Hey guys this is asheeyana back with another episode of ANGRY INDIAN GODDESS!!! I just wanted to thank all my readers for their love and support , I hope that this bonding between u and me will grow stronger as the story proceeds. Thank you!!!!!!!

Today’s episode

Ragini’s pov,

I did all the cleaning n time flew like rocket, for the first time this house looked like my home but my heart was not at all here , for some strange reason I started hating Sundays, maybe it was because I have to spend it alone!!!!

I brushed of the thoughts and started to surf the t.v. hoping to find something interesting, that would help me rather distract me from thinking about my family but unfortunately I only found GOPI bahu crying and her maaji consoling her!!!! I wonder how people watch these kinds of soaps (no offence)

I switched off the t.v and sat in silence, I am so tired but I am not able to sleep, for the first time in my whole life I feel insanely insecure!!!!(absence of family makes u feel insecure) i was freaking out at every single noise that came from nowhere and the cold wind that blew from my balcony sent chills down the spine !!! The atmosphere looked perfect for a horror encounter


THE DOOR BELL RANG adding fuel to the turmoil, I peeped through the small hole of my door trying to find someone but to my surprise there was no one, I decided not to open the door and moved back but again the doo bell rang !!!! I peeped again and this time I found the old man!!!
He lives opposite to me with his wife, the only couple who smile at me whenever they see me, soon I realized there could be an emergency so I opened the door , I was surprised to see him standing hand in hand with his wife ,grinning at me leaving me confused!!!


Ragini: ahhh??? ….hello!!!
Old man: can we come in? ( he asked politely)
Ragini: oh sorry!!….please( I welcomed them )

Ragini’s pov,
They came in and sat on my sofa and for some reason I found the couple soooo adorable!!!! My face had a genuine smile and I felt so cozy around them.
Pov ends.

Old woman: u live alone?
Ragini: yaa!!!
Old man: we too live alone!!!
Ragini: what?!!! ( I asked confused)
Old man: our son lives in the states!!
Ragini: oh !!!
Old woman: what about u?
Ragini: this apartment was given to me by my company and the place where my family stays is miles away from where I work , so I live here…….alone!!! (I told them hiding the truth)
Old woman: u keep ur house so clean!!( she exclaimed with surprise)
Ragini: yaaa!!! I cleaned it just today!!
They both smiled at me

Ragini: what would u like to have?
Couple: nothing, we just came here to give u this (they handed over a box of sweets)
Ragini: anything special?
Old man: today is our 75th anniversary!!(this actually surprised me)
Ragini: omg!!! Wow………I mean congratulations (I told them in a sweet voice)
U both look like made for each other!!!
The couple smiled looking at each other.
Old woman: visit us whenever u r free
Old man: we will feel good!!!
Ragini: of course!!! It will be my pleasure ……( I told them with twinkle in my eyes)
They left waving a bye .

Ragini’s pov,
They are really adorable!!!……. but as soon as they left, the whole scenario changed and again loneliness started eating me up, their visit made me miss family !!! staying alone takes a lot of guts u know!!! After a lot of efforts………
Pov ends.

She fell asleep.

No matter how successful u become, no matter how far u go ,at the end of the u will surely miss home(family)
To be continued……

So guys how was todays episode?,
Tell me through the comments,
Thank u.

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  1. Sry I missed this word ” at the end of the DAY u will miss your home”

  2. Superb….plz can u tell about the pairs

    1. Thank u lila?

  3. Nice yar… nd its true… in the last we all miss our family…

    1. Ya but I don’t bcoz I live with them ?

    1. Thank u rakhi?

  4. Awesome ash. Waiting eagerly for next episode.

    1. Thank u pratu? keep waiting

  5. Great dear…really the pov of ragini’s during watching tv and about feeling scared was very funny….update soon:)

    1. Thank u nupur?

  6. Nice story

    1. Thank u mayuri?

  7. nyz thangam. ragini konjam time pass ku support iruku so now i’m little relaxed abt her. here is only ragini. soon give intro of our hero. in this ff also lak is hero or sweet san? this title is angry but can we expect humour in this ff?

    1. U can expect everything in this ff akka and every story doesn’t need a hero,does it??

      1. i accept it women can do anything then in this story no hero its ok

      2. women can do anything but male support give more strength to fight. if my went out of city in ni8 my mind scares. i’m with my mom in that ni8 but still enku appa illana bayama irukum. hero irunda romantic scenes irukum illa na irukadu. ok its abt the strength of women so here is only my ragini so i’m waiting 4 nxt part

    2. Yaa this ff has no hero, Ragini is her own hero! And by the way did u see the results 1195 oh my god I am really scared now?

    3. Yaa akka I know with men support we feel protective but not to forget they are one who make us feel unsafe?

      1. i agree with u my dear. dont scare abt results. god bless u.

    4. Thank u akka god will have to bless me but from when did you start talking like a church father ?

      1. When u wryed bat ur marks then I changed like a church father

  8. Very nice

    1. Thank u priya?

  9. Asheeyana it is really an awesome episode but plz make it long dr. ….

    1. Thank u so much sanchami, I will definitely make it longer ?

  10. It’s very nyc.. nd there’s no hero in this ff is really an interesting one… keep it up ur gud work..

    1. Thank you taiana? keep reading

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