Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 27

Hello everyone…Long time,no see…..I hope you all missed me.I’m very sorry for not updating earlier.I had my internal exams coming up and so preparation..preparation..preparation it was…I missed you all and hope you are not angry with me.Another important thing.People who write fanfictions in this forum,please put a sentence in the end that it is your copyright because I have seen many websites plagiarising our work. Let’s start.!I hope you love this!
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Recap:Annika’s and Jhanvi’s entry into the Oberoi Mansion.Shail being the uninvited guest that she is, does a lot of desi drama before she’s dragged out by her sister-in-law.Neerja reminisces her past. Akira meanwhile ,decides to give Shail a khidkitod reply!
5 days later…..
Shivaay reached his haven, the kitchen like Tom Cruise on a Top Gun mission, silently and almost crept towards the fridge. Before opening it though, he muttered a small prayer about something being empty. One eye tightly shut, he peeked into the fridge, hoping against hope only to see the food intact. His handsome face now had a frown-a mixture of anger and despair .He had had enough.

10:00PM,The Girls’ ‘Adda’in the Oberoi Mansion.
As Annika stared at the mirror, she knew it was not the emotional ,vulnerable haunted by the past who stared back at her.No,this version had tired but determined eyes, dark circles beneath the eyes, an elegant salwar and a handbag too large to be called a handbag. And Annika was proud of what she had become, what she had overcome. Then her stomach growled. She decided to change her clothes and then unwillingly made her way to the kitchen, half praying for him to not be there.
Thankfully he wasn’t.
Eating food now wasn’t a choice. She scolded herself for not eating something at Sitara.As she opened the fridge, she saw a plate filled with food.
Indian with a tinge of continental .Spicy.Shivaay.He mind made a quick analogy.
She looked at it with desire but then closed her eyes and stopped. She drank a lot of water and pestering herself to eat some fruit, she walked but somehow tears made a presence. And the next moment, two hands came to the fore, one to her mouth and the other towards her waist, forcing her to walk in the direction of her captor.
Shivaay and Annika’s Room:
Much as she didn’t want to, a wave of relief washed all over her face when she saw who it was.
“What will you get by doing this?”
“Doing what?”
“Starving yourself to death!”
“I wasn’t starving myself to death! If that was the case, why will I be in the kitchen?”
Her stomach growled again.
“I didn’t HEAR that!”
“I don’t care even if you do!”
“I’ve finally had enough!”, he said and like the good old days took her bony hand back, held it there.
“All this is so blo*dy irritating, Annika! I wait everyday near this window, just to get a glimpse of you before I get to work. But you don’t come out of your room. And one day when I desperately eat slowly so that I can see you in the dining hall, you come to Daadi after wishing everyone “Good morning!” and say that you need to rush. I make food in the evening, your favourite; most of the time, hoping against hope that you will eat it.But no, you tell Daadi that you tested a new recipe and so had to eat that. I keep it in the fridge so that that ‘tadi’ of yours, satisfies itself and eat it silently but you, cry and go on without the food rather than eating it! Why the hell are you hurting me so much, Annika?”
She gulped. So she was right. It was all for her. She remained silent, however.
“Answer me dammit!”, he said, slightly more irritated.
More silence.
“Fight with me, dammit.Don’t stay silent! Don’t stay subdued! Answer back! Aren’t you Annika? The same girl who could say the ugly truth to my face without fear? The one that I desperately loved, obsessively fell for? Talk to me, please? Say something?”, the voice underwent transformation from a scream to a soft pleading.
More pain was to come as he saw that her eyes still retained the steely composure.
His voice finally cracked.
“You do realise that we only have 6 months to save our relation? I am trying my best but you are not doing anything, just letting it go. I won’t be able to say sorry if you don’t allow me to! ”he said voice choked with emotion.
Steely composure became softer.
“Let me try to understand what you just said to me.You think by making food for me every day, you are actually trying.. Wait…Doing your part to save our relation? Did you trade your brains for money in one of your business deals?”, she remarked sarcastically.
“Nope.I made food for you because I like it when you eat it.I like it more when you love it.I thought to first make conversation, then we address the elephant in the room. That’s what I wanted to do!”, he disclosed.
With the only part that she understood in the second sentence, Annika looked around curiously ,with no results.
“What are you looking for?”,he asked ,equally curious.
“The Elephant”,she replied loudly, her eyes still scanning the room.
“The..What?”,he asked surprised.
“Did you sell your memory also, or what? You just told me there’s an elephant in the room. I’m looking for it.”,she said matter of factly.

The next moment Annika was shocked out of her wits when she heard a loud guffaw. He laughed continuously, first closing his mouth ,then finally, with hands on his hips, he looked at Annika, mirth all over his face.
And involuntarily, despite herself, Annika smiled back at him.
Shivaay POV
God! How much I had missed this! How much I love these moments we have! I just wish I never forget these things no matter how old we get. This is just a passing phase. I know we will get back together. Because she’s my home. Where I can be myself. My true self. Without fear or inhibition. I looked at the face then, at the features in her face. My self, crowded with longing, I stared in awe, stalkerish almost-at my own wife.
“Addressing the elephant in the room, means addressing the problem at hand. If the elephant is the room, you have to think how to send it out soon, right?”, he explained.
“Oh!”, she said.
“Logic! Huh? ”he said, pointing his finger towards his forehead.
“This is my dialogue!”, she exclaimed.
“I know!”,he smiled.
“But you know. Our elephant is going to stay in this room. Because I seriously don’t want to do anything.Mujhe ab koi fark nahi padta,Shivaay!”,she said dryly.
“Don’t fark-nahi padta,me Annika. I have done a few mistakes..hell..a lot of mistakes. Not trusted you when I had to .But Annika, see it from my viewpoint. You know I can’t tolerate anything against family. So when I thought you were doing that, I said all that…Did all that…I just want you to try…Try forgiving me..”,he said.
Annika interrupted him.“ I swear I stopped hearing after ‘my viewpoint,’ Mr Oberoi.Let me tell you what my viewpoint is.You,Mr Oberoi,are a shallow headed,hard hearted,arrogant person,who loves your family with all your heart, somehow and can’t trust one minx of a person beyond that. Even if that person has given her honour, her life ,her time in saving you from your stunts, enemies and even people disguising as family….”
“Annika…”,he trailed off.
“It’s considered bad manners among people of your lineage to interrupt when a person’s talking!” she said.
“And then one maniac, mad cap person, who’s your childhood friend drops in from somewhere. And lo! Lineage meets Lineage. Bloodline meets bloodline. They are so very thick friends that very likely their first conversation would have been ‘Hello,I so…belonging to so and so…lineage. Nice meeting you…from so and so..lineage’.That stupid, creepy guy gets obsessed with that unfortunate girl,who,unfortunately thinks that she actually shares some sort of an unnamed relationship with you.Not solid..But something..somehow…She thinks you are her succour in her times of need.Then she hears herself being labelled obsessed,gold digger,roadside trash and what not.And that stupid,stupid girl,that she is…cries that you still think of her like that.Meanwhile,Mr.Psycho becomes really close,seemingly honest about his feelings,the girl with a slight assurance that everything maybe all right,agrees to marry him”
Her voice sounded pained and he took strides towards her her,tears glistening their eyes while she held a hand,indicating that he remain away.

“Mr Psycho,being the 2 rs man that he already is,somehow manges to put into your head that the girl slept with him.That too ..for 15 lakhs.And you,who always is illogical and requires proof whenever it comes to that girl,believe him without any cross checking and using your damn logical mind that how, this girl, who did so much for him,all these months, could suddenly do something paltry as a pretense and prepone your marriage.You speak whatever you can of her self respect,dignity,but still she stays..”,she softly sobbed.
“Your fiancé runs away with her husband. You force that unfortunate girl to marry you,because,you know,one who has no self respect will not bother about one more hurt.You treat her like she’s the lowliest criminal on the planet,your whole family does..Because a girl wthout khoon,khandaan,is used to such things.Insults are part and parcel of her life.Dignity,respect are a luxury. The Psycho returns back, he kidnaps her.Somehow you get to know the one night stand was a lie and you apologise to that girl.And that stupid,stupid girl,because she has no freaking idea what true love actually is ,forgives you,thinking all will be well,finally.She trusts you even when logic,science doesn’t and helps you expose…”
She wiped her tears furiously.
“Annika, please stop now. You are already crying.Please…”,he pleaded.
She sniffed. “But then, maybe a far corner of your mind reminds you of khoon,khandaan and what if,unfortunately,she asks for her right as a wife.Stocks may come crashing down. That unfortunate girl has to get out of their lives.And again,with your illogical mind, you called her blo*dy, you found some stupid reason to insult her.And that stupid girl,she fell on the floor,crying,pleading.But no!Then she walked out. Insulted yet again,spurned yet again,stripped of honour,yet again.”,she cried helplessly,babbling incoherently.
And that time, he lunged forward, full of feeling, he kissed her on the forehead. And they stood like that, while their tears ,emotions all merger together. He then bent down, to look at her eyes, filled with tears, again. He again,kissed her eyes and then her lips, as if trying to draw some pain from her ,but nothing came, only violent shaking of her soft body against him. That hurt. She suddenly jerked him away, aware of the proximity, shaking her head sideways. He moved away.
“If it was possible, I would go back in time and erase you and our first meeting from it!I really regret everything,you…”,she composed herself and walked out,furiously wiping her tears.
He stared at the retreating figure for some time, then at the picture of her near the bed.
“And if it was possible,I would go back and change the brainless idiot who was Shivaay Singh Oberoi 8 months ago!”,he said,as he let the tears flow.

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    Love love love ❤️
    Awesome.. the way u expressed their feelings were stupendous!!
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  9. It is awesome dii… Anika shivaay confrontation is nice…. Waiting for the next update please… Is bar jaldi update krna….

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    Well done Ms. Writer:)

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    Anika’s pain could be felt & Shivaay’s reaction to it…..
    Everything was written fabulously….the emotions amazing….
    waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

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    wow! what did you eat before writing this? i think the show producers, writers and directors should have had that before turning Ishqbaaz into the weird khichdi it is right now! i had so wanted to see this anika-outburst, but all of those angst-dreams were washed away with the useless and illogical twists. thank you so much for this, shubhadra! loved it to the bits! favourite moment, however, is the elephant part! that’s so anika! and shivaay’s reaction brought a wide stupid grin on my face! i absolutely love shivaay’s (original) character because he’s really simple yet complicated at the same time. and that’s exactly how you portray him. his last comment, “And if it was possible,I would go back and change the brainless idiot who was Shivaay Singh Oberoi 8 months ago!” it just made my heart swell…
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