Hello every1!! So, 2day is d day, when ace director (mere writer) is gonna release (post) her much awaited (not really) blockbuster movie (one-shot)…. ANNIVERSARY GIFT.
U all must hv seen (read) d trailer (promo), n I hope u all liked it. So, after all my boasting, here comes d OS, in Hindi…


A big n lavish house, wid d name plate of Dixits’. D house, rather I shud say, bungalow, was beautifully decorated.. coz it was Raksha Bandhan. The festival n caring brothers n their sweet sisters. The scene then shifts to a room. The room itself, was as huge as a 2BHK flat. A king size bed, a couch, a television set, a big wardrobe, a dressing table n wat not..everything so beautiful n elegant. After all, d queen of dis room herself is so elegant. The scene shifts to d dressing table, a different part of d room, separated by curtains. A couple is standing in front of d mirror. The man is holding his lady, in his embrace, while she adores herself in d mirror. Actually, not herself, themselves..their togetherness..their love.
Lady: Dev, Neha wait kr rhi hogi. Aaj ke din bhi us se wait karwaenge!!
Dev: bas thodi der aur. Mujhe khud ko yakeen dilane do ki tum sirf meri ho, hamesha ke liye.
Sona: accha, to ek saal ho gya, phir bhi aapko yakeen nhi ho rha ki hamari shaadi ho gyi.
Dev: sach kahu, main roz khud ko isi tarah yakeen dilana chahta hoon, tumhe apne paas rakh kar.
S: bas kijiye Dev. Ab aap neeche chaliye. Neha se rakhi bandhwani h ya nhi?
D: accha baba, chalo.
So dis was our favorite couple, Devakshi. Both of them come down. They find Neha waiting for them.
N: kya bhai, aaj bhi mujhse wait karwaya!!

D: sorry. Main kya karoon, saari galti teri bhabhi ki h.
S: (wid a haww wala expression) Neha, tum bhi jaanti ho ki hum ki wajah se late hue honge.
N: wo to main jaanti hoon. Saari galti aap ki hi h. Ab aap itni khoobsurat h, to ismein bhai ki galti thodi h!! Bhai se to bas, control nhi hota.
This time Dev n Sonakshi, both give a haww wala look to Neha.
N: ab muh band kijiye, aur yahan baithiye.
She makes Dev sit on a chair. She puts tilak on Dev’s forehead n ties rakhi on his wrist. Dev promises to protect her always n gives her rakhi gift. Dev, Neha n Sonakshi click selfies. Actually, Dev joins them in only one pic, rest of d pics r of Neha n Sona. Dev n selfies.. no chance!!
The same day, evening, at dinner table
The Dixit family is enjoying their dinner. Neha asks Dev..
N: bhai, teen din baad, aapki aur bhabhi ki marriage anniversary h. Aapne kya plan kiya h??
S: rehne do Neha!! Tumhare bhaiya ko sirf meetings plan karna aata h. Surprises plan krna..inse nhi hoga.
D: theek h, to phir maine jo 4 days cruise trip plan ki h, wo cancel karwa deta hoon.
Sona n Neha: whatt!!
Dev smiles n says yes. Sona hugs Dev.

N: to aap dono kab jaa rhe h??
D: hum dono nhi..hum teeno..
N: thanx bhai..
S: to hum kab jaa rhe h??
D: parso subah..
N: tab to hamare paas bohot kam time h..chaliye bhabhi, abhi se preparations krni hongi.
Neha drags Sona along wid her n Dev looks at her wid a puppy face as he wanted to spend sometime wid her. Sona signals him bye n smiles. The next day passes in shopping, beauty parlor, n packing. Neha comes home but Sona does not come.
D: Neha, Sona kahan h??
N: bhai, bhabhi ne kaha ki wo koi important cheez kharidna bhul gyi, to Maine unhe ek shop pe drop kr dia.
D: kaunsi shop?? Aur ab wo ghar kaise aayegi??

N: wo bhabhi ne kaha..
S: ki main manage kar lungi. Aur maine manage kar liya.
D: to tum doosri kar mangva leti. Warna jo bhi kaam tha, baad mein kar leti.
S: Dev, mujhe bohot important kaam tha. Aur ab main aa gyi na, to tension mat lijiye.
Both of them go to their room. The next day, Dev, Neha n Sonakshi, along wid their invited friends, are on d cruise. The first day, enjoy a cocktail party n a DJ night. It’s 11:30, all d other guests r still partying, but our love birds, Dev and Sonakshi, hv escaped from everyone. Dev brings Sona to d terrace of d ship. They both stand near d railing, holding hands. Dev is wearing a black pant n a white shirt. Sona is wearing a blue dress. It’s 11:55.
D: Sona, pata h, maine bohot kuch socha tha..tumhe ye gift doonga..wo gift doonga..aise wish karoonga..waise wish karoonga..par ab aise lagta h jaise wo sab kuch kaam nhi ayega.
S: kyuki is waqt aap jo bhi keh rhe h, dil se keh rhe h. Kuch rata-rataya nhi h.
D: sirf 10 secs bache hain..
10 Dev smiles

9 Sona smiles
8 Dev keeps his one hand on Sona’s waist
7 Sona keeps her one hand on Dev’s shoulder
6 Dev pulls Sona close n puts his other hand behind her back n holds her very close.
5 Sona’s other hand goes behind Dev’s neck
4 Dev moves his face close to Sona’s face
3 Sona moves her face more close to Dev’s face
2 both join their foreheads
1 both share a KISS
Sona’s moves her fingers in Dev’s hair, while Dev too caresses Sona’s hair. It was a short kiss, but full of love n passion. After they break d kiss, d first thing they say is, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Both hug each other. After sometime, they go down in their room. Everyone else had also gone to their respective rooms.
Next morning, when they get ready n come out for breakfast, everyone wishes them. Neha, Dev n Sona hv breakfast together.
N: aap dono ne ek-doosre ko kya gift diya?
D: ab tak diya nhi h. Aaj shaam ki party mein doonga.
N: to aap kya dene wale ho?
S: wo to shaam ko hi pata chalega..
Somebody calls Neha.
N: bhai, mera breakfast to ho gya. Main chali hoon, bye.
D: bye.

Sonakshi is thinking abt sonething.
D: to Mrs Sonakshi Dev Dixit, tum kya soch rhi ho?
S: kuch nhi..
D: batao na..
S: main aapke gift ke baare soch rhi thi.
D: to matlab kuch bohot hi spcl h!?
S: isse zyada spcl, aapki life mein, aur kuch nhi hoga!!
D: ohh, aisi baat h kya!!
S: haan.
D: aisa kya de rhi ho??
S: wo to aapko shaam ko hi pata chalega.

D: ok, let’s see.
Sona smiles. Both finish their breakfast.
Same day, evening, party hall
D hall was decorated really very beautifully. After all, it was Dev n Sonakshi Dixit’s wedding anniversary celebration. Sona n Dev were standing at d center of d hall n all others surrounding them. In front of them, there was d cake, on which there was Devakshi’s pic n together forever was written on it. De n Sonakshi cut d cake n feed d first bite to each other n then to Neha. After dis, romantic music is played n everyone dances in couples. Dev n Sona r also dancing, when Sona tells him to come wid her. This time she takes her to d terrace, near d railing.
D: tum mujhe yahan kyu lai ho?
S: kal aap bhi to mujhe yahan lekar aye the.

D: to kya kal ki tarah, phir se kiss karna h!!
S: Dev..main aapko aapka gift dene ke liye yahan lekar aayi hoon.
D: oh no, main to Sona gift room mein hi bhool gya!! Main lekar aata hoon.
S: accha chhodiye, aapka gift bhi room mein hi de doongi.
Both of them were going towards their room. They saw d captain of the ship talking to his team. He was looking very tensed. They go closer to hear their conversation.
Capt: tum log samajh kyo nhi rhe ho, ship ke main valve mein gadbad ho gyi h, agar ye sab ko pata chal gya, to aur badi gadbad ho jayegi.
P: but sir, sab ko batana to padega hi na. Ship ko khali karna padega, warna sab mare jayenge.
Dev n Sonakshi hear dis n r taken aback. They go to d captain.
Capt: sir!!
D: aapko ye baat chhupani nhi chahiye.
Capt: sir,ye ek technical issue h, aap ismein interfere mat kijiye.
S: kaise interfere na karein. Ye sirf ek technical issue nhi h, itne logon ki zindagi ka sawaal h. Aur agar hum sab ko bata dete h, to sab hamare saath cooperate bhi karenge.
Capt: but mam, ye sab kaise hoga??
D: arey, aap humse kya pooch rhe h, aap ship k captain h. Aapko aisi situations ke liye prepared rehna chahiye.
After thinking for sometime..

Capt: sir, sabko lifeboats se evacuate kiya ja sakta h.
D: to phir soch kya rhe h!! Jaldi kijiye na.
D captain n his crew get to work. Dev n Sona inform everyone. At first, all panic, but then, Devakshi calm them. All gather at one place. First of all, children n ladies r sent. Dev asks Sona n Neha to go, but they refuse to leave him alone. Dev tries convincing them. Neha agrees, after a lot of convincing, but Sona is still adamant. Neha is sent in a lifeboat. Neha cries.
N: bhai, aaj aapne raksha bandhan par kiya har vaada poora kr diya.
Now only 20 ppl r left on d ship.
Capt: sir, ship ke saare lifeboats use ho chuke h. Hamare paas aur lifeboats nhi h.
D: kya. Aisi jaisi ship h aapki. Kam se kam ship ki accommodation evacuate ho sake, itni to lifeboats hongi chahiye na!!
S: Dev, plzz calm down!! Aur kuch nhi ho sakta, captain??

The captain does not say anything n looks down. Sona understands.
D: bahar se help mil sakti h??
Capt: sir, agar hum bahar se help lete bhi h to, usmein 12 ghante lag jayenge. Humein aur boats mangvane mein bohot time lag jayega.
D: aap phir bhi try kijiye. Main bhi kuch try krta hoon.
S: ab kuch nhi ho sakta Dev. Sab khatam ho jayega Dev.
Sonakshi starts crying n she sits down. Dev too sits down n hugs her.
D: kuch nhi hoga..kuch khatam nhi hoga. Sab kuch theek ho jayega.
S: nhi Dev. Ab kuch theek nhi hoga.
D: Sonakshi plzz. Don’t lose hope.
Sonakshi breaks d hug.
S: aapko pata h Dev, jab main aur Neha, aapke bachpan ke kapde suitcase mein dal kar store room mein rakh rhe the, humein dekh kar aapne kaha tha ki maa kehti thi ki wo aapke bacche ko bhi yahi kapde pehnayegi. Un kapdo ko pehenne wala aane wala h.
Dev looks at Sonakshi.

D: matlab..main..
Sona cries n nods in yes.
S: ye news thi aapka gift.
Dev hugs her again.
D: tumhe kab pata chala??
S: us din jab main aur Neha shopping ke liye gye the, aur maine kaha thi ki main koi important cheez kharidna bhul gyi thi, main doctor ke paas gyi thi.
Flashback starts
S: Dr, kya aaya h reports mein. Koi serious baat to nhi h na.
Dr: kuch serious nhi h, lekin kuch negligible bhi nhi h. Mrs Dixit, u’re pregnant.
Sonakshi’s tensed face turns into a rejoiced one. She was soo happy, dat she was going to become a mother.
S: sach doctor, main sach mein pregnant.. symptoms se mujhe doubt tha, but being a doctor, mujhe confirm karna tha. Thank u so much doctor.
Sonakshi leaves from there. She thinks of calling Dev, but then she thinks of breaking dis good news to him, on their marriage anniversary.
Flashback ends
Sonakshi is sitting besides Dev, her head on Dev’s chest n Dev’s arms wrapped around Sona.
S: main aapko aaj ke din itna bada surprise dena chahti thi..lekin life ne humein itna bada shock de diya.
Sonakshi cries again. Dev wipes his tears n cups Sona’s face.
D: shhh!! Bas, ab tum bilkul nhi rone wali. Ab to main kuch bhi kr ke humein..(he touches Sona’s tummy) aur hamare junior Dixit ko bachake rahoonga. I promise!!
Sona smiles a bit. Dev kisses her forehead. But he was also tensed, as how will he save his family..his wife n his unborn child.
Five years later
Neha is looking at a picture in her mobile. She’s in a car.
N: I miss u..I miss u a lot..
After sometime, Neha reaches Dixit house. Before she cud even ring d bell, some1 opens d door.
N: bhabhi!!

Yeah, it was Sona. Sona hugs Neha.
N: aapko pata h maine aapko kitna miss kiya!! Mera to aap logon ke bina man hi nhi lagta tha. Nan krta tha ki bhag aaun yahan.
D: lekin tera career bhi to important tha.
N: bhai!!
She hugs Dev. Suddenly, someone comes from behind.
someone: I’m d man in d house, meri permission ke bina ghar mein entry nhi milegi!!
N: ohh. So Mr Samarth Dixit, may I come in your house?
Sa: miss bhua Dixit, u’re already in!!

N: aww..I luv it when u call me bhua Dixit!!
So: look whoz talking abt permission!! Jiski khud ki dictionary mein permission naam ka word hi nhi h..jab dekho order marta rehta h!!
D: kyu lega ye permission. Dev Dixit ka beta h, order hi krega, permission nhi lega kisi ki..
Sa: mumna, permission lene ka nhi, dene ka!!
All laugh. Neha then engages herself in playing wid Sammy (Samarth). It’s a stress buster, not only 4 Neha, but 4 everyone. De n Sona watch them from a distance.
S: thank u Dev!!
D: thank u, kyu??
S: agar us din, aapne apne saare contacts, saari jaan-pechaan, saari taakat laga kar humein bachaya nhi aaj..
D:(interrupts) aisa soch hi kyu rhi ho. Na tab kuch hua tha, aur na kabhi kuch hoga!!
S: aaj hum sirf aapki wajah se itne khush hain..
D: nhi!! Tumhari wajah se aaj hum HUM hain. Tum nhi hoti to Samarth hamare saath kaise hota!? (smirks) waise, tumhe phir se thank u Boone ka man krta baar bhi tum mujhe hamari anniversary pe hi good news sunana..

S: (blushing) Dev!!
Both hug each other. Sammy n Neha too join them. The screen freezes on a small but happy family.
Dev – Shaheer Sheikh
Sonakshi – Erica Fernandez
Neha – Cheshta Bhagat
Samarth – ??
Guys, I don’t know d name of d kid, but I can imagine only one kid as Sammy, d kid in d nivea advertisement, who says, mumna aap mujhe chhod ke jaa rhe ho?? Aww, i love dat kid. But u guys can imagine any case kid as Sammy.

So, how was d OS guys?? I know ye bohot hi zyada lamba ho gya..main to bas likhti hi chali gyi..likhti hi chali gyi..agar kisiko Hindi se problem hui to plzz tell me, I’ll post it again, in English!!

Yeah, I’ll irritate u again.i know, itna bhi creative nhi tha, but, garib ki beti ki nanad ke bete ki diehard fan ko jhel lo!! D estimated forecast of my movie (OS) is 10 crores (comments).. bbye n don’t forget to comment!!

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  5. Sharica

    Awe…….. It was so beautiful, so cute.,i don’t have words what to say. And it was not at all long I was sad because it ended early. Please write a ff with Samarth Dixit as well. It will be very sweet of u if u do so. U wrote very good and it was unique. Love u Aaru??

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      Thanx for your appreciation. N someday or d other, junior Dixit will enter in my ff too!! If u wanna know when, then u’ll hv to read my ff – KRPKAB Devakshi ff.

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      Dis story was revolving in my mind from many days, but I thought to write after completing my ff. But then, I cud not I posted d promo n then d OS. Many other ideas r in my mind, but I’ll hv to control myself, or else, everything will become very clumsy n hoch-poch!!

    2. Aaru

      Hey, sorry, I forgot to say thank dumb of me!!

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      Woahhhh!! Tumhara itna bada comment padh k mujhe yakeen ho gya ki mujhmein bhi talent h..tysm for dat..

      1. Priya9876

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        You can write 60 pages in spite of 6…. Wo will be happy dear ????

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