I have written this same OS with Ragsan as pair because I was issued a challenge… But then thought of posting as a Swasan OS too…. Hope you like it!!!
She took out her list again. Over the years, the paper was worn down but the writing was still clear. She smiled to herself as she read it.
1) He must be a good dancer
2) He should like the Harry Potter series
She chuckled as she read that. These 2 sentences she had added when she was in the 7th grade… barely 12. Now 12 years later, she realised that he still had to fulfill these two requirements if he wanted Swara.
She had gone out with 3 guys in her life so far. the first Anuj hadn’t even heard of Harry Potter, the second one Sahil couldn’t dance at all and the last one.. the last one, Jai was too weird for her to handle.
Swara : In all these years, I have added 19 requirements that my guy needs to have. Will I ever get someone who is that? My Perfect someone?
She continued reading the list.
3) He should have a sister.
Swara (whispering to herself) : I have Ragini! But when we both marry, I’ll need another sister.
4) He should also have a brother.
Swara : Just like Laksh Bhaiyya! Protective yet fun.
5) He should be able to speak some foreign language.
She didn’t know why exactly she included this condition at that time, But it was on the list and… What goes on the list stays on the list!
She was about to read the next sentence when
A voice from her pager : Swara! Where are you? We have someone here who needs to be nursed.
Swara tucked the note carefully in her pocket and came out of the resident’s station. This was her second month as a resident in the prestigious GOLDEN HEART HOSPITAL and she didn’t want anything to jeopardise her from being the top most heart surgeon in the city. So if she had to do simple things like fix a nose bleed or a bruise, she would.
She hurried down the corridor and crossed the doorway to turn right when she crashed into someone who was carrying a file full of reports which went flying apart when they banged into each other.
Swara : OUCH!
She looked up caught off-guard and met the eyes of Dr Sanskaar Mehra!
Swara (flustered) : I’m so sorry. Dr Mehra! I didn’t mean to..
Sanskaar (his eyes twinkling) : It’s ok! I’ll just get out of your way, shall I?
Swara : I’m truly sorry Sir! I was just…
Sanskaar : It’s really fine! I too should have been looking and walking instead of having my head buried in these reports.
Swara : Oh no! The reports…
She began picking up the papers that were scattered all over the place. She turned to pick the last one up when her hand touched Sanskaar’s. He had also bent down to touch it. Aware of the tingling feeling that was running through her, she quickly removed her hand from his but her eyes remained locked with his.
Sanskaar (Softly) : You have put me at a very great disadvantage.
Swara (confused) : I have?
Sanskaar (nodding) : You know who I am. But I don’t know who you are. That is disadvantageous right?
Inspite of herself, Swara smiled and No. 6 on the list struck her mind.
6) He must be able to make me smile at any time.
Swara : I am Dr Swara Gadodia! I am a resident this year.
Sanskaar : Oh! And how do you know me?
Swara (staring at him like he was mad) : You are Kolkata’s best neurosurgeon. When you accepted a position here, everyone was giddy with disbelief and joy. Instead of taking the better pay offer in Apollo, you agreed to come here because we needed a good surgeon. How does someone not know you?
Sanskaar flushed red with embarrasment.
Sanskaar : You make me to be some kind of super hero.. I’m not anything like that. I just liked the offer here better, That’s all.
Swara was about to say something when her pager beeped again.
Swara : I really have to go and see the patient. Once again sorry and thanks!
She ran off leaving Sanskaar staring after her.
For the next few days, Swara was acutely hyper aware of Dr Sanskaar. Something was there between them that she couldn’t deny. And she found that he was perfect in 3 more requirements in her list.
7) He should have a good professional career.
8) He should be modest.
9) He should be attractive.
And there was no denying the fact that Sanskaar was handsome. Scorchingly gorgeous even. With black hair, a stubble and warm, kind hazel eyes, he drew the collective gazes of every woman who passed by him.
Swara grew irrationally annoyed at the thought of other women thinking about Sanskaar.
Swara : What’s wrong with me? Sanskaar has only fit 4 of the 19 characteristics. How can I choose him?
But still she continued to think about him, seek him out. sometimes when she looked at him, she could swear that he was staring at her too. When they were in the OR together, It took all her will-power to concentrate on the patient and not admire his chiseled and calm hands.
Swara (after an operation, while scrubbing her hands) : Anyways… He doesn’t fit one criteria of the list, So you shouldn’t think of him.
She thought of the condition that didn’t suit him.
10) He should not work in the same place I work. I need some independence and freedom.
She finished scrubbing and went out of the room only to find Sanskaar waiting for her.
Swara : I’m sorry Dr Mehra to keep you waiting. Please go inside.
Sanskaar : Thank you Swara (Swara felt a burst of pleasure at him telling her name) But don’t tell sorry all the time. It doesn’t feel nice.
Swara smiled and walked two steps before his voice stopped her.
Sanskaar : Swara : I… um…
Swara (puzzled) : Yes?
Sanskaar (slightly red and shy) : Would you like to go out with me sometime? Like…. for dinner or something?
Swara : Like a date?
Sanskaar nodded bashfully.
Swara (smiling) : I would love to.
Sanskaar (eyes lighting up) : So shall we say Mario’s at 8 this Saturday?
Swara : Suree… I love Italian food.
They smiled at each other and walked away.
Swara : Why did I agree to this date? I must be going mad. Anyways, I’ll have a good chance to compare him with my list…. So far it’s 4-1 favouring Sanskaar!
She took out her list again and gazed at it.
11) He must know how to cook at least something.
Swara : Will Sanskaar be able to cook for me? Have I found the man of my dreams?
Saturday emerged, bright and clear. The past few days had been torture. Swara was in Sanskaar’s service and so she had to keep looking at him and work with him.
Everytime she saw him, her entire body began to tingle and she felt like melting in his arms. She was definitely attracted to him, she couldn’t deny that. But what of her list?
12) He must bring her flowers for their first date.
Would Sanskaar get another check today? Would he bring her flowers?
As usual, The whole day was spent thinking about him. finally, at 6 when she was thankfully off duty, she went out of the hospital to go home, change and meet Sanskaar for their date.
But to her surprise, He was waiting for her outside the gate.
Sanskaar : Swara!
Swara : Dr Mehra? You here? I thought we were supposed to meet each other at 8?
Sanskaar (giving her a reassuring look) : We are! I just wanted to give these before you left.
Saying this, he pulled out a small bunch of tulips.. Bright yellow tulips, coincidentally, the colour of Swara’s salwar that day! Swara beamed with joy. 5-1 to Sanskaar!
Swara : Thank you so much, Dr Me…
Sanskaar : I think we can dispense with the Dr here? We are about to go for a date… If not anything else, at least, as a friend, Call me Sanskaar?
Swara (chuckling) : Sanskaar! Thank you so much! These are really pretty. Well, I had best be going home if we want to have dinner at all. See you in a while…
Sanskaar : See you in a while!
Swara quickly went home and changed into a pretty yet tasteful blue dress and came quickly to the restaurant where Sanskaar was waiting for her.
Sanskaar (standing up as she came near him, his jaw dropping) : You look….
Swara blushed. She had pulled her hair back into a high pony and wore long silver hoops. She had no other accessories on other than a slightly dented silver bracelet on her wrist.
Sanskaar : You look amazing Swara!
Swara (still blushing) : Thank you!
As Sanskaar chivalrously pulled out a chair for her, she couldn’t help but notice his classy black blazer going well with his white shirt and jeans. He had managed to combine classy with causal just like her.
13) He must have a good dressing style
Mentally Swara ticked the next box and they made small talk while they ordered. When the food arrived, they began eating and studying each other.
Towards the end of the appetizers, Sanskaar suddenly spoke up.
Sanskaar : Can I ask you something?
Swara (a bit cautiously) : Ji?
Sanskaar : Does that bracelet have some special value to you?
Swara (looking down at the bracelet and smiling) : Yes! But how did you know?
Sanskaar : Just a guess.
Swara : Bolo na! How did you guess?
Sanskaar (smiling slightly) : Just like 3 idiots wala scene… Your dress, your earrings and you clutch are so trendy but this bracelet is quite an antique. Morever the dent…
Swara (smiling wistfully back ) : You are absolutely right! This was my late mother’s bracelet. My bhaiya gave it to me. My mother passed away when I was three. My Papa married my Ma so that Laksh bhaiya and I have a mother. And then Ragini was born. Laksh is 3 years older to me… He gave this to me when I was 15 and told me to never part with it. It’s the last remaining relic of my mother’s. I feel like I’m closer to her. Don’t get me wrong! I love my Ma but…
Sanskaar (quietly) : Don’t worry. I understand!
He slowly kept a hand on hers showing his sincere empathy. Swara raised her eyes to look at him but found nothing but concern there.
14) He must be able to sympathise without feeling pity for the person.
Swara (thinking) : He is such a good man! But am I ready to leave my list and try for this relationship?
Swara (aloud) : Thank you! (teasing voice) So does the great Doctor Mehra know how to cook?
Sanskaar (chuckling playfully) : Not unless you count boiling water and making cups of coffee and tea.. I am abysmal in the kitchen.
Swara expected to feel a crushing disappointment as one more of her requirements was not present. Instead she felt cheerfulness and laughed at his statement.
Swara : So who does do the cooking?
Sanskaar : Ma is there. The three of us keep troubling her with requests of food.
Swara (curiously) : Three of us?
Sanskaar : Haan! My younger brother and sister Adarsh and Uttara!
Swara (excitedly) : You have a brother and sister?
Sanskaar (slightly taken aback) : Yes! Why?
Swara : Umm… No reason! Do you like to read by the way?
Sanskaar : I like novels by Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer and all.
Swara : Harry Potter?
Sanskaar : Saw the movies. That’s all. I don’t like wasting time on such things.
Swara (indignantly) : Harry Potter is a waste of time?
Sanskaar (playful smile) : Well! maybe you can get me interested in it? I think I’ll be in trouble otherwise.
Swara : You got that right…
They laughed and continued with their meal. Swara was surprised by how open she was with him. He made her feel comfortable, really comfortable.
15) He must be able to make me feel comfortable.
Sanskaar : Do you know the language of love Swara?
Swara : Umm… French! Why? Am I correct?
Sanskaar : Oui! You’re absolutely spot on! Aise hi… (he winked)
Swara (blushed slightly) : So you know French?
Sanskaar : Bonjour! Vous etes si belle!
Swara (fascinated) : What does that mean?
Sanskaar : You’re so beautiful…
Swara smiled and thanked him. They spoke some more then left the restaurant. As the walked through the streets of Kolkata, they passed a dancing club.
Swara stopped and looked in excitedly. Sanskaar saw her, grinned and asked her if she wanted to go in.
Swara : I would love to…. But do you dance?
Sanskaar (cryptically) : Why don’t we go in and find out?
They went inside and Swara knew her question was redundant. Sanskaar was a magnificent dancer. He spun her round and round until she was breathless.
Finally, He dropped her home.
Swara : Thank you for the lovely evening Sansaar!
Sanskaar : I enjoyed a lot today. Do you think we could do this again sometime?
Swara : Of Course!
Sanskaar beamed and hesitated like he was deciding something. But he shook himself and gave Swara a slight peck on the cheek.
Sanskaar : This date was like no other one I’ve ever had.
Swara blushed, smiled shyly and ran inside the house straight to her room. Closing the door behind her, she remover her list and counted the pluses and minuses against Sanskaar!
Swara : 12-3 for Sanskaar! Three minuses….. I promised myself I will marry the man who fulfills all the conditions. Sanskaar doesn’t… What should I do?
She gazed at the list again.
16) He should be able to drive a bike.
17) He must have a dog.
18) He must care for my family as well.
Swara : Is Sanskaar my perfect someone?
Swara had never had so much fun as she had had these past few weeks. Sanskaar was a wonderful companion who never failed to make her laugh. He was really sweet and kind. And they were growing close… She could feel it.
She was hopelessly in love with him, At least she thought, but she didn’t know if he felt the same way. What she did know was that the score had become 12-5.
Sanskaar was allergic to dogs and so couldn’t have them as pets. That was quite unfair actually. And he adamantly refused to ride a bike. His father had got hurt once while riding a bike and now he didn’t want to ride it.
All this made her feel confused. Was Sanskaar it? Or would she find someone who fulfilled all 19 conditions?
And today, she was really jittery. Sanskaar wanted to meet her in the park but he refused to tell her why.
Swara : Why the park? What is he planning?
She was too nervous but somehow managed to get through work and came to the park promptly at 5.
She searched around for Sanskaar but couldn’t see him anwhere. She walked around a bit and finally found him sitting on a bench looking at few kids playing.
She went and sat next to him.
Swara : Hi!
Sanskaar (beaming) : Swara! Hi! I was waiting for you…
Swara (smiling back) : Did I make you wait too long?
Sanskaar : Not at all. Don’t worry. I like it here.
Swara (nervously) : So Sanskaar! Why did you ask me to come here?
Sanskaar (pointing to the group of kids) : Do you see them? (Swara nodded) I’ve been coming here for two years now. I go jogging then I come and sit here, watching those kids. And everytime I look at them, I feel wistful. I want my kid to play there. I want to take my kid to the zoo. I want to show off my wife proudly to everyone. I want a family Swara! I want to come home to see my wife smiling at me. Or I want her to come home to see me waiting for her. Whatever she wants to do, she can do… All I want is someone to love more than I can love myself. And…. (looking at Swara) I feel that person is you, Swara! I knew you were special the first time we spoke. And now, the thought of not being with you hurts me…
Swara (speechless) : Umm…
Sanskaar : Swara Gadodia! I don’t know how to do grand gestures. I don’t know how to propose lavishly. I may be bad at romance. What I do know is that I LOVE YOU! And I will always be honest and true to you. I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. But if you don’t love me, It’s ok. I’ll understand…. Swara? Swara?
Swara had stood up, took Sanskaar’s hand in hers and they began walking.
Swara (thinking about Sanskaar’s words) : I don’t know what to do… Do I follow the list? Do I tell him no? What do I do?
She began thinking about all the time spent with him and it began to calm her down. She realized that how much she needed Sanskaar! Life without him seemed meaningless. She needed him as much as she needed air! SHE LOVED HIM…
And just like that, Her decision was made.
Sanskaar (confused) : Swara, Where are you taking me?
Swara finally went to the parking lot, took Sanskaar’s keys and they both got inside the car.
Sanskaar : Swara? What are we doing here?
Swara : Well! we certainly can’t kiss in front of the children, Can we?
Sanskaar’s puzzled face changed into one of disbelief and then joy as he registered Swara’s words.
Sanskaar : You mean…
Swara : YES, I LOVE YOU! I just realised it… But deep down, I think I’ve known it as well. I love you Sanskaar Mehra! I love you!
Sanskaar : I love you too…
And he placed his mouth on hers…..
Swara was now Dr Swara Mehra, A senior cardiac surgeon in GOLDEN HEART HOSPITAL , wife of Dr Sanskaar Mehra, A world class neurosurgeon, mother of two adorable and naughty twins, 5 year olds Samar and Samaira!
And she loved every minute of it. Her family loved her. She had 2 sisters and 2 brothers now. Her life was perfect…..
One day, as she was cleaning out her closet, she spotted the list and took it out nostalgically. She saw the score written down 14-5 and smiled. She had wanted a 19-0 man but now, She wouldn’t have it any other way!
Sanskaar (rushing inside the room) : Swara! Your kids are impossible. They…… (looking at the paper) What is that, Honey?
Swara gave the paper for him to read.
Swara : My list of requirements for my perfect man!
Sanskaar scanned the list, then looked stricken at her.
Swara (frowning) : What’s wrong baby?
Sanskaar : Swara! A 14-5 score…. I am not perfect for you. I don’t deserve you na? I am so sorry.. I… I am not the man you wanted.
Swara : HUSH! Don’t say like that. Yes, I always intended to choose the person who could fulfill all 19 conditions. But then, I met you… And I learnt one thing. It also depends on who you love! You may not be the perfect man of my dreams Sanskaar! But I don’t want that man. I want you… The imperfect man of my heart… My Sanskaar! I love you!
She hugged him and he hugged her back.
Swara (freeing herself) : Besides, I have altered the list! Turn the paper.
Sanskaar turned the paper, read it and smiled.
Swara (looking at him) : 20) None of the conditions in the list matter as long as you’re with someone you love and trust and especially if that person is Sanskaar Mehra!
Sanskaar : I love you Swara!
Swara : I know Baby! I love you too…. (playfully) Now what were you telling about the kids?
Sanskaar : Aah yes… Do you know how naughty they are? They……

Well, We have reached the end! Sorry to make it so long….
Will be back with MMAI tomorrow night ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
Sorry to make you wait!!

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