Heyy Everyone! It’s Anjali…
I have previously written Swaragini- The path to happiness and am currently writing Swasan Mr Maheshwari and I…
I do have some time for that to finish.. LOL … But today in exam, didn’t know anything so went off to sleep and got an idea.. And I felt I absolutely had to pen it down.. Rather type it down… AND DON’T WORRY.. I DIDN’T SLEEP THE WHOLE EXAM.. MY FRIEND WOKE ME UP IN TIME FOR ME TO SCRIBBLE SOMETHING 😛 😛
So, For my story.. It’s a pretty old concept!!
Same misunderstandings between lovers, they drift apart, and come back together again.. But I was too excited thinking about this.. So Just give it a try and tell me what you think about it!!
BTW, I will start this only after Mr Maheshwari and I… Mr Maheshwari and his beloved fiancee take up my time entirely nowadays.. And I will start writing the next chapter as soon as I finish this..
Her life had become one huge monotonous ritual.
Get up in a small room in the higher servants’ quarters , try not to cry, Get ready for work, Try not to think about HIM, Have breakfast, try to forget the past, Perform her duty as the governess in the house where she now lived, Try to ignore the insults that came her way, Have dinner, Try to move on, Go to bed, Try not to let the dreams haunt her.
Yes, Swara Sinha’s life was one hell of a monotonous life and yet, there was nothing she could do.
The love of her life had ditched her. Her dignity had suffered under the hands of her father. The town she had once loved so much was now a town she despised. Her sweet mother had left this world over 15 years ago.
In fact, the only thing Swara didn’t hate about this life was her sister Ragini! Ragini was her breath of fresh air… Her letters were her saving grace.
But that was all she had of her. For the day she left her father’s house, That day she had left her beloved sister, her cultured and so called respectful life and her love.
She was not angry at him. People had warned her not to get smitten with the man, He will never marry below his status. But being a foolish girl of 18 at that time, She had given away her heart. And now she didn’t even know if she regretted it!
Swara sighed.
Swara (thinking) : Everyday, I try not to think about you. I have moved on in my life, I have. I know I will never ever meet you. So why can’t you leave me? Why do you have to watch me suffer?
She closed her eyes as a single tear sneaked out and remembered her life 8 years ago, Where she was still Swara Gadodia, Where she was still the apple of her father’s eye, Where she was united with Ragini, SWARAGINI, And Where, She was with SANSKAAR MAHESHWARI!
So yeah, I know this is a very short prologue, But it just struck me… Do tell me what you think of it…
And it seems a bit conceited naming it Anjali’s Swasan Fanfic… But I couldn’t think of a name… And I dont want it to be Mr Maheshwari and I Season 2… So if u have any other idea about the name… Please do tell me…
I will finish writing the next chapter of Mr Maheshwari and I by tonight (unless I fall asleep 😛 😛 ) and will post it, So please wait patiently….
And I do have a lot to say to you guys, But will tell that in chapter 37…
For now, Just LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Credit to: Anjali

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  1. Finally this got updated!!!

    Feels very weird to comment first in ur own works… Anyways….

    I have to tell you, That this too is inspired by a book… But I will deviate very quickly in this!!!

    Hope you like it!!

  2. I am eagerly waiting for Mr maheshwari n I episode …pls post it soon…

    1. Will post asap Stoneheart

      Sorry to make u wait!!

  3. Hey anjali
    …..i hav said not 2 sleep in xam hall…n 2 gt proper sleep at ni8…????
    Vl a nc epi……n a good start….go for it n sleep wel at hom not at xam hall…..

    1. Lol.. If the exam is boring, What can I do? 😛 😛

      I did sleep well at home….

      and thnxx DEV glad you liked it!!!

      1. Same pinch….2moro is my last xam

      2. OHHH… ATB 🙂 🙂

    1. Thnxxx Bresh!!!

  4. hey anjali, will you post Mr maheshwari and I?? actuallly missed some of the epi

    1. I will post it by this evening mostly… Sorry to keep u waiting, Tvisha!!… And if you’ve missed any of the epis…
      Use this link!!!

  5. its nice….but dont want as mr maheswari and i season 2….think f different name…..

    1. Thnxxx Shan!!

      No, Am not gonna keep it season 2… Will think of a different name!! 🙂 🙂

  6. interesting. waiting yr

    1. Thnxxx mou!!

      Will start this after completing the other one.. Or as soon as myhols start!! 🙂 🙂

  7. Interesting

    1. Thnxxx Shabrin!!!

  8. Hey anju best of luck for ur new concept.We all knew we all will love it.
    Keep writing dear

    1. Thnxxx Sakshi 🙂 🙂

      Soo nice of you!!! <3 <3

  9. Well i5 seems u gonna rock again. I loved this shade of Swara. For title I can think of “I hate to love you” I know there was another swasan ff on this name but it will justify the name. Baki appki marzi akhri hain 🙂

    1. Awww…. thnxx Dhara di!!!
      Glad you liked it…..

      The title does sound nice…. Thnxx soo much for your suggestion 🙂 🙂 Will think about it

  10. Hey Anjali..! I’ve read a lot about you from those analysis..uh and Anu are the shining stars of telly updates… I was finding Mr. Maheshwari and I but couldn’t get it..
    N yeah about this one, this is amazing.. Plz continue dea..
    Lots of luv and good wishes..!♥


      Thank you soo much Shreya!!!

      Here you will find all my chapters starting from the latest!!! 🙂 🙂

      * HUGS*

      1. Ohhh..! Thank you so much.. Uh are so sweet..! And cute as well.. In your pic..
        Update soon..! Lots of love..!♥

  11. Hy TE…….. Dis ws superb……. Waiting to read more of dis…..
    Waiting fr Mr. Maheshwari and I…… Plz try to update soon…… I knw I’m being cranky bt wt to do…… I jus ff ur so much?

    Anywayz……….. Hw abt Dard pyaar ka???
    I knw it sounds too silly?

    1. Thnxxx Sueno!!!

      Will start this as soon as hols start or after Mr Maehswari…..

      And yeah.. Ill post it soon… Sorry to keep u waiting!!! 🙁 🙁

      And the suggestion isnt silly…. Dont talk like that… Will think about it!!!

  12. I knw I’m vry bad @ suggestions, so sorry???

  13. Very nice.
    Continue soon.
    Waiting eagerly for it.

    1. Thnxxx Needhi 🙂 🙂

      Will start as soon as hols start!!!

  14. Nice concept..

    1. Thnxx sahi!! 🙂 🙂

  15. Anjali !! This was amazing. And I’m happy that I’ll be catching your work as soon as its starts.

    And one problem dear. I’m not able to update my articles lately. I don’t know what the hell is the problem. There’s some silly message coming. So, if you could possible submit it from my side. I’ll be really grateful. I’ll try for the day but if it not happens then I gotta send it to you. So just give me ur email id.

    Only if its okay with you. . .

    1. Thnxxx Anu!!! 🙂 🙂

      And it looks like you managed to post it on ur own??

      SOO Sorry for late reply!!!

  16. Start this asap… ? m already in love with this concept

    N I hope u start this soon… ??

    1. Aww….. Thnaks Meher!!!

      Will start in june most prob!!

      Glad you like it!!

  17. Ah I missed it but finally ur name stuck me…. Thank god it did
    Concept is really interesting I hope u pen it down soon….
    And yeah I’m happy will get another one from u after sfmmai ?u

    1. Lol….. Thnxx NEha!!!

      I’m not leaving TU anytime soon for now… Dont worry…

  18. The concept is so cool yaar i loved it..

    1. Glad you liked it meghs!!!! thnxx 🙂

  19. Yeah I agree that it’s the same old concept but Anjali you area gifted writer and we all know that you will something too good out of this

    1. sweet of you priyanshi!!!! :* :*


  20. Anju baby..!!!!!!!! Am back for some days..???cz my two exams GT preponed and others gt postponed.. so huge time I am starting my chapar chapar..hope u won’t GT bored..???

    1st f all u r looking tooooo cute..lots of kisses from my side????????

    And ur concept is awesome…I know u’ll rock it again WD ur tremendous writing in love WD ur ffs dear..eagerly waiting for it..??

    Now coming to Mr.Maheshwari and I..I just read ur last chapter..u made me cry sweetie..??? It was soooo emotional..I cried while reading this..Kp writing Anju baby..??plz post next chap ASAP..waiting for it..☺??

    Idk what to say.. But I wish that u gt what u want and all the happiness in ur life..☺? 🙂 🙂 U deserve the best dear… 🙂 and U r soooo sweet at heart..pure soul..U r sooo strong..I HV NVR seen a strong girl like u..nd abt the bashers..I fl pity them..How could they bash such a pure hearted sweet cute girl like u??!???U r such a sweetheart..???
    Anju I love u soooooo much..????
    sorry for extra long comment..

    1. NATS!!!!

      Woo hoo!!! So glad ur back!!! :* :*


      Lol… hope this one too goes well!!! 🙂 🙂

      HAve posted the next chaptter… should be there in a vouple of hrs…

      And ur comment.. Now Idk what to say… 😛 😛
      Thank you sooo much…. There are many more ppl stronger than me.. So leave that…

      Arre…. Bashers nhi… Everyone loves me too much for that 😛 😛 😛

      Only one and it was really silly so I’ve even forgotten that….

      LOVE YOU TOO!!! * hugs* And this wasn’t long.. So shhhh

      Stop telling sorry!!!

  21. Hi Anajli.. so new story.. i like prologue.. sounds interesting.. dear ur grammar n english is just fabulous.. loved it n u a lot 🙂

    1. Thnxxx sooo much Falguni!!!
      Glad u liked it!!!

      LOVE YOU TOO!!!

  22. Aweaome…anjali di i am eagerly waiting for your ff…..
    All the very best for your exams… well……
    And being a little selfish plz post soon …………

    1. Thnxxx sooo much shloka!!!

      Have posted the next one… should be there in a couple of hours…

  23. Hey Anjali I will sure read ur new ff but pls upload the old one also as the last episode was very emotional so waiting for a fresh morning and one more thing is that you on your profile …
    love u loads and missed u

    1. Thnxx divya!!!

      Have uploaded the prev one… Should be there soon…

      And yeah.. That’s me..
      Aww… thnxxx

      LOVE YOU TOO!!!

      1. you look awesome di and yeah its not there hope so soon itll be there love u di

  24. Superb waiting for it dr……..UR profile is superb

  25. Anjali……I have made a very big mistake indeed…..

    That was the time when I was having my board exams and pre-boards and what not….full of exams time for me???
    That was the time u posted ur first ff”Swaragini : the path to happiness”…..I read that ff upto 20 parts and after that I got busy in my exams…….Now after seeing the first few lines where u had written that it was ur ff… happiness knew no-bound…..
    I just liked ur ff not just simply but for the moral(the lesson it taught about the world)
    it gave…….the work I had before an hour was to complete reading that ff…
    Ya….I had completed reading that…..
    It was so cute at last after so much of hurdles and I am totally love with that epilogue ???…..

    Love u loads for it???
    The mistake is I didn’t comment even in a single episode of it and I really feel bad for it???please forgive me if u can….

    And coming to this prologue (the main reason am here???) is just splendid and to put it in a simple way am waiting for the first part excitedly….
    Waiting to know whether the love between them will bloom again???I meant to say and understand it in this way::
    Love is there as alwayzz…but whether will it be expressed???

    Hats off to ur writing skills? (though am not that great to praise u yet as a reader I have the opportunity to say that I guess)
    Love u loads dear???

    1. And ya I forgot to give the suggestion u asked but since I dunno who is at fault or whether the situation is at fault…..

      I am giving u this….

      Swasan:Will it happen again???

      I couldn’t think of anything other than this???…sorry if it is utterly not suitable

  26. Awesome

  27. The prologue was interesting.. Will wait for both of ur awesome ffs

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