Hello ishqies here a new merger adds in the fan fiction list of Ishqbaaz we are very happy to represent our imagination to you in this way hope we get good response on it . We were planning it since we saw the promo of om is going to leave the house as an alliance knocked his life { this story is divided into five shots hopefully this short journey will be blissful for you and us}.
Tia and other villains is exposed so they are out

· Shivika are married as in IB but have accepted their love

· Ishana (played by vrushika Mehta) is opposite omkara

the whole story till tej-omkara fight is absolutely same except the above points.
Shot 1:-

Omkara is shown in his work room (in oberoi mansion), it is quite dark and the moonlight from the windows is the only source of light in the room. He takes a guitar and goes near the window and starts to play a tune.

Scene changes to a girl (in another mansion obviously) who is sitting by a grand dark brown piano, the room is lit with small bulbs hanging down, she runs her fingers on the piano (no sound of music, she is only running her fingers on it), a tear drop falls on one of the keys and then she starts to play a tune (the same one as omkara was playing).


All members are assembled in the Oberoi mansion hall

Tej (in an angry and raised tone)- om there is nothing wrong in what I am doing

Omkara (equally angered and raised tone)- it is! What you are doing is wrong very much wrong mr. oberoi!

Tej- have you forgotten how to talk to father?!

Omkara- this is the way I talk to a father who wants to sell his own son

Tej (raising his hand to slap om)- omkara!!

Jhanvi come in between and shouts ‘tej’

Jhanvi- what are doing tej? Raising hand on son!!!

Tej- what else should I do? This is the kind of son I have got!

Om- and this is the kind of father I have got, a father who wants to get his son married for a business deal or should I say sell him off!!!

Tej- om stop it! There is nothing wrong in it and the Gujrals are famous and renowned

Om- I don’t care about that, from such a long time you are talking about this but have you thought once in this one hour what would happen to my life, to the life of that girl? How would we handle such a relation? I cannot marry any random girl you choose just for business because that marriage will be a deal, a pure business deal and nothing else!

Tej- so what!! Your life will also be settled and hers too. What is there to think about this?

Om (shaking his head in disbelief)- you are such an insensitive person Mr. Oberoi , but I am not. I have decided and it is final, I am not going to marry that girl.

Tej- om even I have decided that you will marry mr gujral’s daughter

Somewhere in Mumbai, a chopper lands and a woman gets out of it her face is not shown as she is wearing cooling glasses and her open hair is also covering her face she runs and hugs her grandfather and says ‘I missed u so much nanu, do you know I have new lyrics!!’ nanu gives her a faint smile and the woman senses something wrong.

Scene shifts back to oberoi mansion

Jhanvi- tej, pls stop this. It is om’s life, let him decide why are you forcing him so much?

Tej- I have to jhanvi, I have to. He is omkara tej singh oberoi and he is leading a cheap artist’s life, no contribution to the empire nothing! So at least his marriage should be of some use!

Om- enough mr. tej singh oberoi, enough is enough!!! It is my dream and I want to live it, art is my life and I am an artist, this is MY DREAM

Tej- a very stupid dream!! You will marry her om that’s is

Om- I will not!!

Both tej and om walk off to their rooms

Jhanvi is shocked and so are rudra and shivaay, dadi places her hand on her mouth, anika eyes widen up in shock and she looks at om and tej going. Anika signs shivaay and rudra to go behind om and they comply. Jhanvi rushes behind tej.

Another big mansion is shown, it has the Gujral name plate

In the hall, Many members of the family are standing in an arc shape and the woman who got of the chopper is standing in front of them facing her back towards them.

A woman (seemingly of jhanvi’s age)- ishu, what kind of childishness is this?

Man (of tej’s age)- ishu grow up! You have to get married some day!!

another man (quite old, looks like the man’s father, actually he is)- asha, arav why are you scolding her?

Asha (the woman who spoke first)- what else should we do bauji?

Aarav (the man who spoke after asha)- she has to get married some time, so why not now and why not him?

The girl turns (she is wearing the same blue colour dress that ishana wore in the IB in her last episode) and says ‘because this is not marriage this is a deal, I will not marry for some deal and besides I have my dreams and career to handle right now’

Another man- but ishana this merger is important for our company and this is the only way, bhaiyya and Bhabhi are right don’t show your childishness here!

Ishana- chachu you also are with them!!!

Another man (about shivaay’s age)- chachu this is not her childishness, just because they are rich doesn’t mean that I will get my sister married to their son!

Ishana- see, if bhaiyya can understand then why cant you??

Aarav- stop it ishana!! ranveer if this is not her childishness then what else is it? Nitin is right, this merger is important for us!

Ishana- papa why don’t you understand? This merger is important for our company and that is why I have to marry some random person??!!

Asha- he is an oberoi ishana, he has all the luxuries of life, he can keep you happy

Ishana- maa I don’t need luxuries; how will I handle the relation? No, it is a deal not relation, because relations are made and respected from heart and I can’t respect a deal turned into marriage!!

Aarav- why can’t you ishu? They are of a high class, they have good lineage, blood line…….

Ishana- papa pls!! high class, blood line or such things do not matter in marriage, what matters is love and respect which cannot be given by me in such a relationship!! And what about my dreams, my business, my career?

Asha- you have to stop your career at some point of time, that is what every woman has to do for her in laws.

Ishana- then I want such in- laws who will not stop me from pursuing my career, my business. I will not accept such a deal!!! (her eyes fill up with tears)

Aarav- ishu there is no way out!!!

Ishana (shaking her head in disagreement)- I won’t, I will never

Ishana runs to her room. Ranveer shouts ‘ishana!!’
Scene shifts to omkara’s room

Shivru enter with a plate (with food for om), om was sitting on the bed and shivru sit on either side of om.

Shivaay- om eat food. You have not eaten anything

Om- I don’t want to eat, and please leave me alone

Rudra- o how is this possible?? Did you forget? All for one, one for all

Shivaay- right! becoming sad is allowed, crying is allowed but staying alone is not allowed. So me and rudra will not go anywhere, we will be with you here

Om- can u guys imagine me marrying a girl whose name is also not known to me?! Mr. oberoi did not think once about that girl also, how heartless can he be. Anyways I don’t want to talk about it, why am I even talking about it

Shivaay feed om and om keeps talking.

Om- how will I be able to handle a relationship in which there is no love and trust. That girl’s life will also get spoilt, but mr, oberoi will never understand! He is a stone. But I don’t want to talk about this, I don’t know why I am talking about this

Shivaay keeps feeding om while he is talking.
In tejanvi room,

Tej is standing in front of his bed and jhanvi is standing beside him.

Jhanvi- tej, let it be. Om does not want this alliance then…

Tej (cutting her in between)- jhanvi please!! You are trying to make me understand?! You should try to convince om, not me

Anika and soumya enter with food kept on a trolley (or whatever u call that).

Anika- bade papa, have some food.

Tej- no anika, I don’t want to have anything

Soumya- but, you have not had anything from quite a long time. It can hamper your health

Anika- haan bade papa, somu is right. by the way, food is very delicious, you taste once and you will become flat!!!

She said that to lighten the mood, but she realised in front of who she was talking in such a manner and kept quite instantly. Tej looked at her and soumya, he smiles. Anika and somu also get happy looking at tej smilling.

Anika quickly picks up a plate, serves food and goes near tej.

Anika- bade papa, come on now have your food. See if you don’t eat then I will also not eat.

Soumya- even I wont eat.
{ in that episode tej was rude to anika so here upside down }

Tej (he keeps his hand on anika and soumya’s head)- you both are just like Priyanka for me. And when I have such beautiful daughters with me, why won’t I eat?

Jhanvi gets happy seeing them

Anika and soumya make him sit on the bed and have his dinner. They sit there talk merrily.

After some time,

Om pauses his talk and looks at the empty plate held by a person who seems to be practically bored and tired of listening to someone’s talks or should I say ‘repeated talks’

Om- who ate the food??

Shivru look at om as if he had grown two horns

Rudra- you only ate all of it na!!?

Om- me??!!!

Shivaay- yes you

Om- today’s incident made me go nuts!!! I mean how can……

Rudra (cutting om in between)- oh please O!! from the past two hours I have listened to this

Om- rudra, I don’t….

Rudra (cutting him again)- haan haan, from the past two hours I have been listening this also that you don’t want to talk about it!!!!! (sarcastically)

Om looks at shivaay, and shivaay nods his head in a yes

Scene shifts to omkara’s work room (in oberoi mansion), Omkara is shown, it is quite dark and the moonlight from the windows is the only source of light in the room. He takes a guitar and goes near the window and starts to play a tune.

Scene changes to ishana (in Gujral mansion obviously) who is sitting by a grand dark brown piano, the room is lit with small bulbs hanging down, she runs her fingers on the piano (no sound of music, she is only running her fingers on it), a tear drop falls on one of the keys and then she starts to play a tune (the same one as omkara was playing).

(Omkara and ishana are playing the background music of besabriyan of MS Dhoni- the untold story.)

Wording start….

Ishana (her eyes sparkle with tears)=

Raaste bhaage
Paanv se aage
Zindagi se chal
Kuch aur bhi maange

Omkara (his eyes reflecting pain)=

Raaste bhaage
Paanv se aage
Zindagi se chal
Kuch aur bhi maange

ishana (she is moving her head with rhythm to the beat)=

Kyun sochna hai jaana kahaan
Jaaye wahin le jaaye jahaan

Omkara (he closes his eyes tight and sings with passion)=

Besabriyaan, besabriyaan
Besabriyaan, besabriyaan…

Ishana (she slowly opens her eyes, a pleasant smile appears on her face; she then looks at her awards and certificates placed in a glass cupboard and then down towards the piano)=

Kadmon pe tere baadal jhukenge
Jab tak tujhe ehsaas hai
Jaageer teri tera khajana
Ye tishnagi hai
Ye pyaas hai

Omkara (he looks into the sky which is sparkling with stars)=

Kyun rokna ab ye kaarvan
Jaaye wahin le jaaye jahaan

Ishana (she closes her eyes, tears trickle down her cheek, but her voice doesn’t crack)=

Besabriyaan, besabriyaan
Besabriyaan, besabriyaan…

Omkara (he walks forward and then looks at his sculptures and paintings)=

Kya ye ujaale
Kya ye andhere
Dono se aage hai manzar tere

Ishana (she looks at the famiy photo hung on one of the walls and then at a project file lying on space above the keys on grand piano)

Kyun roshni tu baahar talaashe
Teri mashaale hain ander tere.

Kyun dhoondna pairon ke nishaan
Jaaye wahin le jaaye jahaan

Omkara (his eyes fill with tears of pain and passion)=

Besabriyaan, besabriyaan
ishana (she looks on determinigly, but her eyes and tears show her pain)=

Besabriyaan, besabriyaan…

The night sky is shown with a full moon spreading its light and stars twinkling in the sky

In Gujral mansion,

Ishana packs somethings in a backpack and quietly moves out of her room and closes the door. She walks to ranveer’s room where he was sleeping, she keeps a letter on the side table and places a paper weight on it. She looks at Ranveer with pain in her eyes and she leaves. The letter is shown lying on the side table with paperweight on it and its edge is flying because of the wind. She goes out of mansion and looks behind at the mansion, takes a deep breath in.

In Oberoi mansion,

Omkara takes his bag and rests it on his shoulder, moves towards the side table and places a folded paper on it, sees rudra peacefully sleeping on the bed and om gives a faint smile. He passes through shivika room and sees both of them sleeping hugging each other, om smiles and moves out of mansion.

ishana and omkara’s cars reach a dhaba (small restaurant) on the outskirts of the city. Ishana’s car is parked just near the enterance of the dhaba and omkara’s car is parked a bit farther away. Omkara gets out of his car and move towards the dhaba while ishana is standing near her car and looking into her phone.
You might have understood but still, for information, ranveer (ACP ranveer singh Randhawa in IB) id ishana’s elder brother and both are gujrals.

Will they meet?

How will they react on meeting?

What are the two planning?

Hopefully it was not boring do let us know your valuable views upon it if we get good response then we will post second part !! Please avoid errors
Exams season is going on so please wait for it ……

Till that
Stay turned and be happy !!! On this note
Bye cu ?

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