Announcement: You can create an account now!

We are glad to announce that now you can create an account on our website.

Here we highlight features of User Profile.

As a registered member:
-You can have your profile where you can post updates, add information about yourself.
-You can send private messages to other ‘registered’ users.
-You will get notified when someone posts a comment on your article, on your profile, sends you private message, or replies to one of your comments.
(You can find notification button on bottom right corner, as in picture below)
-No need to fill “Name” and “Email” fields when commenting. Just log in and comment.
-No need to fill “Name”, “Email”, “Captcha” when submitting an article.
-Set your custom profile picture easily.

In future:
-Ability to format your articles with different font size, colors, etc.
-Instant approval of submitted articles for qualified members.

As a guest:
-You can now easily find articles of a particular author on their profile by visiting their profile and going to “Posts” tab.

To create an account, please visit –

You can find login page link in top Menu Bar. If you are browsing site from a mobile device, then you will need to expand top Menu Bar by clicking on horizontal bars (as shown in picture below).


  1. Jwala

    i can’t register in it using my phone.. can anyone help me? how to fill that i’m nor ribot section?

  2. Anshu

    Plz can anyone tell how to fill a particular field bcoz when i completely fill all field then they ask for robating sectn

  3. Shagun

    I cant delete my account plz tell me why it is not deleting
    And plz tell me how to change username
    Plz cuz i have given my mum in place of username plz help me

  4. ragini

    Guys can anyone tell me how to register…i mean d procedure…i am totally confused…pls help me…..

    • AdiJo


      |Registered Member

      Follow the steps below..
      Step 1) Click on Register
      Step 2) Enter your username, email, password and confirm your password
      Step 3) Click on the check box, which indicated you are not a robot
      Step 4) Then confirm
      After confirmation go to your respective mail and you will be notified with a link saying to confirm your account in tellyupdates click on that link,
      after clicking it will redirect you to tellyupdates account..
      After creation of account, you can even add the profile pic, cover pic, which izz similar to Facebook…
      Hope you got it!!

  5. sreet

    hey plz tell me how should I register I filled all the things but they are asking about robot how should I conform yaar…I’m not able to click there there is nothing to click plz tell me how should I do click.where u gyz clicked

    • Deeksha

      Because tu will not be accepting ff for 1-2 days as it will be updating some cool effects to the site……

    • Deeksha


      |Registered Member

      Guys tu will not be accepting ff for 1-2 days so there will be no ff till then. Hoping that tu will start accepting fast

  6. sparkle

    i have completed robot one part but it is showing again and again that pls check the connection. should i do this from my laptop because i am trying from my mobile and i am not able to registered. this robot part is eating my brain.

  7. Shonali


    |Registered Member

    What’s the deal about “Membership Level Change”?
    Is it about being from a guest to a registered member or does it depend on the number of posts we have?
    Like in IF, newbie to groupbie and all that stuff?!

  8. |Registered Member

    Can anyone help me how to message to others as i cannot find anything to message . Pls help me in that.

  9. Bhavana


    |Registered Member

    plz i cant understand anything in tu i cant find any notifications n anything in activity n i cant find messages

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.