Anika’s Billuji Ishqbaaz OS

Hi everyone this SK after a long time something popped into my mind.

This is after all problems in the house is sorted and pinky has also accepted anika as she is without stressing on naam koon kandhan.
So here goes the story.

Dadi has sent shivika to Paris on a trip for them to spend time alone together. They reached Paris in their chartered flight.
It was evening when they checked into their hotel. They dozed off to sleep as soon as they reached their room.

Next morning shivay was the first to wake up. He got ready and got breakfast for both of them and then woke up his sleeping beauty with a gud mrng kiss. She woke up with a smile. They both had their breakfast and left for sight seeing at the end of the day when they returned to their hotel room shivay was suprised to see the room completely decorated. It was anika who had asked the hotel staff to decorate their room. She had a smile on her face. They walked in and then anika went down on one knee and said ” mujhe pata hai ki mere pati keliye yeh sab karna nahi aata isliye mein yeh sab kar rahi hoon.

I love u billuji would u give me the honour of staying with u all my life. She was waiting for shivay’s reply. Shivay pulled her to her feet and smashed his lips on her’s in response to her proposal, anika who did not expect this stood still for sometime bur then shee to started reciprocating the kiss. She was dominating. They finally broke apart for oxygen. He mumbled near her ears I LOVE YOU anika. She wispered in his ears are u ready to make me urs shivay. He was startled with the her question but was happy. He pushed her on the bed and jumped over her. His lips were busy exploring her mouth while his hands were undressing her. She was not less than him she did want to waste time so she just tore apart his clothes. Both of them were naked. They tasted each other fully and finally became one in all aspects. He was hers and she was his. Both of them drifted to sleep in each others embrace. 

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  1. It was short but liked reading it. It could be made best if it was little long

    1. Sk2211

      Thank u. Will make sure the next one is long.

  2. Alekhika20

    beautiful os

    1. Sk2211

      Thank you.

  3. Beautiful but toooooo short yaaar

    1. Sk2211

      Thank you I shall try to make the next one longer

  4. Arthi

    It was short dr….but was cute and Superb

    1. Sk2211

      Thank you. Will make the next one longer

  5. sweet update carry on sweety liked it

  6. Amazing. But too short.

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