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Today’s episode,

Days passed with no traces of improvement in ragini’s life but she was making herself happy with whatever she had and thanked her parents who educated her and helped her stand on her own leg, but the lack of emotional support still ached her heart, there is nothing like family, is there?

She was at home, thinking about how life has taken unexpected, unfair turns jst then she realizes the door knob was automatically unlocking as though someone was trying to break in which made her panic

Ragini’s pov,
I was sitting idle when I realized that someone was trying to break in, I didn’t know what to do, My mind went completely blank, I wonder why it doesn’t work at times of emergency rather danger!!! And then I started searching for a vase and finally grabbed one so that I could hit the person’s head, the door started to open increasing my heartbeat and the grip I had on the vase and then……..


What were u trying to do? A girl asked

Ragini dropped the vase : sry………I thought u were some thief trying to break in
Girl: oh really?
Ragini: u should have informed me pia that u were coming or at least rang the doorbell, what was the need to come in like this?
pia: I am ur best best friend!!! And I didn’t want to become formal so
Ragini: so u tried entering casually like a thief?
Pia: yaa!!! Thank god u didn’t hit me !!!
Ragini: oh god!!! how did I miss the chance!!!
Pia: aah how mean?!!!?!?

Both laughed and hugged each other.
Pia: u r mad, u very well know I am the only person who have a duplicate key of ur house, then why did u panic?
Ragini: my brain stopped working
Pia: that’s a serious problem
Ragini: who is that? ( she pointed to a girl standing outside)
Pia: oh ho Anjali come inside

The girl comes in and sits beside pia
Pia: she helps me with the ngo works
Ragini: oh hello, I am ragini!!
Anjali: Anjali!!!

Pia: by the how are u miss.ragini?
Ragini: Staying with a family, with parents, with siblings for nearly 24 years, getting pampered by the elder ones, teased by the younger ones, being happy all the time and then ………..due to some bizarre circumstances I am here, alone!!!!! How else do u expect me to be?
Ragini tells with sadness evident in her voice
Pia hugs ragini again
Pia: u don’t sound good like this, come on u r a very brave girl!!!!
Ragini: I am!!!
Pia: but if u r feeling alone u can stay in my…..(house)……….
Ragini: no pia, after going through a lot I have learnt how to be independent!!!, I don’t want to go back to where I started (in a sad tone)
Pia: hm………..
Ragini: but this ‘staying alone’ thing has definitely made me more responsible, I started carrying pepper sprays instead of deos, started paying attention to what is happening around me whenever I travel alone, and most importantly I have learnt how to manage a household and the importance of saving money!!! (in a happy and proud tone)
Pia: wow!!! She smiled at her
Ragini: ok what will u both have?
Pia: coffee!!! U Anjali?
Anjali: me too
Ragini: ok then I will make coffee for u both
Pia: I will use the washroom and come

Ragini starts making coffee just then she notices Anjali standing near the kitchen door
Ragini: u want something?
She nods in a no.
Ragini: why r u standing out? Come in!!!
Anjali: no
Ragini: why not?
Anjali: I am impure!!
Ragini was really confused with her reply
Ragini: what?!!!!
Anjali: I am on my monthly cycle (she said in a low tone)
Ragini: so?
Anjali: I am impure and not allowed to enter kitchen in my house

Ragini’s pov,
Oh ya how did I forget there are still people out there with the same old views!!!
Pov ends.

Ragini: the cycle is the thing that makes u a WOMAN Anjali !!!!, it never makes u impure and there is no need to feel uncomfortable!!!
Ragini told her, it was indeed true she realized
Ragini: so just chill and come in
Anjali hesitantly comes in and she hands over a cup to her, pia too joins them
Ragini: pia!! I thought u were here to meet me, but I didn’t know u came here to save the money of buying coffee (she asked teasingly)
Pia: oops u came to know the truth!! (she went with the flow)
Ragini hits her playfully and the trio laughed.

They were about to leave,
Pia: can u lend me ur bike?
Ragini: ya of course here r the keys
Pia: thanks
Ragini: shut up!!! This is nothing in front of what u did for me!!
Pia: I didn’t do anything!!!
Ragini: ok meri maa fine
They wave her a bye and leave.

Courage, confidence, attitude, honesty and pia were the only things ragini still has in her life which helps her cope up with every single difficulty!!! In the world full of sycophants, pia was the only selfless girl who stood with ragini when no one was.

Ragini: thank u pia (she told to herself).
Sometimes the best way to be happy is to let go of the things you tried to hold on, that are no longer good for you.
To be continued…..

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Credit to: asheeyana

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  1. Nice
    I too hate when some says that time we shhould not enter kitchen and all

    1. Ya Sindhu di it’s absolutely nonsense but I am lucky bcoz it doesn’t happen in my house ?

  2. hey very short dear!! and pls make entry of swara ,laksh and sanskaar…and it was an nice one..and your updates r really very awesome.and pls dont wry abut the cmnts..becoz..cmnts is not important the only important thing is….when all your cmnts r good!!.and u already have it be cool

    1. Oh that’s so sweet of you namratha keep reading and supporting love u?

  3. Ash unnoda pona episode varaikum enaku ne theriyathu tamizhnu. Naanum tamizh than. Iniki episodum romba nalla irunthuthu. Oru independent ponnoda feelings a azhaga solirka. Adutha episode innum konjam perusa iruntha nallarukum.

    1. Ungaluku theriyumnu nu ninaichen but its fine and ya I am Tamil, perusa eludha try pannitu thaan iruken but mudiyala?

      1. Apdi slatha ash. Ne oru fabulous writer adhula endha doubtum illa. So ipdiyae continue pannu

      2. Aww romba thx?

  4. Awesome episode

    1. Thank u sanchami ?

  5. its awesome dear…….. u must be wondering who’s dis girl……. actually today I came here for d title and I liked it so much that I read all the previous episodes………… and I don’t even watch swaragini but your ff is just aweeesssssooooooommmmmmeeeeee………….
    post the next one soon …….

    1. Thank u Khushi I feel soooooooo happy ? knowing that not being a swaragini fan u liked my ff ,this means a lot to me mujhe bohoth accha laga!? thank u very much and love you ?

    2. Same case here… Amazing atractive title keep up the good work

      1. Thank u so much ? Nancy and u also keep reading nd commenting ❤ u

    1. Thank u rakhi?

  6. Epi nalla irundudu ashu and na unnoda reply ipa Dan pona epila pathen ma……enaku inum result varala dear……unaku vandiducha???? Enaku 25 may Dan result…..

    1. Ada ennakum 25 thaan result naanum 10 thaane! I was asking if u will tell me when u get to know

      1. Ya ofcourse y won’t I????and y this qn sweety…..

      2. Summa thaan pa?

  7. Superb episode dear

    1. Thank u ammu ?

  8. nyz dear spsly abt periods. pia rag ku thnq sollum podu rag sonnala ni senjaduku munnala idhu oru matter illanu appo bike ku petrol fill panni thara sollirunda innum nalla irundirukum.
    pia va mandaila adhika ponadu funny ah irundichi. keep it up n keep smiling.

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  9. Wow…a very good episode…
    Sorry couldn’t comment yesterday, was busy…don’t worry dear…if u feel satisfied with ur work, no one ll be able to break ur confidence…so keep writing and smiling?

    1. Its ok nupur don’t have to feel sry ya I am confident about this ff nd ya I will be always smiling ?

  10. U r welcome ash….. Ab tum likhti hi itna acha ho to one couldn’t help liking it ……….. its sooooo nice………. and really I don’t know any swaragini character except swara and ragini……….. but characters are not important but the story is …… and U ROCK…….. keep it up and post the next one soon ….

    1. Arey yaar dil khush kar Diya! Aise hi padthi rehna aur comment karthi rehne ❤ u

  11. Hey ashu superb epi.. kalkitta… 🙂 🙂 I love this Ragini lot…

    1. Thank u nive?

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