Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 3

Third and going strong. Thank you for all the comments, lovely people!!!Silent readers, if you feel at least once that this is worth your time, that’s success. Let’s start.And I’d rather have Karishma Sharma opposite Om than Shrenu Parikh.She’s beautiful but their Jodi isn’t complementing.
Nafisa …Dear: Tada…..
Epsiode 1:Episode 1

Tej: I have an announcement to make, everyone. Please listen to me atleast now.
Omkara( In mind): This man is seriously out of his mind. Doesn’t he know that none of us is interested.Some deal must have been cracked.
Shivaay: (The ever interested) Please tell, Bade papa. All my energies are on you.
Rudra: Energies??Bhaiya??? Seriously,universe ne tia ko kyun nahi jalaya.Uski spirituality ki kitano Oberoi Mansion me phel chuke hain.(Why didn’t the Universe burn Tia?The germs of her spirituality have spread everywhere in the Oberoi Mansion)
Tej: As all of you know, we have holdings in Hotels, Airlines,Steel,Real estate…
Rudra: Papa are you a Salesman or Vice President of his company?
Tej: Shut up ,Rudra. This time the turnover has doubled again,thanks to Shivaay.
Pinky and Shivaay nearly choked on their food.

Pinky: Jethji, You have no high temperatures, no? Your speech sounds so abnormals..
Tej: No pinky, I’m absolutely normal.And that is Abnormal not Abnormals.Your English is becoming Wow nowadays.When we think of something right, we must do it as soon as possible.Otherwise, no one can predict when you’ll end up with a blo*dy nose.
(Everyone choked on their food.)
Shivaay P.O.V: I could see where this was going. In the past two months, the same sentence had been uttered two times and two branches of the Empire transferred to me.I couldn’t bear another one.No, the stress was getting to much.I wanted to spend some time with my family, my brothers and be with them before I realise it may be too late.I didn’t want any person close to me to leave me again or rather,be forced to leave.
Tej: Shakti will now look after the Airline wing of the company. This is to you, Shakti. (Raising a glass of water in the air).
ShiOmRuPri: Dil Bole,Oberoi!

Shakti: But brother.
Tej: (menancingly) Don’t you dare ask me any question!
Shakti( Shocked) ; Yes Brother.
Tej(Breaking into fits of laughter)…Shakti you scaredy cat! All it takes is a gust of air to scare you.
Shakti: But brother, you are a tornado!
All laugh. Shivaay looks at everyone and smiles. Annika’s smile flashes before his mind.The small smile fades back into oblivion. Instead the Carrot halwa on the corner of the plate gets caressed and finally,eaten.
Annika caressed the page of the musty , threatening book containing her all-time favourite Carrot Halwa. Immediately,her all time favourite chef appeared in front of her.

Then the photos came from the book,
the words, b*****y people remain B****y
flashed across. She hurriedly placed the book down.Today, of all days, she didn’t want to get those memories back. Calming herself, focussing again she picked up the book to make some great gourmet food.

Oberoi Mansion:
Shivaay P.O.V :I knew exactly why this was coming.Exactly why,Bade papa was giving this to dad.The past few days, he had been asking many questions to dad about this Branch and my ever responsible dad gave more than responsible replies with astute business acumen. The look Bade papa gave him made this possibility flash for a fraction of a second.I knew why this particular wing was being given to Papa.The Airline business had been started jointly by Bade Papa and Badi maa.Bade papa stepped on her career to make his.He realised that he didn’t want to be reminded of his failure anymore. He had realised that branch wouldn’t be the sam to him without the cause behind it anymore.You should never push you loved ones away, once they will never come back said some love struck guy,(I suppose.) Ours never did , till now. After that one fateful day, Jhanvi Tej Singh Oberoi had never come back.
But the divorce papers had.

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