Angry Swara poor Sanky TS- part 3A


Thanks for ur support and suggestions. I am not able to complete in one part so this will be Part A and Part B will be the last part .
Hope u enjoy the chappy.

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Uttara :Mrng u were working in Laksh laptop na. Since her lappy had some issues she was working with that. In colg when she tried to present it was not working and she did smething whole system got corrupted. That prof already she doesn’t like Swara she insulted her badly. When Uttara was explaining Laksh entered.
Laksh :Ohiennaachu. Y are u so tensed

Uttara: I told Anna everything u ask and she went away sadly.

Sanky explains everything. She misunderstood me yar

Laksh: Ohhhhhh crap

Sanky: What happened

Laksh :Cme with me and pulls sanskar and goes to Swara’s home. They go directly to swara’s room.

She was sitting down with the support of cupboard with her face hidden in her knees.

Laksh: Oiiiiiiilossu

She did not react still she was in the same position.Laksh called her for 2- 3 times still she did not react. He got pissed off and went to her and pulled her by head.
Sanskar’s POV

The moment she saw me she yelled me to get out and continuously blabbering something in tamil while sobbing. Laksh was consoling her .I could not see her in this state dnt y but felt bad for her. I always saw her bubbly, teasing and figting Jhansi ki rani roop. Today she was completely shattered her beautiful eyes were swollen. Tears were contiously flowing and her dried lips she lost her charm. To be frank I wanted to go and console her but I was not able to do anything but kept on staring her.
A sudden sound of slap brought me to reality. Swara was holding her cheeks. Her cheeks had his finger marks. I was just staring at Laksh. How dare he slap her I wanted to give him one.
Swara: Came near Sanky I am sorry. I wrongly blamed you. It was bcoz of Laksh and she went out crying.

Laksh: Oiiiiiiiiinilu (stop)

In the evening after 1 hr of that incident. Laksh went to office due to his night shift.

Sanky: I badly wanted to meet her, but afraid of her reaction. I heard Sujju aunty calling her. What the hell she is and I am the fool sitting here. He immediately rushes to see her.
Suju: Hoi tell me that prof name, I will see to her. Ennponnaenapanitapavi .( What has she done to my daughter)

Shamista: But it is Swara’s mistake not that prof. She is overreacting

Sujj: So mistakes are done by everyone how the hell she will insult our daughter that too she I topper na.

Uttara: Ma that rachasi does not like swara that’s y

Swara not interested in their conversation leaves from there. She goes and sits in the small garden behind the home.

Sanky: I can help u complete the project. We can complete it by tmr.

Swara: that’s my project if u do it will no longer be my project. I will do by myself. Thanks anyways.

Samky: I was not angry but so much amused by her answer and self-confidence; I saw the truthfulness in her. Yes she was different if someone was there they would have easily accepted and escaped from the work smiles to himself. Ok if u need anything let me know. Dnt worry u can finish it by tmr.

Swara: smiles thank u for ur concern.

Swara was working whole night. She was remembering half of her project perfectly so half was easy for her. She was trying the best to remember the rest and complete it. She was searching and Uttara was also doing her work.

4 A.M in the Mrng

Sanky: I was feeling thirsty and went to drink water. There she was sleeping on her work table. I went near her and I checked the project.

It was not so good neither so bad it was Ok to prepare in one night the best I would say. I took the laptop silently and made some corrections. I knew if she was awake she would not allow me to do it. But I wanted her project to be best.
I was so restlessthe whole day. I was just staring at my watch every minute as if today the time was just stagnant. Laksh knocks Sanky’s cabin
Sanky: YaLaksh come

Laksh: Yar I need a help can u pick before he can complete

Sanky in no mood : No yar not today plzzzzzzz . I am leaving home also early.

Laksh : Its ok yar this swarabcoz of her now only should she fall ill all these problem now I have to face O God.

Sanky: Face started to glow hearing Swara’s name. What u have meeting

Laksh: Yayar that XYZ meeting you know nahoe much it is important that’s y

Sanky: Its ok Laksh I will pick up Swara she is also not well na I also want to go home.

He happily rushes to washroom corrects his hair with gel, checks his shirts and sprays more perfume. Yup now looking good and leaves to pick Swara.
Since he drives in Mumbai he got adjusted to Chennai traffic and moreover it was afternoon and not much rush.
I stopped before her college and called Uttara. I was waiting there for abou 10 mns. But waiting for her did not bother me rather I enjoyed it.

Uttara and Swara came fully exhausted and tired. She was so pale carrying laptop and her bag more than weight of hers.

Uttara: Hi anna, sorry we disturbed u

Sanky: Nt at all any way I was leaving for home. Shall we leave?

Uttara: I am not coming annanlySwara. I have classes. She is not feeling well so she is excused not me with a sad pout. Ok Swara bye orelse that rachasi will shout. Go and take rest. She bids bye and leave.

Sanky opens the door for Swara. He starts to drive. Sanky starts the conversation.

Sanky: Swara u ok

Swara: nods thanks kornagu

Sanky felt so much relieved that he did not hear this word from Swara for the past one and half day. Though it was 1 and ½ day he felt as if it was 1 years. He brushed his thoughts

Sanky: Y thank u for me

Swara: For my presentation all praised me

Sanky: that’s ur work what did I do

Swara: Enough dnt act so much I know what I did and the changes and smiles slightly and gaze outside.

Sanky : So friends pagal and forward his hand.

Swara: Ok Korangu and forwards her hand. When both shook

Sanky: Hey u r burning with fever.

Swara: Ya that’s y I am going home.

Sanky: Did u eat anything

Swara: No will eat after going to home

Sanky: U want me to stop

Swara: Noo I want to go home plzzzzzz

Sanky agrees and drives her back home.

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