt that wedding could wait a few hrs bt this cannot…as he knew how much anika telling him something meant to him n told how much she trusted him he spent whole night hugging n pacifying her…………..

n the shaadi didnt happen…atleast not that day..n luckily he got the two approval…

PS : this was for the shanti of my aatma..m sorry if this was ridiculous n i bored u(cuz i actually feel it was bt i feel what shivaay has done is unforgettable..ugh so irritated from him thht i can kill him right now…bt m sure anika will) ..i ll post the next part of my personal ff tommorow

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  1. ImmatureBookworm

    Ahhhh now my soul shall rest in peace? i was literally dying to read an os of an aftermath situation after the precap and like an angel you delivered it. ?. Thank you so freaking much?for writing this?

  2. Superb Os Kashi…… u said right that only Shivaay can stop this marriage….. don’t know what will happen in today’s episode…. n upcoming episodes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Very nice episode

  4. Seeing the episode I actually wanted to personally hunt down that stupid singh oberoi and make his life hell for being such a prat.
    your os was great but I would have enjoyed a bigger conflict and pain for Shivay.
    any ways loved it, thanks for bringinh peace for my atma too

  5. Sorry yaar I am not able to understand because I did not watch yesterday’s epi but loved to see this new phase of sso

  6. Haha. Thanku….it delieverd peace to me as well.. BT i wanted longer regret bt then he had shaadi naa..

    If anima gets hurt like last time….i m planning to kill SSo…stupid person..khadoos. ..i mean how can u insult someone to bring ur feelings down..ugh… He needs to realise that he had been sold..n hurting her should give him biggest guilt….bt ty all ??

  7. Jazz1

    Thnx kashi di for writing this os. Actually after watching the precap and shivaay’s word for anika I got mad ? too and I also feel like killing shivaay. And for the os I loved it. And waiting for the next one

  8. Shaza

    Awesome OS ???….yea felt like killing Shiaveye when he called her garbage ….if I’d be instead of Aniak I would leave the job for sure ?……but I think Shiavey gonna apologize in the actual ep ….hope ShiTia don’t get married , waiting for today’s ep …..

  9. Aree they r all dressed for wedding…looks like a forced marriage of shivika will happen ….my dil toots ?????????????????????????????

  10. Very gd kashi…..its true….mr bagad billa cant be dis mean …..tht was sooo bad….he cnt tell such stuff abt annika….aur voh bhi sadak par kachra…..his ego has noo limits….she is d girl who helped him always…my cutiee piee annika

  11. Priyanka.N

    Nice…i wish it happen thz way in serial…bt our bad luck it wont happen

  12. M speechless yr after reading ur os ….i don’t know what should i say……

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