ANGRY INDIAN GODDESS!!- intro by asheeyana


Girl’s POV,

‘WOMAN’- a beautiful creation of god; without whom there will be no existence; she is known to be ‘weak’, but no man in the world can ever bear the pain of giving birth to a child, she fights thousands of battles everyday , which no man can ever understand ;she is her own superhero, who saves the small world around her; she sacrifices her everything for everyone ; no matter how much she longed for something, she always gave it up for her loved ones; she takes care of two families in her lifetime YET she is never allowed to pursue her dreams, she is never allowed to take care of her parents for the rest of their lifes by staying with them like a SON, she never knows what is equality, she is taught what is FEAR but the world forgets to teach how to FIGHT BACK the fear!!!!!!

I RAGINI, DECIDED TO FIGHT BACK !!!! and this will be my story!!! the untold story of a girl struggling hard to get a place(she always deserved) in this patriarchal society!!!!

so guys this will be the journey of a girl who hates this society and wants to break all stereotypes, so lets see how the story proceeds,

hope u guys will like this story !!!
plz tell me through the comments,
thank u

Credit to: asheeyana

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