Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 15

I know I’ve made you guys wait a lot.Especially,Sairan,so sorry….Sorry to the power of tiffany. Here’s my update.I had college plus I didn’t know where to lead the plot to,that’s why.Keep the love coming,waiting to read your comments.

Akira: Didi,I think it’s about time you tell me something about how you know Bhaiya or why you attacked him that way. I knew nothing of my sister till a few days ago. I now wish to know something of her life, atleast to the bare minimum, please.I am going to move in with you now. You promised me, remember?

Jhanvi : Akira dear,don’t you see Annika is very tired.She’ll tell you tomorrow for sure,or rather,I’ll tell you.But not now.And I think you should go back to the Oberoi Mansion.Daadi has looked after you for so many days,it’ll not be good ,she won’t feel good.
Akira: You are right,Aunty.May I ask you a question,are you my sister’s mother-in-law?If that is so,are you bhaiya’s mom?Sorry if I’m being intrusive, I thought I should ask you this..
Jhanvi : I am your sister’s mother-in-law,was,that is.Her Badi Mom-In- Law.Shivaay is Pinky’s son,Om,Rudra,,Prinku are my children.But Shivaay is my child too, nevertheless.
Akira: Oh god! Really??Jhanvi Aunty are you SSO’s mom? Oh god! But he’s so unnerving are you are warm,friendly,elegant,how?I thought, sons take after their moms, but it is a different case altogether.

Jhanvi : He’s a bit nerving of course, but he’s innocent too. The problem was that he had to bear the responsibility of the Empire’s business at a very young age. But he’s very responsible.
Akira: Maybe he’s fed up of it now.That’s why he doesn’t go to office at all now?I totally get it.
Jhanvi : Shivaay doesn’t go to office? That’s impossible. I’m sure he does. Shivaay not going to office is like…..
Annika :Crow not eating icecream?

Akira: Crows eat icecream,didi?I didn’t know that.
Annika : Oh you didn’t?Well it does,almost everyday,in my restaurant. Some people like to take in a bit of nature while they eat,so they sit with their food and icecreams in the corridor,a group of crows always roam there,since its full of trees and some people do throw their food at them.One girl left her choco bar there,open and came inside to get something,I was peeking through the window at that time,the crow pecked some of the icecream,gulped it,shook,moved few steps back and flew!
Akira: WOW, didi! Oh, Aunty, Bhaiya always goes to the office. It is SSO I’m talking about.
Annika :SSO is Shivaay,Akira..There is no other SSO.How can SSO not go to office while Shivaay does?
Akira: Oh didi, SSO,the same one ,not bhaiya, Strange Singh Oberoi,Omkara????Remember?
Then she bit her tongue.

You don’t bad mouth a son, in front of his mother,Akira,she thought.
She turned to Jhanvi with a smile.
Akira: Aunty, I’ve been there only for a few days, it is very possible that I don’t know about him very well. But Aunty, believe me he’s the best guy I’ve come across. She said genuinely.
Jhanvi : Who? Akira? Strange Singh Oberoi?Omkaara?
Akira grinned sheepishly.
Akira: Good night Aunty,Didi,See you tomorrow!

Akira felt a lot of questioning eyes all over her. She decided to evade all these questions and return back to her room.
Akira POV:

I have to get to the bottom of all this. Why was my didi so rude to Bhaiya? I knew Bhaiya was a good person since I had seen him all these days and my sister, as much as I had known her and maybe because of being related by blood couldn’t bring myself to think she would not be justified in behaving so with bhaiya.There were two options.Either I could ask Om about it.He would never lie, but I felt after talking to him,I would be more biased towards bhaiya’s side. If I asked didi,I didn’t know how much of she would say would be the ABSOLUTE truth. One thing is for certain, these both for one, haven’t got over each other.That bought me to the only other alternative.
Akira: Didi, Do you believe me to be your sister?

Annika Chutki ,for your kind attention,you know what time it is?Does anyone stay awake till this time of the night?
It is not good,especially when you have a job to do.
Akira: Didi, Answer???

Annika :Of course,Chutki, what did I do that you had to ask this very obvious question to me,at this hour ?
Akira: Didi, please come here.See,I have been without you for the past so many years. It’s impossible to stay away from your loved one whom you have not been with for so many years. It’s getting to me. Please come here. We’ll live in the outhouse or the staff quarters, I’ll pay your share of the rent too,but please come here.
Annika :Chutki ,are you mad? Do you think I don’t have the money to pay my rent? I understand your emotions too, but there are reasons me and badi maa don’t live there anymore. We can’t come there and stay.That home is home to all our bad memories as much as it is to our good memories.

There was no other way left. I knew all this. For what I didn’t know, I had to use my trick for forcing at least a part of the truth out. I hated myself for doing this.
Akira: No, not at all, that is not your problem. You want to keep yourself in this self-pity bubble of yours,you don’t want to support me,you don’t love me at all. You don’t even think of me as your sister. You think I managed to uncover our flashback by pure coincidence. The reason you are still putting this wall between you and me is not because of your sad past, it is because of your suspicion, that I am in fact not your sister,but someone sent by the Oberois to bring you back here!
Annika lost her temper. She managed to say, voice quivering, shaking violently.
Annika :That is not how I want you to see it. Me and Badi maa,truly have problems coming there, because of valid reasons. The man who has mistreated, insulted my self-respect dignity, the most, lives there. The man who wanted to get rid of Badi maa the most lives there. Whatever be their changed feelings or the appearance of them,we don’t want to return back,though we know few wonderful people await us there.I am hurt by what you just said now to me,Akira. Good Night!(Hangs up)

Sorry Didi,Akira muttered to herself. Details were emerging.Now tiny lights of certainity,flickered across her mind.She could not help praise the person who found this wonderful trick. All a lawyer had to do was to get the truth out of them by saying things worse than what the actual truth was to get the person to confess.
Presently,she felt a pair of footsteps descend across the room.

And none other than OSO!
Om: Akira, I know that you are a very good lawyer,you like getting into the centre of things,but with bhaiya and Bhabhi it’s a very sensitive issue.I know that perhaps you will want to support your sister,but this way no way to get the truth out. Long story short, don’t interfere or make your presence felt in this matter. They must sort it out by themselves. Your getting into this will polarize this argument.
Akira: For one thing,Om,I don’t like being told what to do and when until,it is from the people I value,love and trust.Second,it is very bad to eavesdrop into my conversation.If you do this again,I’ll tell Daadi.Three,I don’t like being ignorant of what is happening in my only sister’s life or seeing it stuck in a stalemate.For that I’ll have to bring her here to see where this goes or help her end this relation.
Om: Don’t you think you are deciding for her?You are her sister but that, by no means justifies entering her married life. Ending their relation?Do you know what that means? Have you even seen their journey? How long they have come together? Rudra and I have seen all that they have overcome and that’s why we know they will never be happy without each other.

Akira: All I know, is,I shall support her no matter what. I’m sure she would not behave so with your brother until he has done something wrong. You are supporting your brother though he’s wrong, Om. I’m supporting my sister, who is right.Its better you not talk about my stand in this matter. This “they will never be happy without each other” is very overwhelming , Om,but I have never seen it happen.

Om: That’s because, you are a misandrist till now and have only seen broken relationships.I have also been through all that you have been, but doing what you are about to do is wrong.Good Night,I don’t think you want to listen to me anymore.
Akira: You are absolutely right, the door’s that way. Good Night, I hope after your sleep, you come back to your senses.

What does he think I am? His girlfriend to “Yes Baby,Yes baby” everything?
But how had he known what she had done was just an act.
Thinking about him invoked a certain curiosity,some irritation,some anger and some wonder in her.
So she decided to do what she did best when she would overthink.
She wrapped the blanket over her and slept.

Annika tossed and turned about in the bed.
She couldn’t believe what her sister had just accused her of.
But then ,she had been away from her for such a long time.Saahil,who had returned back to the boarding school just a few days back,was missing her a lot,Akira,surely,would want her company more.
Tomorrow, she had to go there again.

She had to get the Oberoi Mansion and its residents out of their lives.
She wasn’t quite sure about what she was helping Badi maa to do. Was it right? Or was she in a way, distancing her from her family?
I have to get the idea of me returning to the Oberoi Mansion out of my sister’s head, she thought.
I thought of a solution.
God had his plans too.

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