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Anil from the back, suprises Shivika and hugs her.
Anil: Mumma, what happened to Mumma, Shivu.
Shivika (Sobbing): Anil…Mumma left us FOREVER, Anil, FOREVER…
Anil gets suprised and stands still like a statue for a momment, then drops of tears cover his pale stripy shirt.

Anil (Sobbing): Shivu, Mumma… How did this happen?
Shivika explains how it happened.
Anil (wiping his tears): Are you okay, Shivu, and what are you holding…is it a diary?
Shivika hides it.

Kritika interrupts.
Kritika (sobbing): Didi’s disk we found, remember Shivu, is her message, the nurse told us, Om is gonna show the video message using his laptop.

Shivika runs to Om.
Om inserts the disk on his laptop and a video message appears. He shows it to the family.

The video message starts.
It shows Anika, she was lying on the hospital bed. She struggles to speak but still does it.
Anika starts speaking…
Anika: What, everyone, why are you all sobbing, I haven’t gone anywhere, don’t you know I reside inside all of your’s hearts. Shivu, explain them, you trust your Mumma ha…

Shivika speaks along with the video…
Shivika: I always trust you Mumma.

Anika continues to speak…
Anika: Arrey, I even forgot that you are sentiment and ronne ki dukan (crybaby), Chutki explain them, please, you are my favourite aren’t you? *coughs while talking*.
Kritika: Didi…
Anika: I am alright Chutki, you will never learn, you always react if I just cough for a second. And how is Aradhya, and Om how are you?
Kritika: You know didi, and you will never learn as well, always caring about others.

Anika: Bhulakkar (forgetful) me, how can I forget Rudy and Soumya, how are you guys, fine ha? And how about Dhruv, how is he doing, studying well, na? My Shivu, how is Anish and Anshi, my sweethearts, I am missing them so much.
Shivika (sobbing): Mumma…I miss you so much.

Anika: Okay, I am sorry that I didn’t inform anyone about my cancer but I just called see anyone getting hurt. I just wanted to tell everything I wanted in my last days. Now I will meet Shivaay on sky, hopefully…*Anika gives a fake smile*

The video finishes.
Everyone mournly sobbs. Anil takes half-fainted-Shivika to their home.

2 hours later…
Everyone dressed in pristine white outfits, take Anika’s corpse to funeral rites site and OmRu with Anil does Anika’s funeral rites. Everyone sobbs as OmRu and Anil place fire to the wood covered corpse. After burning the corpse, the ladies of the family proceed to Oberoi Mansion.

Shivika sobbs, anyone just can’t console her. To make herself feel the presence of Anika she gets the diary out and starts reading…
(The diary states)
Finally, I got a job but not in any ordinary place, in Oberoi Mansion, I heard they were the richest in india.

After I came back to home, I hugged Sahil, he was confused, I explained him everything single thing occurred.
“Vah vah, Annu di, that’s a really good news” Sahil muttered joyfully.

Precap: Anika collides with Shivika and spills water she had on her hands on Shivaay’s important paper, Shivaay’s face goes red as blood.
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  1. Dini

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  2. Nafisa

    SuperbπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ and you make me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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