Annika.. Ya.. Paanika??? Episode 13

Sorry people for not updating earlier.But my college just started and in all that heady rush,I couldn’t even look into the site. Sairan,dear,it feels good to know that someone is waiting for your work,expecting it,so many thanks to you.I am sureI have missed some wonderful ff’s. Please send them via private message,everyone.

Akira POV:
After all that daily soap drama of yesterday night,I woke up with a terribly bad headache,not to mention puffy eyes.This is why I try to not cry at all.When I cry,my eyes become red,my nose starts running,my head ache terribly and above all,I feel very tired. I almost look as if I have had a hangover the next day.Which is precisely how I look now.The worst part is either I forget the whole argument or don’t have the strength to argue more.Maybe that’s also why I manage to remain happy inspite of all that has been thrown my way.A terrible old habit of mine.As I landed back in the Oberoi Mansion Universe, I proceeded to do one more terrible old habit.

I looked at the clock.

Daadi: Come, come Akira beta. We were waiting for you.
Akira: Oh Daadi, I’m sorry. I made you all wait for so long.(Sitting down)But I will not be able to sit with you all for so long.I’m sorry I don’t get to spend with you,Daadi. The problem is whatever I do, I am not able to get up early.My poor mom used to scream at me atleast three times every morning but I still used to say “3 minutes”,”1 minute” etc.(Putting the first helping into her mouth).Now ,I’m still late. Mmm…

Rudra: How is the food,Didi?
Akira:Too good Rudra,As always.You know what…..
Rudra: I must get ready faster to relish it even better.
Akira shot him a confused look and said”Exactly”.
Rudra: Didi, ask me how I knew exactly what you were going to say.

Soumya: Because, According to a survey, it was found that 70% of the respondents used the same words while referring to one habit they wished to incorporate but have not done it yet but achieved better results when they wrote the habit down, by about 30%.
Akira: Really,Soumya,wow..I need to write this down.Thank you.
Rudra: (Slow claps)Thank you ,Schollar Sumo,I was expecting a Rudy appreciation not a statistics class.

Soumya: No one appreciates you Cry baby,especially for your cooking,you are just the cook show host.Bade bhaiya and Bade ballwale bhaiya make all the great food.
Akira: Soumya,you may be right about what you say about Rudy.(Sumo shoots Rudy a winning look)But with food ,comes the emotions too,Rudy fills up enthusiasm and happiness in the kitchen and that’s why all of us happily chit chat over food.(Rudy lifts up his collar lightly).And on the other side are people who even make the onion s cry with their boring shayaris.

Rudra and Shivaay whisper Ouch! Om gives a light smirk.Akira sees him and gives him a “Are you mad” wala look.
Rudra: Didi,why are you so obsessed with dragging Om into every argument when he never argues with you ?
Akira gives him a shocked look.

Akira: Rudy ,I thought I just praised you.Anway,..
Om: I’m getting late.
Daadi: (Laughing)Someone has to learn the art of escaping arguments and scoring a ball in both sides of the court from you,Akira.Come home soon today ,puttar.
Akira: (Smiling)Thank you Daadi.Why Daadi?(And then realizing)Sure Daadi.
Shivaay’s face basked in suspicion when Akira’s face changed from Enthusiastic to serious to intense in a fraction of seconds.

Daadi: And Pinky,Your Sasur’s birthday is coming in 2 months. So please,can you go today and select the jewelleries,curtains and buy few essential items?
Pinky: Of course,Mummy ji.I’ll go select curtains and essentials items while Jethaniji…(Realizing what she said)And buy the jewellery.
Tej’s face changed colour.

Daadi: At what time will you come back, Billu?
Shivaay: The Usual time,daadi. Why Daadi?
Daadi: Because I have guest coming today .
Rudra: Is she a she or a he,Daadi?
Daadi: It is a she,Rudra,but she is married and older than you.
Shivaay immediately lost interest and proceeded to go to office. Businessmen, occupying his interest were rare, other classes of people were unimaginable. And how could one think of all other women when his girl was the only one dear to him?
Was is the word.

Rudra: Daadi, why are you becoming like the watchmen in clock towers?
Om(seeing Akira rushing): Oh,talking of time. Akira,can you please bring my watch from my room.
(She was about to give him a violent reaction but seeing Daadi’s eyes on her,she smiled sweetly )
Akira: Of course,Om.
She went to bring the watch.

Akira POV:

So I entered his room and looked in the otherwise clean room for the watch. There it was, dark blue strap, not a very big dial, but one that would look pretty good in his hands and with white and sky blue design inside. There could be no doubt about either the person who gifted the watch or about their feelings towards him.This gift was a product of intense love and care.I was sure this was gifted, because the brand was Rolex and OSO, was a creature who would consider this a wasteful indulgence.
Everything in it was perfect.

Except the time. It showed the wrong time, I was sure. Like person, like watch I thought to myself, smiling inwardly.And then I looked at the watch in the room. No shit, same time! Then I thought, how the ever punctual Shivaay Bhaiya had left just when I was about to leave myself.But Bhaiya’s timing is flexible,I argued to myself. Whether you are a lwayer or not,your mind sometimes argues with itself on the same issue.Just as I was busy with my musings,the silent,smiling,long haired creature walked in taking rapid strides towards me.Just seeing him smirking and coming towards me was enough to make me almost jump.I had felt the same way yesterday night.
Om: Did you discover something,Devi Toofani?

Akira: I discovered a lot .One,my name is Akira,A-K-I-R-A.
Om: Oh! I know.I love hearing it from your pretty little mouth,those expressive eyes.
Akira shot him a blank look..Akira: Two,what were you doing yesterday night ?Coming exactly the time I was asleep?
Om: What do you think we could have or would have done?
Akira(In mind):Shameless guy ,head totally in the gutter. How did I even think of him to be an innocent, genuine person?
Akira: Why the hell did you mess with my clock, watch and even my phone?
Om: Ah!Those three magical words! I was waiting to hear them. You are smart,Devi Toofani.(Moving few steps back)

Akira breathed out in relief.
One,I like calling you that. That defines your character, personality the best.You have no idea what storm you have caused in one person’s life in particular.Two,I came to do what I am going to do now.Three,I wanted you to get ready on time.I also wanted you to give me some of YOUR time.
Akira: Stop it,Om.Stop all this drama.I have had enough of you yesterday night.(Walking away)
Om: Not so soon, Darling.(Pulling her back)

Akira remembered that it was her own dialogue once upon a time.
Om: Look at the time in your phone and in my watch. There is truth,lie,their truth ,your lie in this world. You can only understand truth or lie from your point of view.What may be your truth,maybe a lie to someone else.Sometimes,lie may become delayed truth.You can judge only yourself.You can judge others as good or bad only after knowing their life and full situation,which is very ,very difficult. This watch is your lie and my truth.I judged you without knowing your situation,which was wrong.And my only aim now is to get an apology from you.I am not exaggerating when I say I wouldn’t have slept yesterday hadn’t I seen your peaceful face yesterday. You have changed my life and will continue to do so,in parts.I am very,very sorry.

Akira POV:
To say I was shocked was an understatement.My mind ,body and soul each had their own musings.The left part of the brain remindind he had hurt me,where it hurt the most.The right half was touched at how he had remembered all that I said exactly and loved how his apology was simple yet from the heart and genuine.Maybe,I could forgive him this one time.My body was admiring the intensity in this fine specimen of a man and my soul told me that both us were going to go deeper within each other and be part of each other’s emotions.I turned my face away.But then smiled a wide smile.It is said,no matter how angry you are,you forgive the people you love the most. Was Om one of those persons?

Akira: I’m feeling intense anger and hate towards myself . No matter how bad you made me feel ,my anger simply refuses to come at the right time.I’m useless,damn.(Laughing silently but terribly)

Om smiled ,gave me a hug and whispered.
Om: Welcome back,Devi Toofani.I love arguing with you,but I love it more when you are smiling with peace emanating from it. And don’t be OBSESSED with me all the time.I know I’m pure boyfriend,husband material but at least behave as if you are a very innocent person.
Om walked out.

Akira POV:
The irritating nerve of a long haired creature was back.
What the Hell?
I am OBSESSED with him?
Pure Husband, boyfriend material?
Okay,there could be no argument on that.
But what on Earth was BEHAVE as if you are an innocent person?
Damn him, I was innocent.

Innocent brought back childhood memories.
My innocence was coming back.
My Didi was coming back.
I proceeded to do my bad,old habit again.
I looked at Om’s clock now showing the time mine was showing half an hour ago..

I know people are waiting with bated breath for Shivika. Please,this one episode.Then it will be Annika all the way.

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  1. Awesome…..loved it….

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Bhavana ???

  2. i dont understand this story i think it is based on anika but anika is nt there in ur ff plz clarify i want shivika scenes plz plz

    1. Shubhadra

      It is based on Annika….I wanted Om’s relationship to get somewhere before Annika took center stage,Sadia.. Shivika scene up next…??

  3. Awesome…

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      Thank you Shivika!!!??

  4. Samm

    hahaha! devi toofani and long haired creature were awesome today. loved it! 🙂 and yes i’m waiting for shivika too. but i’m reminding myself of the saying, sabr ka fal meetha hota h! 😀

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      Thank you Samm??Meetha hi hogaa!!??

  5. Shivika


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    One more request…Plz give precap and start the track of shivika and omika soon plz…Or atleast plz make shivika meet each other…

    1. Aaawesome akira’s name sholud be tanya

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        Thank you Hriday… You mean Tanvi right??????

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      Thank you for the truck load of thanks… You have no idea how good I felt to see your message..????Thank you for your high praise yaar??No need for a please, I will make them meet… I’ll surely give a precap…

  8. JanviSingh

    Hey welcome back dear
    N luvd the apology part….
    Cuz no one apologizes me rather I’m the one who keeps on saying sorry…
    In fact situation toh itni kharab ho gayi h ki m bina apni galti k bhi logo ko sorry bolti rehti hu…lol….I can’t stop laughing at myself…????

    1. Shubhadra

      Janvi yaar,it’s nice to be back.. You are not the only one to which this sorry phenomenon happens too…I do the same with my friends too….????

      1. JanviSingh

        Hihihihihi….. Hi5 sis…??

    2. Shubhadra

      And the worst part is,neither can I apologise like Om, nor do they respond like Akira….

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        Oooo… That’s bad… Even I can’t apologize like Om…

  9. Fantastic

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      Thank you Shivanya!!!????

  10. Just awesome

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  11. Diyaa

    It was such a pleasure reading this one. Om and Akira conversation was awesome. Really like Devi Toofani ?

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      Thank you di….I wanted her to be so…????

  12. I am a silent leader. Nd u write beautifully l just want your suggestion whether u r liking the current lB track nd way the characters are portrayed

    1. Shubhadra

      Hey niyati…. Feeling good that you like my FF…Thank you for thinking that I’m worthy of an opinion….I love the current IB track.They are going somewhere with the story… That’s the reason we love the show….Never goes out of track….I especially don’t like the way Annika is being portrayed.Thats why I’m going to show her strength here…I wish she leaves Shivaay after a point of time,I want her to enter the house with dignity and respect…. Thank you for the love,niyati.???

  13. Awesome dear… Waiting for the next and plz give more tashan full conversation of om and Akira…

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Nikita….All our IB female leads are Tashaanbaaz themselves….So sure….!!!????

  14. I to be honest, love the devi tofaani and long haired creature love story waaaay more than the shivika one… its unique, different, cute and what not! I just hope while trying to show shivika you wont sideline this fabulous love story of om and akira.

    Waiting for next!!


    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Nikita….All our IB female leads are Tashaanbaaz themselves….So sure….!!!????

    2. Shubhadra

      Awestruck!!!Hallo!!I love long,long, comments yaar..Thank you??Only today I realised that I like them that way too….Rest assured,with Shivika there will be passion and with Omira there will be intensity!!????

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      Thank you sso…I feel like Saahil in IB whenever I say that?????

  15. My pleasure yaar nd thnx for telling what u feel I just don’t like the current track. I miss the old one. Nd moreover anikas is shown too much fragile crying at the drop of hat

    1. Shubhadra


  16. Kavya347

    Oh Shubhadra……that was so so greattttttt!!!!really simple but also same intently hearttouching at the same time….Loved Omira’s little fight at the dining table….And next the watch part….wow that was superbly amazing…Om’s way to apologize is just as unique as him..?❤?❤?❤…And then the constant teasing between Om-Akira…woho…Pure boyfriend… husband material????haha….Loving theiradorable scenes…Great going yaar…You are awesome….. plz post the next one soom…

    1. Shubhadra

      Thank you Kavya… Lots of love ??? I wanted it to represent Om’s uniqueness without making a cliche….Will post soon ??

  17. Wow.. This FF is good.. Akira Om chemistry is ek dhum sizzling!! Just like Shivika..! Waiting eagerly for the next part!!

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      Thank you Anu…????

  18. Wow dear..Om is so expressive …I loved his apology..
    And waiting for Anika desperately..please post soon !!

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      Om is always that way,no??? Even I’m desperate to bring Annika back……Sure!!????

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