Hey guys..dis time, I’m here to present b4 u, d promo of my OS..I feel like releasing a trailer of a movie. lolz!! Anyways, here’s d promo
A huge cruise ship is shown. In d main hall, some party is going on..elite n classy.. A couple is standing in d middle, blowing d candles on d cake. On d cake, there’s a pic of d couple, wid together forever written on it. They cut d cake n feed d first bite to each other. They share a cute hug, n wish HAPPY MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY to each other. Everyone is so happy out there. Especially the couple.

The couple is..our very own..Devakshi. Mr Dev Dixit and Mrs Sonakshi Dev Dixit. It sounds soooo good na!!

Sonakshi is sitting wid Dev. Both r enjoying their dinner. Sonakshi is thinking about something. Dev asks her wat she is thinking about. She smiles n says, about their anniversary gift. Dev too smiles.

Dev and Sonakshi r moving towards their room, when they hear d captain of the ship talking to his team. He was looking really tensed n horrified. Dev and Sonakshi go closer n hear their conversation. They r shocked. Both look at each other n hold each other’s hand tightly..very they’re nvr gonna leave it.

To know more about d story, read ANNIVERSARY GIFT. Releasing this week, on your mobile phones/tablets/PCs/laptops. An Aarti Singhi OS.

So guys, dis is d promo of my upcoming OS. I hope u all will read it. N most of u must hv made a rough plot in your minds, after reading d promo. I will be waiting for your views on d OS..n d promo as well. Ab mehnat to ise likhne mein bhi krni padi h na!!

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  1. 4nshika

    I loved what you had in it…..But i don’t like OS…because if I liked it…I will not get to know what happened after that…obviously it is one shot….But looking forward for yours !

  2. Bhoomi

    Superb yaar… Lovelly… Egrly waiting ??

  3. Manya

    Superb Aarti post soon??

  4. Esme

    Good intro ….waiting for next ..

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