Anika past part 3

Anika past part 3

S anika r u ok..Should I call the doc

A no shivay..Mai bilkul theek hue..Andhere kamre me ghutan se behosh ho gyi hongi..Ye doctor to kuch bhi kehte hai..Mai bilkul theek hue..Aap itna Matt socho..

S anika kabhi bhi if u want to share something with me..I am always there for u..

A thank you shivay

S ab tum rest kro..mukhe neeche Kuch kaam hai I’ll come..

Shivay goes and meet Omru dadi Soumya and jahanvi..Pinky and Priyanka r out..And tells them the current situation..They all get a little worried but Dadi says ki Anika is a strong girl..She is very brave..She is hesitant rite now bt hmara farz hai uska dhyan rakhna..Kitne ehsaan hai uske is Ghar pe..

Shivay says I’ll do everything to make her happy and stress free..

They make a plan which is inaudible.

Anika is seen resting in room and thinking what if everyone comes to know about my past..

Shivay enters there with a tray of food and tells her to finish it asap as she has to take medicines also..

A no shivay no medicines..Maine kha na Mai bilkul theek hue..

S maine tumse pucha nahi hai..Btaya hai tumhe..And see Mai tumhare liye aalo puri laaya hai..Apne hath SE bna kr..

They share an eyelock

Shivay says ab mujhe dekhte hi rhogi ki khaeogi bhi.

She finishes it all and praises it.
She takes the medicines also after resisting a lot but shivay makes her eat them

She tries to leave by from the room but shivay insists her to sleep here only..She agrees..

Next day

Shivay sees Anika sleeping and smiles..He opens the cupboard looking for something and suddenly a packet falls down..He opens it and finds some old pictures of Sahil Anika and Sahil..Their whole family and on picture he sees very closely in which there r 2 girls..He thinks that she might be chutki and thinks something..

He calls the doctor and tells him about Anika’s sister..He tells him to try as much to know more about Anika so that she shares about her herself..It will help her in reducing stress..

After breakfast Anika visits the room..She sees shivay sitting there and laughing seeing something..

A shivay Kya kr rhe hai aap
S anika ye Dekho mere bachpan ki pics hai..Omru dadi ke sath Dekho…

She smiles a little and then her eyes get wet..Shivay takes notice of this..

Anika and shivay see the snaps and shivay shares his childhood experiences…

Shivay seeing the right moment asks Anika too to show her pics..To which Anika replies she doesn’t have any.. Shivay feels bad..Says ohk…tries to leave..

Anika then also feels bad and says wait shivay..

Shivay feels happy

Anika opens the cupboard and takes out something…

She shows him all pictures except the one with her sister…

Shivay says ur and sahils bond is also like my and omru’s and laughs

Seeing shivay like this..
She says Mai aapko Kuch btao Shivay..

S ha Anika..
A shivay Sahil or Mai..
S ha Anika bolo..
A sahil or Mai na sage Bhai behen nahi hai…

Shivay is shocked…

A Sahil ke parents ne mujhe adopt kiya tha..Tb Sahil nahi that..Sahil uske Kuch saal baad born hua..Lekin tab bhi mama papa ne hum dono me koi farak nahi kiya..

Shivay is in tears..

A Sahil bhi bht pyaar krta hai mujhse..Or usko bhi ye baat bta hai ki Mai uski sagi behen nahi hue..Or hnara pyaar kabhi kaam nahi hua…

S anika Tum dono ko dekh ke kabhi aisa lgta hi nahi ki tum dono ka rishta nahi ha..Tum dono bilkul ek jaise tadibaaz ho..Ziddi ho..

A laughs and says vo to hai…

Shivay tells about this to doctor and all family members too..

Doc says keep giving her medicines time to time and try to find out if there is any bad experience she has gone through…

Shivay tells this to Omru and says it’s really difficult to gather info from anika..

Suddenly Anika comes there and says rudra..Kal Sahil aa rha hai..

Everyone gets happy…

Anika says Mai jaungi usko Lene hostel SE..

Shivay says Anika Mai le aaunga usko tumahri tabiyat theek nahi hai..

Anika Mai bilkul theek hue..Mai jaungi Sahil ko lene…

Shivay says I’ll go Tum Ghar PE rehna..

Everyone is amused seeing shivay like this..

Dadi says hmara shivay ishqbaaz ho rha hai..

Next day

Shivay leaves to sahils hostel..

Anika waits for them

Precap Sahil and shivay Convo
Anikas doubt..

And rest I’ll have to think ??

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