Anjaan Dil (Episode 3)


Episode 3

The episode starts with Bihaan reaching Sanskar’s/ His office..

“Where were you? Didn’t you knew that the meeting is after an hour?” Sanskar asks him while narrowing his eyes.

“Offo! Bhai! Why can’t you understand? I told you na that I crashed into a crazy girl while coming here… And that’s what it took me time to reach here.. Otherwise I would be the first one to reach..” Bihaan says.

“Crazy girl? What was her name?” Sanskar asks her.

“Name? It was something like Tha… Yeah! It was Thapki!” Bihaan finally says.

“Thapki? Seems a good name..” Sanskar says to Bihaan.

“But that girl is not at all so good.. She’s very greedy..” Bihaan says.

“Greedy? Why?” Sanskar asks.

“I’ll tell you later… Other wise we’ll be late..” Bihaan says to Sanskar.

“Hmm.. Okay.” Sanskar says and sits down to complete his work.

The screen shifts to Swaragini. They’re getting ready to reach the stall on time.

“Ragini… Dress up fast! We’re late!” Swara yells from downstairs.

“Swara! Why are you worried so much? Thapki is there to take care of everything..” Ragini says.

“Bu….” Swara was about to say but didn’t as she knew arguing with Ragini is of no use.

“Come down quickly!” Swara shouts.

“Accha baba! Coming!” Ragini says and descends down the stairs.

Soon they finish their breakfast and reaches their stall. They see Thapki standing there.

“Thapki.. Go now.” Swara says while huffing.

“Hmm.. Okay..” Thapki says and was about to go.

“What happened? Why is your mood off?” Ragini asks Thapki.

“Vo.. Di.. Actually few hours back a crazy boy crashed into the stall.” Thapki says.

Swaragini were drinking water. Hearing this they both split up the water!

“What?! Couldn’t you take care of the stall? Is it alright.. Nothing happened na..” Ragini says in a breath while huffing.

“Ragini… Calm down!  Thapki.. It’s fine.. But did you ask the name of the boy?” Swara asks her.

“Yeah Di.. His name was Bihaan…” Thapki says.

“Bihaan?” Ragini repeats.

“Yeah!” Thapki says.

“Okay di’s! I’m going now! I’m feeling sleepy..” Thapki says and turns to go while Ragini stares at her angrily.

Precap: Sanskar’s meeting with the Oberoi’s.. What will the result be?

Hello everyone.. We’re Shrinjal and Halima back with another FF.. Do tell us whether you’re liking it or not and please express your views about this episode.. Last episode got very less comments compared to the other.. Why? If you’re not liking then do tell us.

And here’s a task for you.. Well, not a big task.. A small one.. You guys very well know that are writing style is almost similar.. So in every episode, you need to guess who wrote it, Shrinjal or Halima… Hope that isn’t a big task.. Just for fun.

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