Anika past part 5

Evening time

Anika finds a box on the bed with her name on it..

She opens it and finds a beautiful dress with a note to be ready at 7 pm sharp and come at the entrance of Oberoi mansion..Don’t u dare to miss or be late..It’s an order of shivay Singh Oberoi..

She smiles and blushes at this thought but then thinks why would have shivay called her like this…

She gets ready and finds no body in the hall..thinks accha hua kya kehte sabko shivay SE milne jaa rhi hue..
As she moves ahead towards the entrance… khaana tells her to please sit in the car shivay sir is Waiting for u..She sits in the car and the car stops at an isolated place..She gets down and as she turns back to ask khaana where is shivay she finds no one there..Khaana has left…

She gets a little afraid but Anika being Anika..Moves ahead chanting the name of shivay shivay…

There a is a big building (or hall) beautiful lighted…

Anika moves towards it..She enters inside and it’s empty…She again says shivay are you here..

She turns to leave but the lights to off..She gets scared..Says Bachao..Pllzz lights on kre..

Suddenly she hears shivay’s voice..

S Anika…Mai yahin hue..daro maat..

A shivay lights on kijie..Plzzzzz mujhe andhere se bht darr lgta hai..
Vo maarenge Hume shivay..plzz lights on kijie…

S Anika..Relax..Tumhe mujhpe vishwass hai ?

A shivay..Kahan hai aap..plz jaldi aaei shivay..

S Anika tumne jawab nahi diya..Bharosa hai mujhpe

A ha shivay..Ha bharosa hai aap par..Plz jaldi aa jao..(Crying)

S to fir Anika seedha seedha chalti rho..

A shivay plz..Aisa Matt kijie..

S Anika vishwass rakho..Aur aao

Anika walks a few steps in fear

S bas Anika ruko..

A shivay ab to lights on kijie PLZZ

Suddenly lights come on and Anika is shocked to see shivay standing there

Shivay comes there and holds her hands wipes her tears…She hugs him…He calms her down and gets tears in his eyes too..He says sorry Anika..

She starts beating him..Says aap bht bure ho shivay..Bht bure hai aap..Aap jaante hai na mujhe andhere se kitna darr lgta hai..I hate u..

Shivay but I love u Anika..

Anika kya kaha aapne ?

Shivay vhi Jo tumhe suna..I love u..
I really love u..And kisses her hand

Anika slaps him..

Shivay what the wuck..

Anika I love u hi kehna that to itna daraya kyu mujhe..Koi kaam aapse seedhe seedhe nahi hoga Na..Bagadbille kahin ke..

Shivay panika don’t u start again..Or btaya nahi tumne…Pyaar krti hue mujhse ?

Anika ye koi baat hai puchne wali..Kya lgta hai aapko…aap itna to jaan hi gye honge mujhe..Ki jawab Kya hoga mera..Itna Kuch kiya aapne mere sath..Uske baad bhi aap mujhse Puch the hai ?

Shivay feels guilty for whatever he has done..And says Anika I am really sorry for Jo bhi bura Maine kiya tumhare sath…Kya ek or chance dogi mujhe..

Anika haa..I love u too shivay…Aapne but bura kiya mere sath..Par har baar sath bhi diya na mera..Mai bht pyaar krti hue aapse..

Both hug each other and cry…

Sooo this was it for it for today…

Precap one more surprise for Anika
Anika reveals her past..

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