Anika united Mahi with family and Mahi united Shivika. OS

Hey peeps ! It is me, having an OS. This idea came to me while I was about to sleep. Thank you for you comments on my ff. I promise I will post them soon too. Well, enough of by bak bak. Lets begin !


Once again I woke up to face another stressful day of my useless life. I just cannot understand why I can’t die ? I wish I could kill myself. No ! I
want to live and save my family from maa. Maa thinks that I don’t know that she isn’t my real mother.. But I know. I am alive because I want to save my family and my brothers from maa. But I hate that Pinky, because of only her I am not able to live with my family. But she is my mother too. I still remember the day I came to know that truth. Fb starts-

Mahi was going from near a hospital. When suddenly some papers come flying away and stuck on his face. They were the
copy of the DNA reports. He was shocked after reading them. (I know it is not possible, but still, I can do anything na ?)
Fb ends.

I woke up from the bed and got freshedned up. When I was in the kitchen, I heard some noise coming from the front door. When I went there, I was shocked to see Anika standing. Oops! My bhabi. I wish I could call her bhabi for once. Ugh.. Leave it. I was about to run but this time she caught me by my collar. Man!
I swear she is really powerful.


Fast forward of 2 hours.

(In these 2hours, Mahi and Anika discussed to each other about his and Shivaay being brothers and how they knew it. They made a plan and went towards Oberoi Mansion).


I was waiting for Anika. This girl
really makes me mad. But what to do, i cannot live without her.
Then I saw her coming from the front door with me. Wait.. Not me. That was him. Mahi ! How dare he come inside my house ? Did he blackmailed Anika ? Why is there an injury on Anika’s hand ? What did he do ? I went and held his collar ! Everyone came to the hall. They all started accusing him. But Mahi stayed quiet and just smiled looking at everyone of them. Uhh I was confused. Then I looked at him again. He was still smiling.
Pinky- Why are you here ? Get lost. We don’t even know that what is your family background and even you dont know that. Right ?

Anika- Excuse me Pinky aunty ! First of all, he knows what is his family background ! And secondly, he is your son.

Pinky- You cheap girl. You even dont knows your backgrounds and now tellings him to be my sons.
Anika- You are just…
She kinda threw some papers on mom’s face and mom was expressionless after that. She just went amd hugged Mahi. Fhat the Wuck ! I read the papers and was shocked to see the reports. Mahi was my brother !

Fast forward of 1 hour..

(In this 1 hour.. Everyone accepted Mahi and Mahi was really happy. And alot of emotional drama ! Now Mahi knew that Shivika haven’t
accepted their love and thought of something mischievious.)

At night..

ShivOmRuMahi were sitting at the pool side.

I was so happy to find my 3rd brother. Mahi was really good. We both were almost same.

Mahi- Shivaay.. You know.. When I became you and Anika thought me to be you. I and she..
I – Fhat the Wuck! What ?? She and you..?

Mahi- No..!! She caught me by a lie about your honeymoon. But now OmRu told me that you both never went there. Your wife is really intelligent.

Om- But Shivaay I guess you both should go somewhere..

Rudra- Yaa yaa. Why not ?

I just blushed and went away. Why was I blushing ? Man.. I am
in love. Oh god. I never thought I would blush like this. But she is really naughty. Our honeymoon. Hmm.. I can tease her regarding that. Haha. I am clever.

Shivika’s room-

I went to her and said- Anika. I found out how you found that fraud Shivaay ?

Anika- Umm.. HOW ?

I- Aww. Stop being so naughty. You talked about our honeymoon.
I went closer to her. Man ! She was startled and shocked to the core and was blushing really very much. I pinned her to the wall and blowed on her ear.

I- Tell me Anika.. Why ?

Anika who was really shocked- Because there was no other way.

I- So.. You wanna go tomorrow ? I have booked the tickets.

Anika- Really ?
Shivaay- Yeah.. Of course. After all, I love you.

Anika- I know I know even I love you very much.

Just realizing what she said, she bit her tounge.

I- Really ? You love me too ? So we are going.

Anika said Ok and went from there blushing.

Thank you for reading. Kindly comment.

With love, Archisha

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    Everything was so quick , loved it and it was awesome just by a simple act everything is all set . Haha , DNA paper reaching Mahi was fun and seriously this is your story and you can do anything . Come up with more dear 🙂

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    Awesome….loved it

  5. Could anyone tell me that what’s the maening of OS

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      One shot. It means that it will end in only one part and will not be continued☺

  6. Nice dr and DNA part was fab and it’s our story so we are the writers and superb dr…

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    Short nd cute… Loved it!!

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