Anjaan Dil (Episode 2)

Hello everyone. We’re back with the next part of Anjaan Dil.

The episode starts with Swara and Ragini reaching their home.

“Ragini, I think you shouldn’t have shouted at Thapki..She’s still……” Swara gets interrupted by Ragini.

“Swara..Why do you always take her side? She’s not a kid anymore..And good night, I’m going to sleep..” Ragini says.

“Okay, as you say. Good night.” Swara says.

They both go to sleep. While Thapki also feels like sleeping but she doesn’t sleep.

A boy’s room is shown. The pictures are of him. He’s revealed to be Lakshya. Suddenly, his alarm clock rings. He wakes up with a jerk.

“Shit! I told Sanskar bhaiyya to wake me up! It seems he too forgot..But now, there’s no need of it. I’m already awake.” He says to himself.

“I need to run to the washroom and go for skating!” He adds to himself.

He runs to washroom. Bathes and comes out..He then rushes downstairs and sees Sanskar and everyone having breakfast.

“Sanskar bhaiyya..I told you to wake me up..But you……” He didn’t complete his sentence.

“Beta, what’s the need of it? You’re already awake.” AP says.

“Yes mom. That’s why I didn’t wake him up.” Sanskar says.

“But why did you wanted Sanskar wanted to wake you up?” DP asks..

“Voh dad..Because I wanted to go for skating.” Lakshya says.

“Will you have your breakfast?” DP asks.

“Of course dad, you know I can’t live without food.” Lakshya says.

“Huh! Bhukkad!” DP murmurs to himself.

“Dad..I heard it!” Lakshya says.

“And that was for you only.” DP says.

“Accha Lakshya cone sit and finish your food.” AP orders.

“Ji maa.” Lakshya says and sits down to eat.

“Okay maa. I’m finished. Bye” Sanskar says and goes outsides.

He drives and reaches his office. He goes to his cabin and calls his PA.

“Yes sir?” His PA asks him.

“Mukesh..Where’s Bihaan?” Sanskar asks him.

“Vo…Sir Bihaan sir did not arrive yet.” Mukesh says..

“Okay..And is everything ready for the meeting with Oberoi’s?” Sanskar asks.

“Yes sir.” Mukesh says.

“Okay good..” Sanskar says.

Mukesh goes out of his cabin. Sanskar calls someone.

“Where are you Bihaan? Did you forget we have a meeting with the Oberoi’s?” Sanskar asks him.

The guy is revealed to be Bihaan. He’s driving the car.

“No..Chill down..I’m at the gate, entering.” Bihaan says.

“Okay.” Sanskar says and disconnects the call.

Precap- Swara and Ragini..Sanskar’s meeting with the Oberoi’s.

Hello everyone. We’re Shrinjal and Halima back with another FF.

Do tell us whether you’re liking it or not.

Take care
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