Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 17

After a strenuous long week, I’m back again. I’m sorry to have missed all the wonderful fanfictions out there. The Serendipity, Lucky series,A New Life,LBTC,TPHBAN, authors, you guys rock. You are the inspiration, the force behind the thought to make this fanfiction even better!!

Helping people is something that has always made me proud .Over the years, I realised that helping them without expecting anything in return was a bigger virtue. Now after m bitter experience, I realised one more thing. The biggest virtue of all is to help the right, deserving person. Helping a person who does not deserve it, only to realise that they cruelly throw you out only hampers your self-confidence, your self-respect and for many days, you are left wondering what actually happened. It would seem a long time before you bounce back normally again. I was not going to let that happen again.

The week Shivaay decided to marry Tia.
Annika: Om ,I need to talk to you.
Om: Tell me Bhabhi!
Annika: Om, I need your help and that too, urgently, give me the details of Shivaay’s legal team, especially people who have experience drafting pre-nuptial, divorce, child custody issues. Plus, I need your DNA sample too. I need the contact details ofobstericians who are renowned but not known to the Oberoi Family. I know the work I’m giving you is a handful but trust me, this is all for our family. And I know this is not the right time too, Om, but please understand there’s a big reason behind it.
Om: Bhabhi, it’s okay. You don’t have to ask twice. Please don’t be so formal. I know you feel guilty asking me all this, but don’t feel so .I know whatever you do will be in the interests of this family. I am not weak; I’m my mom’s, Shivaay’s strength. You will get all the information you need. I understand this is confidential?

Annika: Yes, even Shivaay should not know about this.
Annika then personally went to meet Mr. Srivastava, who had experience in precisely the matters she wanted to be addressed. She asked him to draft a document which could be stashed into Tia’s medical reports for her to sign.
When the Obstetrician was finalised, she obtained the templates of the doctor’s prescriptions and consent forms, which was easily done, since the hospital had several other departments, and only recently ,a political leader’s medical bulletin had been made public.
The document stated that Tia had no objection towards another DNA test, stating that the previous ones were null and void, that she fully understood that any medical test was to provide the unborn baby credibility in the future, in case the baby’s father was found to be Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s. Om’s DNA sample was easily obtained.She now turned to Devar number two.
Annika: Rudra?
Rudra: Yes Bhabhi, tell me.(Annika tells him)
Rudra: No way,Bhabhi.I feel mich michi going near that Lady Baba.And you want me to bring you a DNA sample? Nonsense!
Annika: Rudra,please!Please…
Rudra: You are all taking advantage of my weakness, this is not fair.

Rudra: Hi, Lady Baba!
Tia: What now, Rudra?
Rudra: Actually, you know,I’ve understood that I’ve been disrespectful to you all this while I could’ve easily understood,managed,accepted your faults. Everyone has their faults, no? This is what I failed to recognize. I thought Annika didi was not like you, so I always supported her. It’s not that I am jumping to your side suddenly, but then if Shivaay bhaiya loved you enough to give you this baby, who am I to go against him?
I am after all the chacha of this baby and I don’t want to be in bad terms with him/her, before they are born.So,I’ve gone out of my way to find this ancient spiritual practice from Tirupati,almost like Reiki, which is cutting a bit of your hair and offering to the Lord. You know, the practice is so ancient and potent that if the person donating hair wishes for something, it happens. It can even bring dead people back to life and enrich the life of a foetus waiting to be born! You know even Savithri used it to bring her husband back to life!
Tia’s eyes lit up with a new found hope and she permitted Rudra to take a part of her hair. Rudra told her that he would take only a few strands but from the roots. Work done, Rudra left the room. He saw Annika in her room and proceeded to carefully give her the hair samples.
Rudra: The Rudra who turned away girls with the best body and hair, now has to cut the hair of the girl who threatens to make bhaiya “paraya dhan”!You have made me transform from Lady Killer to Lady Baba Barber. Am I living after seeing such piteous situation?
Annika: Rudra, all for your kiske hue bhaiya! By the way, how did you manage to cook up a story?
Rudra: Dadi’s mythological childhood stories and Rockstar Rudy’s super intelligence!!!
Annika smiled a wide smile at him.
Rudra: No,no,don’t give me such a wide smile.I’m not doing any other dirty work today…No.No..bhabhi!
Annika only smiled wider in response.

Om’s Room:
Om was busy setting up a camera in his room.
Servant: Mr.Oberoi’s Sample,please.
Om handed him the sample. Let the camera work for a few minutes. He had to do it for few more days providing occasional room footage.
And in the next half an hour Rudra found himself going to the obstetrician to hand in the samples.
What he didn’t find was a pair of eyes staring at him in the hospital both in person and a machine.
Swetlana was suspicious of Rudra’s overnight good behaviour and found the reason soon enough. She went in ,threatened the Doctor to make the sample come out positive and walked out.
Om meanwhile, calmed the shaken doctor, provided his family protection and asked him to accept that he had cctv cameras installed in his cabin, in case investigation came up.
The final nail in the coffin would be the positive report coming in today,thought Annika gleefully.
She was talking to another proof she had unearthed about Tia from Rudy.
Shivaay, meanwhile had heard her. She was amazed at how, the man trusted her words alone to know that Dushyant was Tia’s husband but had not trusted her regarding her perspective towards his family!
After Annika left, Shivaay was still in a fit of rage when Rudra and Om came rushing in, calling for Annika.Pinky in her most filthiest language had berated Annika and explained the whole situation to them,they were standing, mouth wide in shock.In a voice of shock,rage and complete regret,they explained all that had happened,supported by an equally shocked,Srivastava.Daadi wailed loudly while Pinky and other stood in a state of shock.
Shivaay was so full of shock that he kept on staring into nothingness for a long time. His mind dutifully flashed back all the memories of his insulting Annika. His heart, unable to bear the stress, caused him to lapse into breathlessness and all he manged to stutter was,What have I done? Shivaay Singh Oberoi however came to the fore and Annika’s husband along with him prevailed.Shivaay lost no time in filing the case,geeting the lawyer.The case was water tight,the lawyer’s themselves praised Annika’s acumen and justice,was served in the most twisted way.Swetlana,Tia were slapped blackmailing charges,cheating and were destroyed by SSO in a way they could not bounce back again.
The Shivaay who returned home that day was different.

It was not Shivaay the Protector, but Shivaay the Destroyer. Whatever deals came his way,Shivaay would ruthlessly pursue them ,day and night,till it was done and with no relaxation,would jump to the next one.He ensured that if the Oberoi’s stocks even fell by a per cent,many other companies incurred heavy losses.Everyone was terrified of this new Shivaay.
Pinky had lost all her marbles.Om and Rudra decided that something had to be done.They tried taking him to Psychologists,counsellers,even to parties!
Nothing worked,and behind the ruthless Shivaay was the pining lover,who yearned for his wife right after business of the day was over. OmRu moved back to Shivaay’s room but on most days they found his place on the bed empty and him sitting near the pool,laughing sometimes,staring sometimes,crying most of the time.
Om and Rudra after a lot of confrontation, counselling ,threatening and tantrums made Shivaay feel guilty for being selfish ,as after Annika had gone, he had forgotten that just like he cared for her,there were people who cared for him, too. Shivaay was taken aback and partly fearing that no one else should leave him hereon, tried limping back to normal.
Shivaay: You remember what you told me once,Om?
Om: What Shivaay?
Shivaay: That when I would fall in love,I would come crying to you?
Om: Yes…
Shivaay: Well,that time is now.
He broke into copious tears.
OmRu felt bitter at their own selfishness but then it would be their selfish love that would heal their brother,they decided.

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  1. Nice one dear….. Keep it up…. Rudra’s antics is hilarious…. Plz update soon ASAP.

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      I’ll make it longer next time… College is hectic,I can post only on weekends.. Please bear with me ???

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      Thank you Sairan!!See,this is the flashback. In my FF, Annika’s memory loss is known to Rudy and om… They help her.Also Annika gets the proof that Dushyant is Tia’s husband. I’m implying that she has already told the second fact to Shivaay..Only to him… He sends Annika out without knowing the entire truth…

      1. Sairan

        Ohh okayyy..Got it..Great mix of past and present..

  7. Diyaa

    I loved it!! Rudra’s dialogues were so awesome ?And the fact that he entered the room calling Tia “lady baba” right to her face. That was hilarious ? The Tirupati story??. That was really amazingly written. The revelation of truth to Shivaay and what followed was very exciting. Really nice update. Looking forward to the next one ?

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Diya Didi…As for Tirupati,Daadi keeps on disappearing in the serial to Tirupati.. Even pinky went there..So it’s only fair that Rudra went there too!!??????

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  9. This was lovely .!!! Rudra was the best. But I just didn’t understand that how this and previous part are in the previous one you stated that she was pretending that she lost her did this all happen before Shivaay threw her out ??

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Mansi!! Actually Annika had a two part plan-One to expose Tia’s past.. The other to send Tilana out.. This is the second part…??

  10. Samm

    thanks dear for mentioning my ff as source of your inspiration. i’m so honored and overwhelmed. 🙂 i loved rudy’s antics! his dialogues were the best! the twists in the revelation were awesome! shivaay’s change after anika was so heartfelt. and omru’s support for their brother was amazing to read. waiting for the next one 🙂

    1. Shubhadra

      Truly your ffs are the reason why I focus on what to write without making it too dramatic… ?? Thank you so much for the compliments ????

  11. Awesome epi….waiting for next…

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    N the update was awsm sis….
    Can’t wait to read more….
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