Animal, i have become [krishnadasi FF, Episode-1]

Previously in prologue – Aradhya & Aryan’s happily married life was destroyed with the entry of Hridan in their life. They got divorce and after four years Aradhya is living with Hridan. Aryan reached there.
Hridan smiled and opened the door. The smile slipped off his face, to be replaced by a look off utter shock. How many years was it now? Three? four?
“Hello, Hridan.” The person standing on the doorstep said calmly. “Good to see you again” Hridan blinked, finally finding his voice. “Aryan, what the hell are you doing here?” he hissed, casting a quick glance upstairs.
Aryan smirked briefly. Most of his face was in shadow, Hridan could only just see his features.
“ASi said good to see you too. Would it be okay if I stayed for a bit? I havn’t particularly got anywhere to go at the moment.” Aryan said. Hridan blink again, trying to get his frozen brain working. While he was still scrabbling around trying to find a few un-paralysed brain cells, Aradya came down the stairs behind him.
“Hridan, who’s tha..” Hridan winced as Aradhya literally flung herself down the stairs to land in front of him, her eyes blazing. “Get out of here, what are you doing here?” a faint light seemed to die in Aryan’s eyes.
“time didn’t do a very good job on you, did it, Aru?.. you are still fire ball it seems!” he said quietly. Hridan watched uneasily as Aradhya glowered at her ex-husband.
“Get out of here, and its Aradya for you… well actually no one for you.” She snaled again. Aryan shrugged, his face expressionless.
“I can take a hint, you know.” He gave Hridan a disappointed look. Hridan returned it blankly, his brain still frozen with all the commotion. Aradhya made an impatient movement with her head “All right, all right, I’m gone.” He turned around and started to make his way down the driveway. Aradhya move to slam the door shut, but Hridan pushed past her and hurried outside, his brain finally clicking into gear.
Aryan was leaning heavily against the shoulder-height wall that surrounded their house, rough, barking coughs coming from his mouth. As Hridan watched, he fell to his knees, still coughing violently. Hridan swore softly and went quickly to him. Aryan half-open one eye and gave a weak grin.
“huh? Being a gentle man again huh? I like what you appear to be… Hridan.” His voice was harsh and strained.
“shut up.” Hridan ordered. Surprisingly Aryan obeyed. “I do not pretend, and you Aryan.. time didn’t do a very good job on you as well. You are this egoistic, judgmental and ignorant.” Aryan didn’t answer back he just smiled mockingly and looked at other side. His eyes were tear filled.
Closing up, Hridan could see that Aryan’s face was tight and strained, the dark shadows that he had notice merely empathising the overall look of ill health. He was thin to the point of being gaunt, , but had clearly tried to hide it by wearing a baggy grey jumper and equally baggy ripped denim jeans. Something told Aryan that the rips weren’t for fashion. His sunken cheeks were unnaturally flushed and the ferocious coughing fit shook his emaciated frame. Hridan reached out and laid one hand lightly on Aryan’s forehead. It as warm, but not healthily cool, either.
“I’m fine. Just got over the flu, that’s all,” he mutter hoarsely.
“Sounds like it went to your chest. You should get that seen to.” Hridan advised.
Aryan snorted “yeah, right.” He said scornfully. He closed his eyes again and tool a few deep, slow breaths, clearly fighting down another coughing fit. Making mind, Hridan took hold of Aryan’s cold arms and helped to his feet. Aryan looked at him questioningly.
“you can stay.” Hridan said firmly. Aryan’s eyes flash surprise and relief.
“Are you mad?” Hridan heard a female voice and turned around to find Aradhya standing angrily. “I am not having him in the same house as my children. No let alone house… it would be even same street!” Aradhya hissed
“children?” Aryan asked surprise. “it is not you business, stay out of it” Aradhya hissed again.
“Aru.. I understand what you are trying to say but he is staying here that’s final.” Hridan said pleasantly. He met her heated gaze coolly and held it with ease, waiting for her to drop her eyes. Eventually , she did so. “yes, Hridan but he is staying in the spare bedroom, and he can’t talk to either of the kids without one of us in the room with him.” She said turning around “ also he comes out looking better than he did when he comes in.” she finished finally. Hridan gave her a grateful smile “she needs time to melt.” He looked ad Aryan “ is that ok with you?”
“better than I expected.” He chuckled again, a slight cough escaping his lips. Aradhya had the grace to blush slightly.
A/N- cliffy   what happen to Aryan!!!… hope you liked the update.

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