Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 16

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“Yes,Tia is almost exposed.I found that her husband ,Dushyant is none other than Robin.How low can that cheapdi fall to?Calling her husband as her brother?Truly I have never seen anyone as low.To be true,your idea of a memory loss is dhinchak. I could bother Shivaay a bit too. SSO spends more time with me now than he did earlier..(A light chuckle)All I care about now is to send her out of our lives.Nothing or noone can come in between. I am very glad that I have your support.Believe me,whatever others say about you, you are really smart!!You actually have the solution than Shivaay who keeps on saying I’ll make things alright,a million times. Ok,I have to go. It’ll not be good if someone eavesdrops on us right now.”

Anger filled his being.
This was not what he had expected. To make a mockery of his love, his care was one thing and to reach the heights of selfishness was another.He had told her,countless times and she had pretended to have the knowledge of it too.That nothing was above family for him.When his family was in the midst of so much stress,all she could think of was how to send Tia away from their lives so that she could get his total attention.Flashes of Omkara’s morphing,Tej Singh Oberoi’s callousness towards his wife, his trying to get engaged with Swetlana,the Oberoi Siblings group hug,how Omkara had himself got engaged to Swetlana,his going away to Bareily for the 100 crore he owed her,all flashed before his mind.

“I have heard that girls always come in between brothers.I want no one between me and Omru,not even you”
“That is the best thing about you.Your concern is for everyone but love ,only for Omru”
She had pretended to understand his attachment with his brothers. She was actually obsessed with him. She had turned out to be like all the low class people he had been accustomed to early in his life.He was right after all,at the end of the day.
Him being right gave him a new found zeal,arrogance and fuelled his anger.

The middle class, roadside trash turned his way,her beautiful eyes full of surprise.
Damn,I hate myself for having something towards her.
“Finally,you have shown your true colours.You middle class people, filth heads, blo*dy people, I knew that a good upbringing only comes from a good family. And a good family is one which is a legacy,dynasty,whose one basis is a surname.I knew it long ago, Daadi, didn’t I tell you that a surname is an identity of one’s character.This girl is so low,she has even proven you wrong. With no surname, we gave her so much respect all these days and you know what she was trying to do? She didn’t mind that even us brothers were going to be separated ,all she wanted was to get Tia out of her lives. (Daadi tries to stop him)No one can stop me, Daadi, this woman didn’t bother that my family was going to break, I heard her talk on the phone just now.”

The authoritative voice of Shivaay Singh Oberoi had bought the entire family there.
“Didn’t I tell you Shivaay? She even tried to make you go against me. It is good that at least now that your eyes are finally seeing the truth. See this roadside trash of a girl to jail”
“Shivaay please listen to me, you are angry now, and will not be able to take good decisions. Please trust me”
“One chance. Tell me why you did this drama.”

“Shivaay, please trust me. I can’t tell you right now. Please wait, give me a chance”
“That’s it!(Raising his hand to slap her)I can’t even slap you,you are so low!You found Tia’s truth,I am letting you off without sending you to jail.If you have even a bit of shame left in you,get lost!”

Annika cried profusely and went near him to console him,but he in turn,pushed her so forcefully,that she almost fell to the ground,blood falling profusely.
Priyanka rushed to help her but Annika gestured a “No” and walked out,fiercely wiping her tears.

Shivaay woke up with a start,sweat beads profusely formed in his face and neck. OmRu woke up with a start and with full concern and love began patting and soothing their brother.Shivaay stood up took the water bottle beside him, emptied the whole bottle at once.He sat holding his chest and crying,face buried in his palms.
Omru looked sadly at the remains of the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Shivaay: I don’t know.I don’t know.I…
Om: Shivaay,time heals all wounds, Shivaay.We’ll try our best to mend this relation. You should try apologising to her first.Slowly,but surely,she will forgive you,Shivaay.
Shivaay: You know Om,when I was going to sleep today,I thought I’ll do that.But Om,it has been one time too many.I have insulted her loads of times,she didn’t even remember them,Om. Now,even if I talk to her,I can feel venom all spewing all over from her face to mine. Nothing’s going to better Om,something’s are way too damaged.I can’t move on too,Om,my mind and my heart refuse to believe that anyone but her will complete me,Om.I don’t know….

Rudra: Bhaiya, you are my superhero!You can do anything.Manaofying Annika didi is not so hard after all.But you need to start.Start tomorrow,Bhaiya. Because Kabir Khan has said”What you want to do today,do it tomorrow,what you want to do now,do it today”!Try taking Didi out on a date.
Shivaay: Do you even know who she is ?She is a Jungli Billi,Rudra.
Duffer Singh Oberoi,do you always have to make a parody of proverbs?Its not KAbir Khan,its Kabir.And he said “ Whatever has to be done tomorrow,do it today,whatever has to be done today,do it now.”

Rudra: It is not the content but the heart,feelings that matter,O. What will you understand about one pinch of emotions,Omkara Babu?
Shivaay: No,no, don’t talk about emotions.Baba Omkara looks the swami type but he’s actually the Dard-E-Disco type!
Om: Great! Done?Are you guys done?Can’t the three of you ever sleep without making fun of me,or my personality?
ShiRu: Three of you? (Saying loudly) Three of you?
Rudra: And you thought Annika didi was weak in math?This guy has even forgot to count.Only two of us other than him,but he says three…
Shivaay: Om’s math is always right,Rudra.

Rudra: Then who is the third?
Shivaay: U,Me aur ‘Woh”
Rudra: Oh Woh!
Shivaay: Yes,Woh!
Om: Shut up,she is such an argumentative person!We fought today!
Shivaay: We just said’woh”Om,why do you always assume it to be her?
Rudra: She??Seriously,O, she?
Shivaay: I told you.They are both obsessed with each other.Om,Chuppa Rustam!!
Om: Good Night!
ShiRu: Good Night,Darling!

Shivaay POV
Although I knew,I could not even bring myself to face her,another part of my mind was doing high jump in oy.
One step,one small step at a time.

It was time to end the stalemate.
A little trying didn’t ruin anybody,did it?

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  1. Superb…nice

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you,Neha!!????

  2. Superb…nice episode

  3. Fantastic

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you ??

  4. Sairan

    Episode was great..BT I am unable to understand somethings..
    1. Memory loss Kahan se aaya
    2. Tia truth out ? Then why blaming Anika
    3. After end of flashback it’s absolutely present situation na ???

    1. Mee too….from where did mermory loss came frm…nd why r they blaming anika!!!!? confusion….

    2. Shubhadra

      First, the flashback is to the time when Annika pretends to have a memory loss and is successful in almost exposing Tia… Shivaay overhears this and understands that Tia is guilty but misunderstands Annika of trying to send Tia out of their lives instead of focussing on the main issue at hand.2.He blames Annika of being selfish.3.Yes it is…..

      1. Sairan

        Ohhhkk.. Means u have used the memory loss drama in some other sense and tis ka Kya hua vo next episode me PTA chlega..
        Thank you

  5. Nice one dear… Shiru tease … So lovely..

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Nikita ????

  6. I loved how you perfectly weaved the current IB memory loss track in your story. It just fit in perfectly and the part where Shivaay and Rudra teased Om was beyond perfect and simply hillarious! I found the episode very cute and i even think Shivaay might actually react like this in IB when he finds out about Annikas memory loss act. In short, a fantabuously amazingly awesome episdoe!

    Waiting for nextt! 🙂 (And hopefully it will be longer)


    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Awestruck!!! Actually I was waiting for something to bridge this gap and lots! This week’s track landed….????

  7. Oh so anika left… It ws awesome….anika shldnt forgive shivasy so easily…

    1. Shubhadra

      Exactly my plan too??

  8. Awesome

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Rashi??

  9. Epi was awsm…just loved it…..??…plzzzz post next part tommorow itself plzzzzz…..???…nd shiru teasing om was very hilarious…??…nd plzzzzzz dont let anika forgive shivaay soo easily…he should b getting punishd for the insults which anika went through…

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Sneha… Don’t worry! Annika’s going to be absolutely badass??

  10. Epi was awesome…waiting 4 the suspence to be cleared…update nxt part soon…

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you bhavana ????

  11. Vincy

    Nice episode

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Vincy!!????

  12. Awesome..

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Ankita ????

  13. JanviSingh

    It was sooooo damn good sis….
    I really luvd it…
    U uplifted my mood dear..
    Ab lagta h kl k maths ka exam acha jayega….
    Anyways update soon sis….???

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you janvi!!??Do you know how wonderfully sweet your comment is???I felt so good reading it…All the best for your exams?????

      1. JanviSingh

        Thanks dear…. I’m so glad tht u liked it…??

  14. Samm

    o bro moments are my fav! loved this 🙂 waiting for shivaay to take those baby steps. 🙂

    1. Shubhadra

      Mine too… Shivaay baby steps will be, to say the least, hilarious ??????

  15. Wow. That was great. Flashback was awesome!!

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Mansi????

  16. Nice epi..

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Lilly????

  17. Diyaa

    Rudra’s dialogues were awesome. The flashback made my heart race. “Kabir Khan”?? Awesome update.

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Didi…I felt the impact while writing the flashback scene ????

  18. Awesome….

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Shivika!!

  19. Wow man awesome as usual.. a little past on the memory loss track.. fitted in the right moment at right levels.. nice touch! You are quite good at writing.. aren’t you..
    Waiting for what Shivaay is gonna do next! Keep writing

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank God this track came,I didn’t know what to put and where to….. Thank you for thinking that way????

  20. Going superb

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Niyati????

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