ANKHE BHEENI (Ragsan One Shot)

They say love is timeless. Even the time will suffer when you smile hiding all your pain and expect something which can’t be undone.

Ragini Sanskar Maheshwari. I love the middle name and surname of my name more than my first name. Because I love the man who has given them both. My husband. Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.  Our marriage was arranged by our elders but we fell in love when we realized that there couldn’t have been someone else who will fit with us so well.

And it has been one year for our marriage and we are celebrating our anniversary. I want it to be the perfect anniversary as that’s what my hubby loves the most.

A year ago:

“Ragini see this photo of the groom your mama has sent. He is from a reputed family” my mom roamed behind me holding a photo. “Mom I have told you last night only before seeing his picture also that he is from a rich family and we wont survive the lifestyle differences for god sake” I gulped the juice in the glass and held my books.

I Ragini Gadodia normal girl of a normal yet crazy mom. Her only intention from the day I have crossed my 18 is getting me married. Now you got that why I call her crazy. Let me give you a confirmation of it. She is searching a groom for me from the age I was seventeen. “As soon as we search we will get the best” that was her answer when someone asked her about her too early preparations for my marriage.

And I wonder as I’m gonna reach my thirty in couple of years but haven’t found my Mr. Perfect given her logic. Don’t know where he has hidden himself. I work at Jain University in Versova. I teach Literature and love writing. I have been writing for a long now. I wish to publish my book someday. A midst all the dreams my mom have for me I have my small dream and have a hope that it will come true some day.

“No mom please. I told you that day only but you are so stubborn. And what am I gonna speak to them. Without my wish how can you invite them home” I was pissed off due to my mom’s over excitement to tie me to someone particularly the one whom I already rejected sighting the status difference Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.

He is at my home with his grandmother with the proposal. I don’t find the reason why have they come here even after the rejection. “Please beta. Just listen to me this time. They have come to our house and I can’t send them just like that” she pleaded me and I gave up and agreed to meet them.

I gave a nervous weak smile to them without even lifting my head. I so knew I’m anyways going to reject the proposal then why should I even look at his face. “Arrey Ragini take him to the balcony. You people might want to talk individually” and now I want to literally run from there. I glared my mom who pleaded me and I walked out. He followed me and we settled in the balcony.

“Ahem…” he cleared his throat and I had no other option but to look at his face. No doubt he was handsome and looked like a Greek God with those muscles. But I know my reality. When he gave me that sweet smile I felt weak in my knees. I snapped myself out and gave him a weak smile.

“Um..” “Look I don’t want this marriage to happen” I interrupted his conversation and I so hated myself for doing that. I don’t know why but the disappointment on his face made my heart cringe. “Um… Okay. I don’t want to pressurize you in this” he said adjusting his coat and gave me a sweet smile and stood up to leave.

“By the way may I know the reason for your rejection” he stood at the door. I so did not expected this. Should I tell him the truth. I know he will feel I’m crazy that when girls are ready to throw themselves on him for his fortunes I’m rejecting him for the same fortunes. Will he feel bad given my reason? I did not know how to reply him. He cocked his eyebrows waiting for my response.
“I don’t want to be sound crazy but that’s the fact that we don’t match each other in status. I will feel all suffocated in this marriage to survive.” when I said this I saw a smile creeping his lips and I so knew he felt I’m totally crazy. “I know you are feeling I’m crazy” “That you are” he chuckled.

“I mean I’m very simple and my family is so simple and I don’t think I can anywhere fit your posh lifestyle” I looked at him when he was still smiling. “Can I confess something?” he looked straight into my eyes and I felt my heart beat racing and I just nodded my head.

“I don’t think I will find a better life partner than you. I’m gonna say this to my Dadi. And about your assumptions about my lifestyle I’m sure it will change soon” he winked at me and walked to the hall and I collapsed on the chair. This did not feel good.

“Congratulations” my mother hugged me when I walked to the hall after some time. “Congratulation beta” his Dadi caressed my hair. “But Dadi ji…” ” Thank you for coming in my grandson’s life. He never had asked for anything in his life like this. He told me if he will get married to someone it will be you and nobody else” I looked at him when he was taking blessing from my mother.

“He lost his family when he was very young beta. Other than me he has nobody in his life. And now he wants to make you a part of his family. I’m so glad that you came in his life and I know only you can fill his life with happiness” her words pierced my heart for that second when I looked at him. And something inside me told that I should give a chance to this proposal and hugged his Dadi smiling.

In a month our marriage was over and we started appreciating each others presence in our lives. I had grown a kind of affection towards him. He made all my assumptions about his life style vanish in a month when I realized he is more simple than me.

***Flashback End****

The clock on the wall made the alarm and I snapped out of the past. “Ohho it’s already five. I better call him” I hit my forehead picking up the cell phone. I dialed his number. Again the voice box spoke “Hey this is Sanskar here. I’m on an important meeting please leave the message after the beep” I smiled hearing his voice.

“Hello Ji pathi dev. It’s our anniversary if you have forgotten because of your busy schedule. Be on time I will be waiting” I smiled disconnecting the call. When I turned my eyes fell on the doll he gifted me. I held it and remembered the day when he gifted me that.

It was our first valentine’s day. I was so happy that I’m going to propose him today as I have finally fell in love with him. My cellphone buzzed flashing his name. I picked up and before I could speak he spoke “Hey Biwi I forgot my keys and the door is locked please open the door” I chuckled hearing him.

“Coming” I said disconnecting the call and ran to open the door. When I was at the last step the lights in the drawing hall sparked and the hall which was decorated mesmerizing took my breath away. I stood numb as my body was frozen at the sight.

“OH MY GOD” I placed my both hands to cover my mouth. My eyes were ready to pop out of the socket.

“I don’t know when. And I don’t know why my heart started making a weird sound. I walked to the doctor to get it fixed but alas no heart surgeon could fix that sound. And at last I made myself used to that sound. And now I love that sound to an extent that I cannot live my life without it and I know it will stop when my heart will stop beating” he walked in front of me with a smile. “Do you want to know what’s that sound?” he asked touching my forehead with  his and clutching my hands.

I just nodded my head feeling the moment. The devine moment. “Ragini Ragini Ragini…” I hugged him tightly and my happiness flew out of my eyes as droplets of pearls and he placed his chin over my head. I never believed in love. Now when I met him I know love exists though it is invisible. Like all the devine things are invisible but are only felt.

I smiled when I came back to present. I’m running out of time. I have to arrange the cake, the balloons and the candles. Uff. No one is there to help me now. Dadi is unwell so she is resting in her room and I did not wanted to disturb her.

I held the envelope in my hand which I wanted to gift him on this anniversary. I could not find anything valuable than this symbol of our love. I caressed my stomach feeling the nurturing life. I can’t wait to see him.

It has been 11 in the night and I did not hear the door open. I did not see him yet. I called his cell phone again. Again the same beep. “For god sake Mr. Busy Billionaire it’s our first anniversary” I screamed over the phone. I know it will hurt him but I had no other option. He can’t be late come on.


“How many days is she gonna be like this Laksh” Dadi hugged me and I had no answer for her question. When Bhabi disconnected the phone I looked at Sanskar’s cell phone painfully. It had been five years from the day Sanskar met with that dreadful accident but Bhabi’s life has stopped there.

She lost her baby too which could have healed her to a level. She daily wakes up and calls to Sanskar’s number to hear his last words and then speaks to the voice box the things she want to speak to her Sanskar who left her all alone in this journey five years ago.

I being his young brother have kept the number active for her. As she tried taking her life one day when she did not hear the voice box. I don’t know how many years are gonna pass and she will remain the same but I wish Sanskar was alive. At least for her sake. I know he must be pained more looking at her from somewhere he had reached from where he cannot return to her.

They say time is the most powerful in the world more powerful than love also. But it might be cursing itself for separating them untimely.

And that’s Karma Mr. Time. She is suffering due to you and that’s your punishment that you see her suffering..

This I have published as an Abhigya Os. But one of my reader told me to republish it with ragini as lead. So thought to change just the characters.

Sorry for any spelling mistakes as I have just replaced the characters.

Hope you have liked this.
Leave your valuable suggestion.

Only this I could manage for today.

Will see you people soon with my other works.

Thank you so much for your love and support. I’m recovering and will be in track soon.

Love you guys

Sally. ?

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