Animal, i have become [krishnadasi FF, Prolouge]


It’s been 4 months since all misunderstanding between Aradhya and Aryan cleared up. Aradhya got to know that her grand mom manipulated her by telling lie and she fell for it. She wrongly accused Aryan in a disgusting crime which he never did. She promised that she will again step foot in her home when kumudini will die. She regretted about her deed and even asked apologises from her husband but her husband refused to forgive her. Well, how will he forgive when he himself were in fault most of the time. He was at fault when he couldn’t take stand for their marriage, he was at fault for continuously mistreating and insulting her. Yes, Aryan said “there is nothing to forgive as I am the one who is guiltier, please forgive me” …. And they fight on who should forgive and who should be forgiven and eventually felt how stupid they were… that they were fighting on some silly things when there were lots of things for them to catch.
And its been 3 months since their 3rd time marriage… in spite of aba’s and pavitra’s disliking of the marriage celebration, a huge celebration was held from rest of the family. Aryan jokingly said “madam… how many time are you going to marry? Are you sure it’s the last time?” … Aradhya said “this is just the third time… I will marry at least 3 time more” … Aryan smile and said “I hope that next 3 time also I will be sitting here beside you as your groom.” Aradhya smile and patted Aryan’s cheek lightly.
When they went for honeymoon Aryan made a friend Hridan. Hridan is a very happy go lucky guy. A little weird but has a heart of gold. He is not exactly very tall and healthy. He is thin and lanky. He got hazel colour eyes and pale skin. He always wear plain shirt and loose trouser. He is a painter by profession. Aryan and Aradhya asked him to make their painting together and thus started a sweet friendship however that sweet friendship changed. Aryan felt Hridan getting closer to Aradhya and Aradhya seemed very comfortable with him. In number of occasion Aryan felt Aradhya’s and Hridan’s friendship growing more than apparent friendly zone. Aryan ignored it many time.

When they get back home Aryan felt everything will be fine then but within few days Hridan came in their village saying that he will be staying in the village as Aradhya invited him and he also feel it’s a beautiful village and him being an artist person can’t leave until he fully appreciate beauty of any beautiful thing.
Aradhya and Aryan’s relationship grew continuously bitter because of Aryan’s insecurity. Taking advantage of it Pavitra and Aba made Aryan to believe Aradhya is cheating on him. They used to arrange things is such a way that it seemed infidelity going on. Aradhya tried to make Aryan understand many time that Hridan is just a friend and nothing else still Aryan had the nagging feeling that Aradhya is cheating on him and one fine day Aryan thought to let Aradhya go. He brought divorce paper home. Aradhya cried and begged him to not to do this. Aradhya said Aryan that he is delusional, she is not cheating on him but he was not convinced. Aradhya said “I forgave you when you mistreated me. I can’t repeat the same thing again”… Aryan said “am I not the one who should be asking the same?” dam of tears broke from Aradhya’s eyes.
Today Aradhya and Aryan got divorce. Aba and Pavitra were very happy. They thought finally Aradhya going away from Aryan’s life. Both Aradhya and Aryan were severely heart broken.
four years later

“weedaan!” a 3 year old Abira whined, running into the kitchen and stamping her bare foot on the slippery linoleum. “I wann ice-kim!”
“no .. its passed dinner time, no ice cream.” Hridan said distractedly from the lounge.
“Ice-kim?” A hopeful face popped round the door, Ayan, Abira’s twin brother came running in the kitchen.
“That means you as well, Ayan.” Both the kids scowled at him, then turned their backs and started whispering mutinously to each other. Hridan sighed “why it is always me?” he complain, imitating the kids’ whiny tones.
“Because you’re such a pushover” Aradhya said teasingly. Aradhya looked to her children “ok kids it’s the last scoop you are getting today”
“otaaaayy “ the kids said in union. The kids took their ice-cream and ran in lounge.
“So Aru.. what did you thought.. its been years since you are staying here… you never contact home” Hridan started.
Aradhya turned around “I said na.. I don’t wanna talk about it.”
“But you have to … Kids are growing… They should know their grandmother and their…” the word remain in his mouth when the doorbell rang loudly. Twin screeches of “I’m getting itttt!” rang out from hyped-up kids, the sound of racing feet echoing through the house.
“No, I’m getting it!” hridan shouted. The pounding feet descended the staircase rapidly paying him no attention at all “if you two touch that door you won’t get to see TV for a month.” Aradhya threatened and footsteps stopped … “score” Hridan thumbs upped to Aradhya. Aradhya stuck her tongue out “Cartoon always work.” Hridan Smiled.
“Kids now, come upstairs and we will watch cartoon while Hridan talks to whoever’s out there okay?”
“otaaayyy” in union again. Aradhya lead them upstairs.
Hridan smiled and opened the door. The smile slipped off his face, to be replaced by a look off utter shock. How many years was it now? Three? four?
“Hello, Hridan.” The person standing on the doorstep said calmly. “Good to see you again” Hridan blinked, finally finding his voice. “Aryan, what the hell are you doing here?” he hissed, casting a quick glance upstairs.

A/N- if you like my story I promise I will complete it. I know its little rush in the beginning but hope you liked it..

Credit to: Tanu

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