Heyy Everyone! It’s Anjali…
I have previously written Swaragini- The path to happiness and am currently writing Swasan Mr Maheshwari and I…
I had posted Prologue 1 of my new fanfic some days back. This is Prologue 2…
I will be starting this once my holidays start or when I finish MMAI..
I still need a new name for this though!! So help me out People
Link for Prologue 1

Everyday he got up in his huge bedroom alone, Had breakfast alone, Went to office alone, Came back and had dinner alone.
Lonely was the word best suited to describe Sanskaar Maheshwari, CEO of Maheshwari Group of Industries.
Despite being a multi-millionaire twice over, He had nothing to call his own. He was to inherit everything from his father, lands in Kolkata, The offices there, the factories they owned. And he had his own enterprise here in London, making him one of the most coveted and richest men in India. Yet Sanskaar was not satisfied. His happiness had been torn apart by one woman in one night.
Everytime Sanskaar thought of her, her brown, piercing eyes, her warm loving smile, his heart ached. Which meant that his heart was always aching, because there was no way he could NOT think of her.

As Sanskaar had his breakfast, he reflected bitterly as to how his life had changed drastically ever since that fateful night.
Sanskaar (thinking) : Never would I have thought that you, YOU would betray me like that. I gave you my heart, my life, my soul, but… But you never wanted any of that right? All you wanted was… Khair chodd….
He washed his hands, the dishes and walked upstairs to his room, where he got dressed for work.
Sanskaar looked in the mirror and flinched.

Sanskaar : In 8 years, You reduced me to a surly, lonely man. I have lost everything : My happiness, my home, my father….. Yahan tak ki I’ve lost my heart as well. The Sanskaar 8 years ago didn’t know what it meant to be unhappy. Now, He doesn’t know whether happiness is ever going to come in his life. SWARA! That day you stole everything from me. I can’t even move on, Because, Damn it… You took away my heart as well. I am rooted in this place. In limbo, Where I will never find happiness nor will I ever be able to let go. I loved you whole heartedly. My first mistake. I went against my father’s wishes. My second mistake. I listened to him. My third mistake. Now, I have no more time for mistakes. I have left my father long back. He doesn’t care about me enough. And YOU…. I don’t even have the urge to take revenge from you. All I want is to forget you Swara!
SO this is my second prologue for my next….
As I said, I will begin this as soon as my hols start… And don’t worry, Am not going to finish MMaI soon…
So relax…
And yes, I still don’t know what to name this..
Pls give suggestions!!

Credit to: Anjali

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  1. This was just amazing. Like WOW!


    1. Love of Heartless Man???

      I know its lame. I actually dunno the theme.
      I would come with better suggestions if you tell us more about the story ??

    2. Aww…thnxxx anu!!!!

      Its not lame and all… well… storyline… just wait and watch…???

      As for more about the story… ill give the intro soon….

  2. Superb…..eagerly waiting for it plzz post soon nd waiting for mmi also

    1. Thnxxx l khan!!!!

      Will post this asap

      And as for mmai…. almost done… just a bit in the end… but am too sleepy… so will finish that Tom and post it…???

  3. Awesome character of SwaSan in this ffs. and Still I think that “I hate to Love you” will best suite for this story.

    1. Thnxx dhara di!!! Glad you liked them…

      Actually… That name has been stuck in my head as well… I think it’s very apt… but let’s see….

      By the way, Lasya told that sree is almost alright… and will be discharged within 3 days 🙂 🙂
      I’m so relieved!!

  4. Hey anjali I just love your ff Mr maheshwari and I .I read all the chapters in a single day and u have a amazing talent with words I eagerly wait for your ff and this prologue is too good waiting for this story to start

    1. Thank you Soo much rachana… a new name and a new friend…????

      Am glad you liked MMaI….

      And this ad well…
      Ill start this from June…??

  5. Do you have Decided New Name what about Lamhe pyaar ke
    But I really loved your Prolog plzzzzz continue and what about i Mr maheshwari

    1. Lamhe pyar ki….
      Sounds interesting… lets see….

      Thnxxx Sanya…. glad you liked it…???

      And mmai will be posted Tom….

  6. Woo my good night treat I think….. Ok let me think of some title I’ll msg u OK… It’s good…. Best of luck for it

    Love you

    1. Good night treat??? This?? Really???

      Woww…. thnxxx neha!!! ???

      Yes sure… message me when u think of A name….

  7. Hy…….. Waiting to knw more……. Wt hd happnd wid thm…..
    Love ya???

    1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUENO!!!! <3 <3
      I have almost finished ur bday gift… But am sleepy now… So I'll post by 11… Is that ok?? I thought I couls finish…. But it's really really big… 🙂 🙂

      HAPPY B'DAY AGAIN!!! 🙂 How old are you now??

      LOVE YOU TOO!!!!

  8. wow anji…….nice…read both prologues….awesoem towsome jaani……cominng to title let me tell….ummm………..aaannnnnnnnnn,……eeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………ooooooooooooooooo………..
    uuuuuffffffffffffff dimag ki batti band ho g hai…..jab jale gi phir btaon gi??

    anji knildy read an os….here z the link

    1. oho Allah miya…ye typing mistake…hud hai…u r very intelligent….smjh jao mistake ko??
      and plzzzzzzzzzz MAI ko post kr do…..loooooooooooooove u jani

      once a friend always a friend??

    2. Lol….. Thnxxx Angel! Glad you liked both the prologues….

      Haaan! Bata do mujhe baad me….

      Intelligent… Thnxx 🙂 🙂 🙂

      AWW…. LOOVVVEEEE YOU!!!! :* :*

  9. “CAN’T FORGET YOU…” Well its gonna b d dumpest title..but u asked..and i suck at titles..

    1. It’s not the dumbest idea… It sounds nicee….

      Thnxx anyways hope!!

  10. Anjali the prologue for awesome …I loved it ..start this ff soon ….I am waiting eagerly

    Can u do me a favour …
    Can u tell me how to change profile pic …

    1. Thnxxx Alia!!!

      Glad u liked it…And yes, I will tell you how to change the pic…

      You have to create an account with…. Then you have to go to and choose a pic…

  11. Oye anjali…gm….im still on bed….
    Allri8 …..buddy giv d 1st epi yarr… waiting(?speak out d words in thupaki movie style)
    Nc prologue 2……
    Love u lots….kisses….hugs…tc

    1. Hey dev!!!

      Lol.. I love thupakki…. Thnxxx… .

      Will give first epi once hols come or if I’m bored!! <3 <3

      Do take care of yourself!!! 🙂 🙂

      Love you too!!! :* :* :*

  12. anji it is awsm……….. part
    post nxt soon……….

    love u……….. 😉 😉

    1. Thnxxxx Pooja!!!! Will post asap!!

      LOVE YOU!!1 <3 <3

  13. Awww..sanky..I feel so bad for my oops..our sanky..
    I obviously cannot call him only mine.. Really excited to know the whole story
    Why and how did this happen between them..
    Love you sis..start it soon..anws..when are yours hold starting???

    1. Heyy Richa!! Aww… Don’t feel bad…..

      Whole story.. 😉 😉
      Shall I tell you??


      LOVE YOU TOO!!!! MY hols start on June 2nd… 🙂

  14. I’m waiting……

    1. Thnxxxx Purva!! Will post once my exams get over… 🙂

  15. Wow!!!

    U r still searching for title… ?

    If I get an idea (chances kam hai ??) then I will surely tell u….

    1. Lol… Yupp!!! I am still searching for the title… LOL!!!

      Yes….. Think of one and then tell mee…

      Thnxx MEher!

      1. “Think” that too Me ????

  16. Now i am so eagerly waiting for this…… But plz dnt end MMAI….

    I knw i will surely cry the day when MMAI will end…. I love Mr. Maheshwari so much…… 🙂

    Title “The distance Between Us”….. I dnt knw…. if it will be apt or not….. lol
    Since u were waiting for suggestion i just gave one…. hehe…

    1. Thnxxx Di!!! And I’m not ending MMaI right now… DOn’t worry 🙂 🙂 🙂

      The distance between us… Hmm.Sounds really nice…. LEt me think…

  17. Your stories are mindblowing Anjali. I will lyk whatever you write. And your language no words…
    MMAI is ending not na… Imean u were speaking about writing next story after ending tbis..

    1. Thnxxx Jane!

      !Ur sooo sweet…. And MMAI is not ending right now…. So chill!!! 🙂 🙂


    great concept…pls continue….

    1. Thnxxx Tani!! For ur suggestion also….
      🙂 🙂

  19. Anjali……..
    Please visit ur prologue 1 (an humble request)….. and I think both think that both of them betrayed the other…..
    Seems very interesting……
    Waiting for 1st part…………
    My suggestion is *SWASAN: Will It Happen Again???* ….. please ignore if it is not suitable ?

    1. I will definitely go check it out…. I keep forgetting……

      Ur guess is good… Let’s see if it is true!!!

      Will post soon…. And thnxx Dharsha! 🙂 🙂

  20. OH GOD ANJU.. u seriously make me made day by day.. i can’t wait more.. u n nishu both r.. ughh.. i don’t know how to wait that much time.. 🙁
    any way love u tc dear 🙂

    n How was sree..?? is she recovering from typhoid..?

    n pls tell me where u find my ff..? i re upload prologue with editing.. as i said u.. i tried so many times to find it n lastly i m damm angry with tu.. n finally search on goggle..

    1. Aww…. Thnxx Falguni!!!

      Lol.. Nishu is going to make u wait for a year, Me less than a month…

      LOVE YOU TOO!!! <3 <3 :* :*


      1. what..?? is she in hospital..??
        oh god.. pls say her tc of herself.. n get well soon

        n u too tc 🙂

  21. this is awesome. .
    hugs and kisses to u Anjalii.. :* :*

    1. Thnxxx Niti!!!

      <3 <3 :* :*

  22. Wow anju it was awsm.I think some mu seperate them.
    Lets see wat happens nxt
    when ur holidays are starting dr??
    when u r posting MMAI??
    Waiting for long

    1. Thnxxx Sakshi!!!

      Is it a misunderstanding?? Is it something else…. 😉 😉
      hols start from 2nd junee…. 🙂 🙂

  23. Misunderstanding btwwen swasan ?. ..
    Waiting for it to be clear

    1. Thnxxx Sujata!!! 🙂 🙂

      :* :* :* <3 <3 <3

  24. Aww!! Dumbstruck!??
    Fabulous!! Superb!!???
    Andbabout this ff’s name!! Umm name it-nameless ff!???
    I will pakka say u if I get some idea!?
    But I knw I ll never get!????

    1. Thnxxxx Jyotii!!!!

      NAmeless ff?? 😛 😛

      If u do get, pls do teell me!!! 🙂 🙂

  25. awesome di pls continue

    1. Thnxx Divya!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  26. Woah!! U hit a six anji (can I call u that)
    Umm..I am not a regular commenter in Mr.maheshwari n I , but I always read it…!!
    It’s marvellous.. So because of a misunderstanding they are apart..
    But I have a doubt reading prologue 1 , isn’t swara pure? I mean u wrote that he dignity was smthng in her father’s smth like that.. Uff..I don’t remember.. Read it long back..
    Hey! It’s u in d pic!? U r so pretty yr..
    Acha n one more thing, I think the name of this ff is Nameless as titled by #jyotii_di…
    Bye for now, will be waiting for ur both ffs
    Love uh

    1. I hit a siX??? 😮 😮

      Thnxxx Kritika!! Glad you commented now… 🙂 🙂

      And no, I don’t mean Swara is not pure… Her dignity in the sense, I meant her self respect… You’ll understand better once I begin the story!!!

      And yes, that’s me.. Thnxxxx 😀 😀

  27. aliya zain abdullah

    hey when r u posting mmai? ur ffs r awsum yarr….m ur fan now

    1. Thnxxx Aliya! MMAI has been posted…. And not a fan… ur a friend!! 🙂 🙂

  28. Superb yr… Actually I’m a raglak fan n i used to read neha’s ff… But ever since I read ur mr Maheshwari n I.. I became ur fan.. U r very talented dr… I loved this ff… U always cme up with these kind of intense love stories… Can’t wait to read it… I hope ur xams r over… Luv u..

    1. Thnxxx so much Ruhani…..

      Being a Raglak fan, you read this! That means a lot to me 🙂 🙂 🙂

      And pls, no fan… Ur a friend!!!

      Exams start on 23rd… 🙁 🙁

      Intense love stories… That’s me 😛 😛 😛

      LOVE YOU TOO!!!!! :* :*

  29. What do you ppl think of pyar ka dard hai???

    or else,

    Still, I love you!!

    REply!! 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi amazing.. From where do u get such ideas dear.. I guess it would be perfect for this ff..pyar ka dard nice.. I really like it..

    2. Ya….even if think pyar ka dard hai is very much apt……
      So nice….awwhhh???

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