Anika and nayantara (Part 1)

Anika and nayantara part 1

Hello everyone this is sairan this side..I know that all of the waiting for the last and most important concluding episode of my previous fanfiction..but I’m really really sorry actually I have my exams even tomorrow I’m having my exam but I couldn’t stop myself from posting this two to three shots of ishqbaaz which is directly related to the current track and so here goes and I hope you all​ like this

So the episode starts when nayantara comes to meet shivay and both of them are having conversations relating to how she is anikas mom and she left her due to her profession she could not keep her daughter with her but now since she knows her daughter is alive and is here so she wants to take care of her and live rest of her life with her only..which was all scripted by pinky aunty..on the one hand shivay was shocked to see that Anika belongs to such a family background and her mother is like a bar dancer so he is not even to believe his ears are does not his heart is not ready to believe that his anika has such a family background.

On one hand where pinky aunty is happy to see that all this cuz Anika being insulted and so shivay will will leave anika and then everything will be sorted out…the twist comes when Anika has heard all this.

She is utterly shocked and does not know how to react. She decides to face the situation and hugs nayantara immediately.

Shivay is shocked while pinky is confused.

Pinky thinks if Really she is her mother only..and says in mind even if she is how does it matter..Anika will be out of my child’s life..

Anika now breaks the hug and says maa where were know how difficult it was to live without anybody…I was alone all my life..I missed you so much..

Now this was least expected by pinky and nayantara both and pinky signs to nayantara to start the drama

N I am here na..let’s go now..we will live together from now onwards.

A of course maa..we will..but Please tell me na where is aniket..where is my brother…you took him while you dropped me to the orphanage..I missed my brother so much..I don’t even know how he looks..does he remember me..maa you remember this chand bracelet..which papa and you gave me before u sent me to the orphanage..I lived my whole life wearing this coz it has ur blessings.. please tell na where is my brother..

Pinky shivay and nayantara all are shocked listening to these revelation..

Nayantara does not know how to react but since she has taken the Lot of money from pinky’s so she decides to play the game

N I’m sorry my child to tell you about that brother is no more I know it’s really disappointing for you to hear that after such a long time but he he was suffering from an illness and he died..he always missed you even before dieing he was remembering you and really sorry my child and this bracelet how can I forget the dis is the last memory which we have of each other but don’t worry I’m here I’m your mother we will live rest of our life peacefully and happily come let’s go.

Suddenly a sound is heard and that is of Anika slapping nayantara.

Pinky what are you can you slap your mother.

Anika She is not my mother she is a liar..I don’t have any brother and this bracelet this was given to me by Sahil she doesn’t know anything she is a lier..

Anika has tears in her eyes.

The person most affected by all this is shivay.

He goes numb after listening to this.

He doesn’t know why this happened and who did all this..why was the lady lying..

He gets into his sso mode and threatens and shouts on the lady and asks her the reason of doing all this nonsense drama..

Nayantara is caught thinks pinky and soon she will also be caught thinking this she decides to poke her nose in between and says Shivay that anika is lying she doesn’t want to go with her real mother as she cannot tolerate this truth.

Anika is deeply hurt by all this and says that Pinky aunty I am not ashamed of who I am and I have proved that her that she is not my mother but if you want to think all this you are free to think and she leaves the Oberoi mansion.

Shivay thinks that something is fishy and calls someone then he turns and says the police is on the way if you want to do we say Truth in front of me then I will not call the police are otherwise you have to bear the consequences on your own.

Nayantara and pinky both get scared listening this..

Nayantara speaks the whole truth how pinky asked her to act as anikas fake mother and take her away from you because she wants so..

At first he could not believe his ears and he says that Mom she is lying now tell mum that she is lying I will not leave her I’ll hand her over to the police and then she will see what I can do..

Pinky says yes my child she is lying

Nayanthara size 1 minute I have the proof of who is wrong and who is diet aunty show the video clips in which Pinky’s whole conversation was recorded..

Shivay is like someone has stabbed his heart.. he thinks how can his mother do this to her and Anika and he is on the verge of exploding


Shivay and pinky argue..Anika shivay moments and end most probably

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