ANGRY INDIAN GODDESS!!! – message to readers,suggestions needed-1

Guys I want to ask if u will prefer RAGLAK or RAGSAN….plz vote so that I can procrastinate the story and character.dont think that I am going to bring sanskar or laksh in the story now or in the near future I am just asking to develop a plot nothing else and bcoz of sanlak the story will not change so don’t worry! And I also want to know if u want them aka sanlak in the story or not? If yes then vote , if no support it with a reason.

And silent readers please guys break ur silence! If u want me to continue the story bcoz ur comments mean a lot to me and I put in a lot of efforts in writing this. This ff is a small voice of a alone woman surviving in this society….. which is becoming absolutely impossible. And if u cant understand this ff its bcoz u have never faced situations. Plz support and thank for reading this patiently

I know I am being late but I am a little busy with my back to school preparations so plz forgive me but I promise to come with another episode asap!

Thank u

Credit to: asheeyana


  1. Aastha

    my fav is ragsan dear. im really sry i was little busy so im unable to cmnt u in ur previous epi.
    when ur scl reopen? keep smiling dear.

  2. i was ur silent Reader plz plz make raglak there are so many ragsan ff no1 wrte abt raglak so plz make it raglak plz plz

  3. poonam

    hi u r story and its concept is awesome about pairs its ur choice
    i love ragsan so if possible make them beacuse reading ur story till know i feel ragsan would be more adorable
    update asap………….

  4. Nupur

    Ok before l say my views don’t beat me because it’s gonna be kinda weird but that is my thinking…

    Ur story deals with the struggles and hurdles that a single independent woman faces in the society. I feel that’s enough, no need to bring love angle. Try to chart out your story with her trials and tribulations…it ll be different than others. And I ll say love is seriously not needed…no need to bring the guys…girls are enough…cheers to women power!!!

    Hey which class are u studying in and where r u frm???

    • Asheeyana

      Absolutely nupur and ur pov isn’t weird in fact I r right . I wasnt asking the question to create a love angle it’s something else! U would get to know it as the story proceeds and I have completed my 10 grade and heading to 11……shocked? ….don’t be and I am from Tamilnadu . What about you?
      Keep supporting….

      • Nupur

        Hehehe…ok if that’s the matter, l don’t know what to say!!! Actually being a fierce feminist l said that? but if ur storyline demands, then whoever u want choose that pair because at last the story matters and seriously couples never mattered to me…

        I know l haven’t commented since ages but what to do l read a large no of ffs but too lazy to drop a comment…My bad but ll try to change that habit..Also m neck deep in preparing for my entrance xams hence couldn’t comment…but l definitely read ur ff?
        l completed my 12th this year and l hail from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

    • Asheeyana

      Thank God nupur am not a lone survivor and ya story ka demand what to do…..but do comment! Don’t stop that and best of luck for your entrance exams…….do tell me if u get placed……love u

  5. Nive...

    I’m reading this ff only for your concept… choice is urs… If you choose Raglak I’m glad… If you choose ragsan, this one is my first ragsan ff… 🙂 🙂

  6. Sree

    Hey ash when is ur school reopening?? I heard that there is some change in syllabus. I like Raglak but u can make anyone however i am going to read this story?.

  7. sss

    well i think ur story didn’t need to include sanlak bt if u include them than my vote goes for ragsan…the choice is urs bt no matter who he is i will read it n update soon

    • asheeyana

      Hm………ya Ragini doesn’t need any one but my story does nd ya thanks for the suggestion and keep supporting

  8. Prateeksha

    Hii ash sry for late reply… As far suggestion concerned I prefer raglak as there are many ragsan ffs. But anyways it’s your ff so the choice is yours. Love you a lot ☺

    • asheeyana

      Awww………love u took and thanks for the suggestion…keep supporting nd ur ff is going awsm

  9. Bisha

    Really can’t choose. Please write as you like. And whatever you choose I will read bcz the story matters more. And it’s one of the best stories I’m reading. Please Do Not top and kepp writing.

    • asheeyana

      Hm…..fine bisha I will choose someone but where were u? , don’t u dare miss any of my episode… don’t take it seriously nd thanks for the suggestion n keep supporting

  10. Sorry dear i cant cmnt as i was busy…my all time fav is ragsan i like raglak too but first pref is always my ragsan so vote goes to them… N sanlak ya …and ashu ask astha akka abt my new mail id…n say her to check her mail pls..

    • asheeyana

      Its ok priya and I will definitely tell akka nd thx for the suggestion
      Keep supporting

  11. Fairy

    Make it raglak or ragsan ur wish…i jst wanna thnk u for ragini ff…all d bst dear n hope ur ff will b amazng..update ragini

  12. Swe3ty

    All swasan ff are raglak one’s also there are plenty of swasan&raglak….so pls make it ragsan so that we will have a gud ff to read about ragsan…u will be the best writer in it just like azure

  13. smiley

    ragsan all or swasan and raglak getting pissed of but kya karein cvs ki galti hai
    anyway my suggestiojn is ragsan follow your heart

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.