Angry Swara poor Sanky TS- part 2

Hi guys thanks for your support and suggestions. A very big thanks to all my silent readers too. I hope you will enjoy today’s episode. Comments and suggestions are always welcome. I have added some custom from my tradition so not sure all will follow the same so there are different traditions in tamil culture too.

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Korangu- meaning monkey
Anna- Bhai/ Brother
Half saree – It is typical traditional south Indian attire worn by unmarried girls.
Rachasi – devil
Pei- Bhoot

Sanky: What the hell he is talking about that devil being my friend he doesn’t like me in peace or what. When I was lost in my own thought her voice brought me back to sense Think of the devil and the devil is here.

I put my hand on my forehead. Today what has she planned for me O god plzzzz save me. Lucikly she was silent and she was looking dam tired rested her head on laksh’s shoulder facing Uttara stretching her legs. Thank god and showed a sigh of relief.

Laksh: Ohiiiiii enna achu ( What happened)

Swara: Nthngggggg today had 2 continuous hr lectures on Agile Software development. You know na how much I hateee that moreover there is a project on it. If I dnt get good marks that rachasi will eat me alive

Laksh : Rachasi ( confused) who is that

Swara: My ASD profff I hate her one day I will hack her mobile just see.

Sanky: I could nt control anymore and burst out in laughter. I was laughing wholeheartedly. Suddenly all their gaze was on me . Swara felt hell embarrassed and was about to leave making faces. Laksh pull her hands.

Laksh : Yeh loose sit down. You know Sanky is strong is ASD . Hearing that I choked Swara smiled seeing me.

Swara: Dnt worry I will not ask any help from u. So dnt worry korangu and makes faces.

Uttara: Anna can u plzzzzzzz help me in that I am also weak.

Sanky: Suree I will help u dnt worry I promise u will get the top mark. Hearing this Swara frowned her face.

Uttara: wowwwww then this time I will out beat Swara this Semester.

Swara: Podi and makes faces. We are all busy chatting.

In the meantime all were back from function.

Sujji: Oh u all here good come for dinner

Sanky : Aunty plzzzzz I am full. I dnt want dinner .

Suju: No how can u sleep.

After a lot of struggle I convinced aunty. All went to have dinner

Swara: smirks at me hey korangu

Snky : What the hell y u always call me with that what is that meaning

Swara: Ooo Korangu u dnt knw. Korangu means guest that’s y I calld u that.

Sanky: Ooo I am sorry can u cme again
Swara Ko- ran- gu

Sanky repeats Ko ra ngu.

Swara: Ya right. Anyways bad dreams

Sanky: Excuse me

Swara: U will not get good sleep na that’s y

Sanky: Makes faces why will I not get good sleep and how will u know what will u get

Swara: (Innocently) U did not take ur dinner

Sanky: Seriouslyyy what is the connection between sleep and dinner.

Swara: Hits her palm on forehead. Ne nejamaave korangu ( U r really a monkey)
Sanky: stil u dnt make any sense

Swara: If u don’t take ur dinner u, will get bad dreams if u get bad dreams how will u sleep.

Sanky looks her astonished with mouth wide open

Swara: Close ur mouth already I m not able to see ur face if u make these expression I can’t even see ur face now with these expressions.

Sanky: Curiously u believe all this .

Swara: Yaaa when I dnt take my dinner I got pei dreams. So better have ur dinner she leaves

Sanky: Brushes his hair, pagal with a cute smile on her face.

Sujju: Sanky here at least drink this milk. I kept all ur complan on table.

Sanky: Pulled Laksh dude u all drink complain.

Laksh: ya y u also want.

Nods his head in disbelief all are kids here. One week passed now I was getting adjusted. Climate OMG the climate is the biggest problem here it is hot hotter nd hottest. In june I heard it will be hot but here it is hottest. But Suju aunty Ram uncle care made me forget all these hurdles and this devil never stopped pulling my legs.
Sujju: Sanky Laksh this sunday ava thatta oda 60 th marriage function so we all have to go there.

Sanky : Marriage for grandparents sounds interesting.

In tamil culture when hubby turns 60 they celebrate grandly by their marriage. All son daughter grand children do this for them. This is the only occasion where we can see our parent’s marriage.
All were eagerly preparing for marriage sarees, jewels, thambulam( return gifts) . I was also helping them.

Cook : neeyanga yaru

Sanky: Me Ko Koran gu korangu to this family ( wow I m learning tamil)

All burst out in laughter. What the hell y they are laughing

Sanky: Y all r laughing

Cook: unaku korangu theriuma ( u knw kurangu meaning)

Sanky doesn’t understand

Cook calls a boy and explains everything.

Boy: Anna Korangu means monkey and laughs

Sanky: Was hell angry and went in Search of Swara. She was sitting and chatting with Uttara I jaw here and there. I saw oil flour arranged. I mixed everything from banana to some flour. I mixed everything.
Swara: Hi Korangu

Sanky : Smiles and pours the whole mixture on her head. Dnt u dare to mess with me.

Swara was shocked and all were laughing seeing her. She was not like a typical girl, neither she cried nor ran way. She was standing there with red shot eyes fuming in anger. She touched the hair face took the mixture and applied all over Sanky’s face, hand and hair. She took the oil and poured over sanky’s head. He takes the eggs and break on her face. Both were running around the whole house messing the whole living room.
Laksh and Uttara saw the whole area messed up. Both scolding each other. Swara scolding in tamil Sanky scolding in Hindi.

Laksh frustrated with both of them. Both of you just stop and look the whole area. Both look around and walks in opposite direction.

Laksh: who will clean this mess? They are going as if they had no connection.

The day for 60 th marriage came all were looking happy. The only problem I had was to wake early in the morning. the mariage wast 4 in the morning. Yup 4 in th early morning. Marriage is mostly before 8 it seems.I was wearing veshti and shirt ( dhoti). Traditional tamil dress, Laksh was also wearing same traditional dress. All ladies were in their Kanchipuram Pattu saree men were in traditional veshti and shirt.

I was searching for the little devil. There she came I was awestruck looking her. She was so gorgeous in her half saree with matching jewels. I did nt know she can look so beautiful. A curved appeared on my face seeing here.

Its truly said a girl will look so beautiful in traditional attire than western outfits. I brushed my thoughts and enjoyed to the core. Both grandparents dipped in temple’s pond, changed to their new clothes, followed by all rituals in tamil marriage. At last they blessed everyone and gave everyone a silver coin. It is a tradition to give gold or silver coin while blessing, the function went so well and I enjoyed to the core ended with mouthwatering recepies from Vada to payasam.

A month passed and I got fully accompusted with Chennai its climate food language, traffic. But the little devil still blame game is on and I started liking her presence.

One evening I came and just relaxing in my room, she stormed into my room tears brimmed her eyes.

Swara: Holding sanking by collar, why did u do this to me. I know u hate me but that was my carrerr my life how could u do. You spoiled my whole life.

Sanky: I was shocked by her blaming. How can she even think what was that. I did not react but was hell confused.

Uttara pulled her back. I composed myself. She was crying so badly and ran away. O that tears I can’t bear it.

Uttara: Sorry anna

Sanky: I It Its ok clears his throat. What happened to her? I did not do anything

Uttara: She was working in her ASD project na the presentation got deleted so the prof was hell angry she may fail this sem.

Sanky: But how come I promise I did not do anything

Uttara: No mrng u were working with Laksh laptop na so she misunderstood u. She thought u took revenge from her. Lucky enters.

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        He he he Nive solli kudaklam ana nenngalan potu kuduthuduvinglae adan prechan aduvun nalava Navi irukalae ava oruthiae podum oruae kutituduva panchaiyathuku apram nenga dhan nattama avanum 🙂 lol 😛

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