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Hi guys was disappointed with Swargini going off air so could not resist myself. So thought to write this TS . I know you would not have missed me. Let me know ur comments and ur suggestions. I am trying about 2 different cultures.

Swara- born and brought up in Chennai. Young and bubby girl, doing her B tech final year in one of Chennai’s top most college
Sanskar- born and bought up in Mumbai. Working in IBM as team lead.
Laksh: Swara’s cousin working in Chennai IBM
Uttra: Laksh ‘s sister doing her college with Swara.
Shemish: Parents of Swara
Ram& Sujju- Parents of Laksh and Uttara
DP& AP- Parents of Sanky.
AP: Is it necessary to go to Chennai. Y they hell did they transfer u there with tears.
Sanky: Mom y can’t u see that I am promoted and it is a matter of 6 months. I am so happy and hug her.
DP: Ya AP he is right just see the bright side he will get a good exposure and some more money too  all best my dear proud of u and hugs him.
He consoles AP

DP: he is staying with Laksh, you know him na. Laksh stays in Sanky’s place whenever he is in Mumbai branch. So Sujju convinced AP and DP that Sanky will stay with them.
Sanky bids bye and starts his exciting journey. Since the flight was delayed Sanlak reached home late at midnight.
Laksh: I will call mom and dad
Sanky: No yar see its too late don’t disturb them we ll met them in the morning
Laksh: r u sure
Sanky very much. Laksh shows Sanky’s room and asks him to freshen up. I will bring something to eat.
Sanky’s goes to freshen up and comes out after having a hot bath with his towel around his neck. He was arranging his wardrobe.
Swara: uttara fast fast close his face, Uttara closes sanky with bed cover.
He was trying to release himself, just then Swara sprays chilli powder and shouts thirudan thiurudan Ithief)
Mama comes fast thief is in our house. She was shouting on top of her voice Laksh hits his head on seeing swaut. Leave him. Areey I am telling na leave him
Ram: What are you both doing? He is our guest leave him. Laksh takes sanky and ask him to washes his face.

Sujju: Holds Swara’s hears, cant u be good to a stranger at least.
Sanky comes out in full anger as if he is going to kill her at the very moment.
Laksh: Hey loose y did u do this
Swara: I thought he was thief that’s y and makes faces
Sanky: Oh ghanachakar I think god has forgot to give u brains. And for ur kind information which thief will come to ur house to take bath and arrange the wardrobe. kyon tum dumbo kee tarah chillathein pagal ladki.

Swara: Dnt talk in Hindi I dnt knw what did u tell haan
Sanky: If you dnt know Hindi is that my problem pagal
Swara: Poda erumaa Korangu (buffalo, donkey) ne dan da loose. If you come this late night means you should have slept. Dnt mess with me or else you can’t stay here so better be careful
Sanky: oh hello what are you saying even I dnt want to stay here with pagal like u. Both were arguing.
Ram: Swara ma stop he is our guest ask sorry to him is this the way to talk to him
Swara: Mama u knw na Swara will not say sorry . and top of that this is not my mistake. Y will I ask sorry
But ur mama is telling na. say sorry

Swara while making faces Sorry ( pani) and goes from there angrily
Sanky: This chipakli I will not leave her, before leaving I will teach her a lesson.
Laksh: Sorry yar dnt mind hann
Sanky : Who are they, one your sister I remember the other chipakli. I hate her
Laksh laughs oh she is my aunt’s daughter she lives next house. She is very attached to my parents and my father pampers her as she is studious. She is little naughty in my house they are like boys and I am like girl so better be careful with both my sisters.
Sanky nods his head in disbelief and goes to sleep.
Sujaram: Good morning beta. Sorry about yesterday nights incident.
Sanky: That’s ok uncle n need to ask sorry Just then shemish enters.
Shamista: Anna we will leave today at 5 pm for the function.
Suju : han han she introduces sanky to them. He seeks their blessing and have a friendly talk.

Sujju : Laksh, sanskar come breakfast is ready.
Sanky: I liked the way the served in traditional banana leaf. There were idli, pongal. Neatly placed chutney and some podi .
Swara: good morningggggggg .
Sanky: there came the devil this time she was different. She came with shorts and a Mickey Mouse top with her long pony tail. She gave me a disgusting look. What d hell she made mistake and giving me these looks. I just ignored her and was having my breakfast.
Sujji: Swara go bring chutney I specially made for sanky with less spice and salt. Your mom was very concerned she loves u a lot pointing towards sanky.
Swara went to kitchen: Ohhhh Korangu does not like spice naughty swara thinks something and giggles. I said sorry to u na wait and watch. She takes the chutney adds salt and pepper powder to it. She serves Sanky. After having one mouth sanky starts to shout and tears are continuously flowing. He is just putting his tongue out and waving continuously.
Shemish: What what happened to you are you ok
Laksh : How can he be ok when ur daughter is here and narrates them the whole incident from night to kitchen.

Sujju gives him honey and milk. He is continuously staring at Swara but she was enjoying to core. Sanky was feeling better.
Shemish feels bad and asks sorry. Shemish calls Swara.
Shemish angrily : what was that Swara in harsh tone. They were scolding her in tamil she was just staring at me unknowingly I had a curve in my lips seeing that she fumed in anger. Wow is she trying to scare me but she was the one doing everything.
Sanky: Shemish apologized to Sanky again. They were sweet and not like that devil. How come such a sweet parents have such a devil.
We bid bye and left to office as it was getting late and my first day too. I did nt want to be late. After a long tiring day we both returned from office and I was feeling relaxed that chipkali was not there.
I had some authentic south Indian snacks muruku adirasam specially prepared for me. Sujj aunty pampers me to the core. All went out for some function only uttara , Laksh and I was there in home enjoying with our chatting.
Laksh: where is Swara.
Sanky: Y the hell he wants her, he doesn’t like me to live in peace or what. As I was thinking to myself heard her voice think of the devil and devil is there.
Done with the first part hope it is ok and did not waste ur time.

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