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@Dobriyal Mansion…
The telephone rings…

Shivika’s P.O.V…
Shivika: Who is calling right now, after a tiring morning this was the only opportunity to rest.

Shivika answers the call.
Shivika: Hello, this is Shivika Dobriyal

Shivika drops the phone on the ground. And rushes outside, gets her car and drives off.

@Shivika’s car (inside)
Shivika: Why are you worrying Shivika, the doctor just said mumma’s health wasn’t good, believe god, he won’t let anything happen to mumma.

Shivika calls her husband Anil on the phone…
Shivika (crying): Anil…
Anil: Shivika, are you alright?
Shivika: Mumma’s health isn’t well.
Anil: Shivika, don’t worry I am coming.

Shivika reaches the hospital and runs inside.
Shivika: Mrs. Anika Singh Oberoi
Receptionist: Room No. 37 please.
Shivika: Thanks…

Shivika takes the elevator (lift) and goes to the second floor. Then goes to room No. 37…

@Outside room No. 37…
Doctor: Aren’t you Shivika Singh Oberoi, I mean Shivika Anil Dobriyal.
Shivika: Yes doctor, how’s my mother.
Doctor: I am sorry, she is no more.

Shivika falls on her knees and starts to sob.
Shivika (sobbing): Doctor, you are joking, she was perfectly fine a month ago, and yesterday I talked to her, she was in Oberoi Mansion and Om chacha with Rudy chacha was there.

Doctor: Actually she was diagnosed with cancer. She was admitted to hospital by Om and Rudra and also they visited the hospital yesterday. They should arrive here by now I also phoned them.

Om, Rudra, Soumya and Kritika arrive there…

Om: Doctor, how is Anika?
Doctor: She has passed away.

Om’s eyes gets teary. Kritika falls on her knees along with Soumya.

Rudra tries to console Shivika, Kritika and Soumya.
Rudra: If you guys cry like that how bhabi’s soul will get peace?

Nurse hands out a diary, a pen, a disk and glasses.
Nurse: These are few things of Mrs. Anika.

Kritika picks the stuff and hugs it.
Nurse: Mrs. Anika in her last days, start writing on her diary.

Shivika notices the diary and gets it.
The cover page’s title says “I AM WRITING MY STORY IN THIS DIARY”
Shivika (sobbing): Mumma’s story???

Shivika starts reading the diary…
The diary states…

Everyday here in this hospital is miserable for me. Everyone is busy with their lives and I know that I am not gonna survive for that long. So I am gonna share all the secrets with you. My birth to my last days everythong happened with me I am gonna write here…

My birth to last days…
I don’t remember that much about my birth, but I remember some flashes. My parents died maybe in a car accident. I used to have a rich lifestyle maybe my parents were rich. I think I was 4 and my sister Chutki a.k.a Kritika was 2. After my parents’ death no one was willing to take our responsibilities. Me and Chutki stayed with our Chacha and Chachi for a week. One day Chacha said to me and Chutki that we are going to visit a special place.

And that special place was orphan heritage. He left us there. I cried and tried to stop him but I was very young so I couldn’t. Chutki kept saying “I wanna go to mumma and papa”. In that heritage some workers were so good and some were wicked. The wicked ones made us do all the work but took credit for themselves. Years passed like that.

My worst nightmare came true. Someone decided to adopt Chutki. And that chudail worker took her away. I tried to stop that chudail. My ears still remember those words of poor Chutki. “Didi, help me, Chudail is taking me away”. Then Chutki left me forever. Chutki was 6 and I was 8.

My world was miserable without Chutki. My dream was to educate left incompleted. Every Sunday in the heritage, we use to watch a movie as a treat. One day I saw this movie, where an orphan educates herself and gets very much fame. That movie made me even more ambitious. I went to the heritage-head office, and asked him “Why can’t we, the children of this heritage get a chance to educate?”. He was impressed with my bravery. He replied “Sorry, child, we don’t have the money to” his words pierced my heart and broke my dreams. Why is money everything I said to myself.

A really good person came to our heritage. He was really nice. He saw me shouting at a child as he said that “Education isn’t important”. And I shouted at him “Education help us learn, and makes us famous, and you are saying this about education”.

Then a good worker came to me and said “You are getting adopted”. I was shocked and my dream got alive again. I thought that my new family will educate me.

The next day I was welcomed to my new home. The lady, I mean my new mother was so kind to me. She treated my like as I was her blood daughter. My new parents sent me to school, helped me educate.

I welcomed a new member at our little family, baby Sahil. But the bad news was that he was diagnosed with polio causing him to be handicapped on future. When Sahil was 2 and I was 14, my parents went to visit their ill aunt. Sahil was staying with me. On the way they had an car accident and they passed away. I had to to take the responsibility of Sahil.

Once more my parents left me. Thank goodness that mumma and papa saved 10 Lakhs for Sahil’s future. With the help of my friend, Reena, who was my next door neighbour I raised Sahil. We didn’t get any support from Sahil’s family.

But after 6 years Reena got married and the money was almost over. I decided to get a job. I heard that Sahil’s useless bua sold our house for 30 Lakhs to someone. I decided to fight with her but she called the police and got me to jail by saying that I was trying to control the properties of her brother.

But I somehow proved myself innocent and got bail. I heard that, bua spent all 30 Lakhs on gamble. I was so furious. I took a job for catering services. At first I was invited to work at a rich people’s party, I nearly messed everything as I got to manage food and decoration and overcooked all the foreign food and I tried to cook it again but all the foreign ingredients was over so I cooked desi food. It was liked by everyone. Also the decoration was loved by everyone as well.

An elderly lady came up to me and said “Have you managed the catering”. “Yes” I replied. “Beta, would you like to manage the diwali party on Oberoi Mansion?” She said happily. My face was glowing as I heard her words. “Oberoi Mansion, Priyanka’s house” I said. “Yes, how do you know Priyanka?” She questioned. “Well, I work at her university as the caterer and we met there and became friends” I replied. She fixed the date of the diwali party.

Precap: The disk which was found with Anika’s clothes turned out to be a message to Oberoi Family Members from Anika.
I said that all the Oberoi family members will be in flash back only, so it won’t actually some of them will be in the present as well, such as Om and Rudra.
Shivika is married to Anil and has two children who are twins called Anshi and Anish.
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