SWASAN OS – It’s my story
It’s official people..
I am getting married.
Not just drinking a lot in Vegas and getting married married, but 7 pheras, manalsutra, sindoor married.

With a mehendi, sangeet and the worst of all, all my loud and boisterous relatives, not to mention an ecstatic and interfering mother.
She was so excited for me but I was oblivious to the fact that I was going to get hitched to someone else in just 5 days.
5 days…
120 hours…
7200 minutes…

After that, I shall be referred to as someone’s wife. Mrs Swara – It sounds so weird.
By the way, I am Swara Bose, daughter of Shekar and Sharmishta Bose, younger sister of Ragini Luthra.
Ragini di is exactly 2 years older than me. That’s right… We share a birthday but nothing else is common with us. I was a nerd, She, a flirt. I went to book camps while she went trekking. I went for further studies while she married an IT professional like a good daughter was supposed to.
Basically, she was my mother’s darling while I was her despair!
A few more facts about myself?
Well, I am from a normal middle class family. We are Bengalis. I studied in India until under graduation, then shifted to California for further studies. I later got an offer from Google and worked in the Chicago office for 3 years before shifting to the branch in Paris.

I make a lot of money. I don’t mean to boast, but this is a fact. I make more than my fiance too, but he doesn’t mind. He’s quite nice and the only one who managed to impress me among the list of boys my mother made me go through.
And now he was arriving in 2 days time. We came earlier because we are the girls’ side. Really annoying for me. Easy for him.
Not that I want to marry him. I don’t want to get married at all. But my mother’s wails, Ragini di’s suggestions and my many bua’s and maasis forced me to tell yes finally.
And so, Here I was having a destination wedding in a big resort in Udaipur getting married to Sanskaar Maheshwari in 5 days.
119 hours now.

I was exasperated.
” Ma! I am not going to wear a saree just to take a walk with Sanskaar. ”
My mother shook her head hysterical.
“You’re going to wear this jeans? And that plain black top? Haaye haaye! What will your in-laws say?”

“Why should they care? I’m going to meet Sanskaar who by the way is also wearing jeans.”
My mother dismissed that with a snort.
“Yes, well! He is a boy. They don’t have any clothes to wear at all. Now please change your shirt at least. Behave like a girl for once and wear some bright colours. Please.. Please!”
Good God! She looked like she was about to start crying on the spot. Groaning inwardly, I agreed and went up to my room and change into a ” girly ” kurti as my mother called it. It was blue and had tiny silver desins threaded through it. I wore a tiny silver pendant around my neck and silver hoops to complete my outfit. I then went down to the hotel lobby to wait for Sanskaar.

The man I was going to marry. I recoiled at the thought. Not at the thought of him. The very thought of marriage made me puke. I didn’t want to get married so soon. But when you have an over-dramatic mother and a Sarvagunsampann sister, your wishes go to naught.
And what sort of a name was Sanskaar? So old fashioned. Why couldn’t it have been Akhil or Sameer or anything short and nice. Instead, I was going to have to Mrs Sanskaar Maheshwari. I shuddered at that. I shook my head. I’m not going to change my name after marriage. No ways.

I turned at the soft voice and saw Sanskaar smiling at me. “Hey”, I said, feeling awkward. I had spoken with Sanskaar in person only once before. Rest were all skype calls and chats.
“So, Had a safe trip here?” , He asked me as we walked towards the exit of the resort.
“Yes! It was quite pleasant. Though it would have been better without the scores of relatives that accompanied me.” I waited for a reprimand. I was sure he would be this stuffy guy who didn’t approve of remarks against family. Instead, He chuckled.
“I get what you mean. It’s not easy being with relatives. They can drive you nuts.”
I was so surprised I actually stopped walking. Old fashioned name or not, He wasn’t like that in thoughts… At least in this.

I realised that I still wasn’t walking and started again. We went out of the resort and thought of going to the palace which was nearby.
“I’m glad you chose Udaipur. It’s a beautiful place for our wedding. I must have someone look into this for an article soon.”
I turned to him and smiled. “That would be amazing.”
Oh, I forgot to mention. Sanskaar was a big shot journalist working in Singapore. After our wedding, I was going to transfer there from Paris. He had a very successful business there and it seemed easier to work at the Google office in Singapore. I had already got a promotion and a pay raise there and would be welcome anytime.
Shoot! Sanskaar was saying something. Wait, Let me listen to him.
“…. So, As I was saying, I’m really happy you don’t mind moving to Singapore. I thought it was really unfair that you had to shift all the way from Paris where you must have settled down well. ”

“Don’t worry. The Singapore office is supposed to be great. I’m sure I can fit in there anytime. How’s your work? ”
Sanskaar grinned. ” It’s going pretty great too. I’m hoping to get a promotion within the next few months. Which is why I wanted to have as short a honeymoon as possible. I hope you don’t mind that we’re only going to the Maldives for a week?”
Oh Shit! I just realised we were getting married. I was going to have to spend the rest of my life with this guy. It seems okay now with all my relatives here, but what about a week from now. It was only going to be him and me.
And honeymoon? We never really spoke about that part of life. I chose Udaipur as the wedding destination because I had always wanted a destination wedding and plus, I could easily afford it. Meanwhile, Sanskaar had taken care of the stuff after marriage. Like where we would stay and all that. And the honeymoon.
How on Earth do I tell him that I am not an innocent? That I have had s*x before. Would he want me to be this coy, blushing girl? OR did he think I was pure innocence?
Seriously.. This arranged marriage business is really annoying. I don’t know why people even consider it. I don’t know why I’M CONSIDERING it.

I sighed. Sanskaar looked at me puzzled. “Are you all right?” he said. “Yeah, I am. Just thinking about some stuff. Sanskaar, I think we need to talk about some stuff.”
“Not planning to call off the wedding, Are you? ” He asked in a joking manner. But I gave a wan smile which removed the smile from his face.
“Hey, What’s wrong? You having second thoughts about the wedding? ”
I replied, ” I don’t know… I just think we need to talk some stuff through. I mean, we’ve known each other barely a month. And we met in person only once. I’m not saying I don’t want the wedding, but… ”
I trailed off not knowing how to end it. He nodded amicably and glanced at his watch.
” I know this is a sudden wedding but don’t worry Swara! Everything will work out. We will surely talk more but we don’t have time now. It’s time for my stag party. ”
I laughed. “Have fun! Hope you enjoy yourself! ”

I came back wondering if there were going to be girls at his party. But even then, I wasn’t jealous. I mean, I wouldn’t tolerate a man cheating on me… But bachelor parties were different. I couldn’t help feeling miserable though. I wasn’t supposed to be indifferent to the fact that my fiance would have girls at his stag party. I was supposed to feel angry or at the very least, mortified. But it didn’t even matter to me.
When I didn’t even care for the man, Why on Earth was I marrying him?
Ragini di came up to me and shouted. “Swara! You’re back… Good! We are going to gate-crash the guys party today. ”
“Di, What? Are you mad? Let them enjoy. We will party somewhere else. ”
“No no, Come on. I’m sure Sanskaar will be ecstatic to see you. Now will you come or not? I have this amazing knee length dress I’ve been meaning to try out and this is my only chance to do so. Come, come.”
I rolled my eyes. Of course, my flirty sister would have a short dress. She loved dressing up. I don’t know why she married Adarsh Jiju if all she wanted to do was dress nicely and flirt with other men. I don’t mean to say she’s having an affair. Just that her lifestyle doesn’t suit someone’s who’s married. Nor does mine.
Dressed in a single shoulder turqoise knee length dress, sapphir jewellery and peep-toe heels, I walked inside the bar with my sister and other friends and relatives.
Ragini di screamed, ” HEY GUYS, WE’RE HERE TO JOIN THE FUN. ”
I shook my head though everyone else laughed. I walked over to the drinks table and ordered a martini.
” You look amazing! ”
I turned to see Sanskaar smiling at me with a beer in his hand. He was looking very smart in a white shirt and black jeans and blazer. I smiled too.
“Thanks! You don’t look too bad yourself. ”
He took a seat next to me. My drink arrived and I sipped it slowly.
” So, Angry with us for gatecrashing your stag-do?”
He looked surprised. ” Oh, Of course not. Hopefully it’s more fun now. I had resigned myself to an evening of drinking and shouting at nothing. But it’ll be more interesting now.”

I smiled and we spoke some more. He was a pretty chill guy who didn’t mind me drinking at all. As we spoke more and more, We didn’t realise that we were half-drunk until I tried walking and slipped and fell. I giggled.
” Swara, Are you alright?” asked Sanskaar. He helped me up though he too stumbled a lot. I think I was half the reason for him to fall down. We finally managed to stand straight and walked for a while supporting each other until we reached a deserted corridor where we collapsed on a bench.
“You’re really drunk, Aren’t you?” Sanskaar asked me with a smile. “NO…. Umm Maybe a little. Do you mind? ”
I was too drunk to put my guard on and behave properly. I was feeling flirtatious and light, and I just wanted to stay that way. Sanskaar shook his head. “Not at all.”
“So, It seems Sanskaar isn’t that sanskaari after all? ”
” No… I’m not. ”
I turned to him then. ” So tell me, Mr Not-so-Sanskaari Sanskaar. Just how Asanskaari are you? ”

“Matlab tell me all about your amorous activities. Have you been arrested? Have you had drugs? Have you had girlfriends? Have you ever had…. “, I lowered my voice to a whisper, ” s*x? ”
He looked at me strangely that I thought maybe I had overstepped my bounds. But then he smiled.
“So you want to know all my dirty little secrets? That’s fine with me. Haan, par ek condition hai. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours. ”
I nodded, not really thinking about the consequences. He nodded too and then began telling me his stories. They were pretty exciting, to tell the truth. My fiance did know to have fun.
“And what about girlfriends? “, I asked once he had told me all about his drinking days in college.

“2 serious relationships, 2 on and off dating at times. The first one was Kavita. I met her in college and we clicked. We were together for 2 years before it all went to hell. And yes, I have slept with her…. The others were all after college. My other serious relationship was with Meher. She was nice and sweet, but we just grew apart after a while. The other 2 were just random flings, but I ended all this about 3 months ago. I was not with anyone when we first met each other.”
I nodded thoughtfully. He had convinced me that he was not a prude. He loved to have fun and would certainly respect my independence. But still, A lingering doubt remained.
“Swara, Now it’s your turn. ”
I sighed and nodded. I told him all about my exploits and confessed that I had never smoked anything in my life. He was happy and he didn’t care that I drank a lot. I told him about the fact that I had got drunk-driving in Chicago once. He laughed when I told that and I smiled. Finally, I stopped and he looked at me puzzled.
” But you didn’t tell me about your boy friend. ” I stiffened. I had forgotten about this part. I didn’t want to go into that. I didn’t want to think about…

“Swara? Are you alright? Oh Hell! You’re crying. Swara, What happened?” Sanskaar’s voice reached me as I realised that my face was wet and I had a runny nose. I wiped my face and looked at him. Sanskaar’s eyes were full of concern and it made me want to cry even more.
“I’m alright”, I said as I got up and began walking to my room. But Sanskaar caught me easily and asked me again what the matter was.
And suddenly, I found that I wanted to tell him the story. About Sahil, About our relationship, everything. I found that I wanted to tell him the story which I had kept a secret for nearly 3 years.

“After I finished college, I got a job in the Google office in Chicago. I was so excited to go there. I mean, it was google. So, I joined the company without listening to Ma’s protests. Who will marry me if I settle down there. How could she look for a groom when she can’t see what I’m doing? I will surely change if I go to these foreign countries. Oh, She had a lot of reasons for me not to go. But Papa allowed me and I went in March 3 years ago. I loved it there… The atmosphere, the freedom, the work. I absolutely adored Chicago and had a great first year there. Then in my second September there, I met him… ”
I guess Sanskaar could hear the catch in my voice as he held me close and spoke softly. “Who?”
“Sahil. He was my colleague Reethi’s friend. She introduced me to him at a random get-together. He was devilishly attractive and all the girls were staring at him. I was no different. But he seemed to like me. We spoke a lot that night and he took my number to ask me out on a date some other time.”
I paused, wanting to get rid of the memories.
“I had taken to him and was waiting for his call like a starved chicken. When he called me a week later and invited me for dinner, I literally jumped up and down. I was so happy.”

Somewhere, I realised that this was my fiance I was talking to and wondered if this was wrong. Telling him everything. I dared to look at him but he nodded in understanding and asked me to continue.
“We went out once, then twice, then again a third time. Soon, We were spending every free minute with each other. In 2 weeks, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend and blissfully, I agreed. Within another 2 months, he had moved in to my apartment, and we lived together, had dinner together and…. slept…. together.”
I looked at Sanskaar again, wondering if he was judging me. But he was inscrutable. I couldn’t get a read on him. Looking down, I went on with the tale.
“Soon, we were together for 6 months. He had been working in a small store, doing inventory. He did not earn much, but he didn’t seem to mind that. He didn’t care that I earned so much and I thought he was perfect. After all, What man likes the girl to get more than him? Excepting you, Of course. Anyways, after 6 months, he told me one night that he had been fired unjustly. I was angry and wanted to go and confront the owner but Sahil forbade me to. He wanted to handle the matter on his own and I respected that. I still loved him and he loved me. We were happy together and we could solve anything. ”
I spoke that bitterly. What young foolish notions I had. No, I don’t mean that I don’t believe in love, just that it’s not enough to be with someone. You need to know the person, understand him and then allow yourself to fall in love with him. Sighing, I focused and plodded on.

“Sahil asked me for some money to go look for another job again. I gave it to him and he went for many interviews. But none were willing to take him in. I asked him if he would like a job here at Google. That was the first time he shouted at me. ”
Sanskaar interrupted me. He spoke with slight anger. “First time? You mean to say he shouted at you more than once?”
I nodded and he pulled me in closer. I didn’t hesitate. I wanted to feel warm. I wanted to stop shaking.
“Go on, Swara! Don’t worry. I’m here.”
Suddenly, I felt better and I continued.

” He was angry that I was pitying him about his job. He told me that he could and would find one himself. So I complied with his wish and we were normal again, though he was taking more money from me. Then one day he told me he had found a job. I was so happy. We had been together for a year and 2 months now and I slowly began hinting about marriage. He agreed and told that we would speak to our parents once he was settled in his new job. Happily, I continued going to work thinking our lives would be peaceful forever. Then a month later, I returned home early and found a message on the answering machine. It was for Sahil. It said something about his s*xual prowess and an address was there. I was frozen. Surely, I had misheard? Then, I ran downstairs and took a cab to the address. ”
Sanskaar spoke softly, but I couldn’t mistake the concern in his voice.
“Oh, Swara!”
“He was there, along with some American bimbo, and they were on the bed. I saw horror-struck and then he saw me. He shouted my name but I ran out. He followed me back home and he spoke, trying to get my forgiveness or trying to make excuses. In anger, I slapped him and he struck me back.”

I saw Sanskaar’s fists clench. “That brute! How dare he….”
I didn’t let him finish. I wanted to finish the story.
“He struck me and then laughed. He told me that he had never loved me. He only wanted the money I earned. He only wanted to sponge off me. Whenever he saw that I wasn’t looking, he took money from my purse and all. That he had never had a job, neither the inventory one nor this new one. It was all a plan to stay out of the house and be with some other girl. Then he came back home and he had me. I heard all this in silence. I had been there in Chicago for almost 3 years. I loved the city and loved the office there. But in 3 hours, I came to hate it. I moved from the house and stayed in a hotel. I asked the google office to transfer me else where. 3 months later, I was told Paris was available. I left Chicago on the very next flight. As for Sahil, after about months, he called me and begged me for forgiveness. He sounded quite sincere on voicemail. He told me he had seen the errorof his ways. But I… I couldn’t forgive him. I never called him back. To this day, He calls me every Friday at 9 pm and leaves a sorry. I never answer. I don’t know how he got my number. Probably from Reethi.”
I finally shut my mouth and turned away as I felt tears in my eyes. I leaned against a pillar and closed my eyes, welcoming the coldness of it against my head. Sanskaar said nothing, but held my hand which warmed me more than anything he could have said.
Before I knew it, I was sleeping.

“Swara, wake up! It’s time for the Sangeet already. You’ve slept the whole day away. Come on. ”
I woke up to Ragini di’s voice groggily. Sangeet? What time was it even? Where was I? Why the hell was my head aching? I sat straight and tied my loose hair into a bun.
“What time is it, Ragini di?”
“It’s going to be 3:15 soon. Here, Take this coffee. Go freshen up and have something to eat. There are kachoris and parathas available.”
I was stunned. My mother had allowed me to sleep into the afternoon? Surely that was not possible.
“Ma let me sleep all this while?”
Ragini di snorted with laughter. “Ma is ready to kill you. She wanted to wake you up at 10 itself. But Sanskaar insisted you be allowed to sleep. He was very firm about it and Ma had no choice.”
I froze at that. Suddenly last night came back to me and I was aghast. Did I actually tell Sanskaar all about Sahil? I was so stupid… So stupid. I hadn’t told it to anyone before. Not my best friend Meher, Not Ragini di or my mother. Not my father. Not one person knew about Sahil. I had managed to keep it from them till the very end. And now… I had gone and blurted it out in a moment of weakness.
I felt numb. Once again, someone had power over me. Someone knew me. I had foolishly allowed myself to trust the man. There was a reason I didn’t want to marry besides the usual being stuck with someone. I didn’t want to depend on someone. I didn’t want anyone to be that close to me again such that they’ll know my likes, my dislikes, anything. Even if I didn’t fall in love with the man, marriage was seriously intimate. I wasn’t ready for it….. Not now.
All my cousins entered and giggling, they dressed me in an off-white lehenga. I smiled automatically and gave the appropriate response when called for. Once I was ready, My mother entered and she teared up.
“My Gudiya.. My Shona is all grown up. I never thought this day would come. My second daughter’s Sangeet.”
I smiled and hugged her. At least one person was happy about this. I wasn’t angry with my mother… Not really. Yes, she had finally made me say yes, but I couldn’t blame her. She was waiting for this for 6 years now. I couldn’t take this away from her. Seeing her happy face, I gritted my teeth and walked into the grand hall where the Sangeet was to take place.
The theme was black and white…. I don’t mean the era. That theme’s been done many times. I meant the colours. All the women besides me wore black and all the men besides Sanskaar wore white. Sanskaar was wearing a pitch black sherwani with miniscule designs. He was looking very handsome. Not handsome… To tell the truth, Sanskaar looked hot. He was talking to his friends or cousins or someone. But someone must have told him about me for he turned towards me and smiled.
Politely, I smiled back. He began walking towards me. I started panicking… What do you tell someone who knows your biggest secret. I began thinking of ways to escape. Luckily, my bua called me and I literally ran, at least as much as my lehenga allowed me to.
I managed to avoid Sanskaar for an entire hour, dodging here and actually going and talking to relatives. But when the time for our dance came, I couldn’t avoid him anymore. I stood in front of him but did not look at him. He took my hand and we began dancing.
We danced to mannat from Daawat-e-ishq and mast magan from 2 states. Sanskaar spoke to me but I made sure that it was strictly superficial. Nothing about yesterday was mentioned.
Until the very end.
As Sanskaar and I walked back ignoring our whooping relatives, He remarked, “Nice try to make me forget yesterday. But I will talk to you about it. ”
I stopped and looked at him. I didn’t want to talk about this. Why didn’t he just get that? Why didn’t anyone understand me? Was it all brides who feared marriage the way I did. Or just me? What a mess everything was.
I couldn’t stay in that dratted hall any longer. I went outside to the balcony. It was thankfully deserted and I sat down. I wanted to be alone… But that was not going to happen.
I groaned and turned. “Go away, Sanskaar.” “Not until I talk to you.”
I became irritated. “What do you want to talk to me about? About yesterday? You pity me? You think I was so foolish to allow someone to trick me this way? Steal money from the person he slept with. You think I’m stupid? You don’t have to tell me. I know I was. I know I made a mistake. I know… ”
Sanskaar interrupted me and the intensity in his voice made me gasp with wonder.
“STOP IT! You have nothing to be ashamed of, Swara. So you trusted someone who was wrong. Big deal. That was in the past and you should forget it. Unless you can’t? Do you still love him? This Sahil?”
I was shocked. “OF COURSE NOT! I HATE THE GUY. I hate everything about him. ”
Sanskaar nodded calmly. “Then move on. Don’t let him rule you. You call the shots, not him. ”
I muttered, “Easy for you to say.”
“And easy for you to do… Look, Today is Friday right? And it’s about 10 minutes to 9. Talk to him today. Shout and finish the matter. Seal the deal.”
I realised that Sahil would call today. Could it actually be that easy? Could I actually move on?
5 minutes later, the phone rang. Sahil, Of course. I looked at Sanskaar who nodded encouragingly. “Go on, Swara!”
I steeled myself and answered the call. I didn’t allow him to talk, Instead I spoke in a rush, ” Listen, Sahil, I don’t know if you’ve changed or not. I don’t care if you are blo*dy Florence Nightingale now. What you did was unforgivable and unforgettable. So, Even if I could forgive you, I can never forget. So please, Don’t ever call me again. I don’t ever want to know you again. GOODBYE!”
I cut the call trembling. I had done it. I had actually spoken to him and told him my mind. I HAD DONE IT! I looked at Sanskaar who was beaming. I looked at his face and grinned myself.
“Thank you Sanskaar!”
He shook his head. ” This was all you. I’m so proud of you. Now shall we do the other thing? ”
I was puzzled, “What other thing?”
“Tell everyone that this wedding can’t happen.”
I was thunder-struck. “What…. What do you mean? You don’t want to marry me anymore? ”
His expression turned into one of surprise. “Of course not! I’ll be ready to marry you any time. But you… you don’t want to get married, Do you?”
“I… I
“Swara! It’s clearly visible. Everytime I mention something associated to marriage, your expression screams freaking out. You are not ready for this commitment and I don’t think you should force yourself.”
I was… Oh God! I don’t know what I was. I was relieved? Happy? Sad? I have no idea. But Sanskaar was right. I wasn’t ready for marriage now. But he was also the kindest, sweetest man I could ever meet. What was I to do?
“You don’t want to marry me?”
Sanskaar smiled and came close. He kissed my cheek and said, ” I’m ready if you are. ”
“And you won’t mind if I’m not? ”
He shook his head. “If I come to the mandap tomorrow, You’ll marry me?”
He nodded. I nodded too and turned away. At the door, I said, ” Fiance or not, You have helped me a lot. Thank you Sanskaar! God bless you.”
Sanskaar heard and replied, “Swara! This is your life. Live it.. Dream it… Revel in it. Make your decision. I’ll be waiting.”
I walked away from the balcony, Away from Sanskaar, into a brand new world.
I sat in my office and reached for my phone. Again. The same way I had been doing for the past ten days. I always chickened out in the end. But today, I wouldn’t chicken out.
I encouraged myself, “You can do this Swara! You cancelled your wedding in front of your mother and everyone else. You survived that…You can certainly survive this. Come on Swara Bose! ”
I took the phone and dialled a number. Soon, I heard his voice. “Swara!”
I smiled and replied, “Sanskaar! How are you?” “I’m great, How are you? Hope the relatives’ comments died out? ”
” Yes, They did. i think they did. I escaped by joining work again. Once again,Sorry and thank you for sticking up for me.”
He chuckled. What a manly sound. I sighed inwardly as he spoke again, “No problem. It was the right thing to do So, How are you? Everything back to normal? How’s Paris?”
I replied, a bit hesitant, ” Well, Actually I am in Singapore now. I decided to have a fresh start. I’ve been here for 2 weeks now. ”
“That’s amazing, Swara! We have to meet. Where are you staying? You know what, Send me the details and I’ll pick you up for dinner tonight. What do you say?”
” That sounds lovely. I’ll be waiting. See you Sanskaar! ”
“See you Swara! I can’t wait to see you again.”
I kept the phone down happily. The last three months were not easy. Dealing with the many relatives who insulted me and trying to make my mother understand, Shifting to a new country and most of all, Trying to find my trust and self-confidence. But I was slowly getting there. And it was all because of Sanskaar.
I don’t know what will happen to the two of us now. But our story isn’t finished yet. That, I know.
It’s official people..
I am getting married.
Not just drinking a lot in Vegas and getting married married, not just getting ready and cancelling at the last minute married, but 7 pheras, manalsutra, sindoor married.
I stood there in my wedding saree perusing the mirror.
So many things were the same from the last wedding to this one.
My mother was borderline irritating as usual. My snarky relatives had reappeared. The same venue, the same ceremonies. The same groom.
Yet it was so different.
This time, it was a wedding where a woman was marrying a man she loved. A lot! It was a wedding where a woman knew who she was and how to handle herself. It was a wedding where the woman knew she was loved by her fiance.
It was my wedding and I was looking forward to it.
I was so ready to spend the rest of my life with Sanskaar. He had urged me to take the first steps into the world and later, had supported me through each and every obstacle, each and every hurdle. I was sure there were many more hurdles to pass through, but I could go through them all, with Sanskaar.
There was a knock at the door and I opened it. I was surprised and delighted to see Sanskaar.
“Sanskaar? You look dashing! Really handsome. But what are you doing here? ”
He cupped my face and kissed my cheek gently, careful not to mess with my makeup. ” I had to see you, my love. You look absolutely beautiful. ”
I blushed. Then, I heard my mother calling me. “So, Are you ready for this, Mr Sanskaar Maheshwari? ”
His grin was devilish. “I’m ready if you are. ”
Ufff… I finally finished this… it took me ages. i hope you like it. It’s very different from my usual Oss. Inspired by Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl.
I’ll post MMAI asap… Half done with it.

Anyways hope you like this OS… Do leave your opinion.. Love you <3

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