ANGRY INDIAN GODDESS!!- episode 1 by asheeyana

Ragini’s POV,

“Mumma!!! Coffee…” I yelled half asleep, jst to realize that I am alone? !.! We( me nd my family) are in the same city but I live ALONE in this 2bhk apartment, talking to the walls and hoping that someday my family would understand me nd accept my decision someday.

I let out a sigh! And woke up from my bed and headed towards the bathroom, brushed my teeth ,came out and made a cup of coffee,but it was not the same! My mumma makes fantastic coffee……i miss her!!! I miss my home, I miss every single thing that were once used to be mine!

Life has become so hard for me☹………… I think it is the same for everyone but its the power called ‘family’,its the thing called ‘togetherness’ that makes the journey of life enjoyable nd fun .
I drank the coffee in one gulp as I knew it wouldn’t taste the same.

But I feel so complete!!!, whenever I think that I stood for myself ,I feel so proud!!this one feeling will help me live the rest of my life , even if I have to live it alone.

I stood at my small balcony staring the sky looking for answers but I only found the ruthless hot sun showering anger ! “u too have problem with these people,don’t u?” I asked the sun , which clearly shows how desperate I am to find someone who’s ideologies will match mine but I wont get any reply from the sun,will I??

I went inside again and started to make plans to spend this boring Sunday until I took a glance of my house, it looked no less than a garbage dumping area….uff!? I understood no one is going to clean my house if, I don’t do it myself!‼ ( mumma! Tussi great ho) nd yeah…..i have made my plans for today !?

To be continued….

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    1. Thank u sindhu?

  1. Really fantastic…so Ragini is staying alone now away from her family…it ll be good to see what was the reason of her moving out and if she finds a person with same ideologies or not…

    1. Thank u nupur?

    1. Thank u priya?

    1. Thank u afa?

  2. nyz dear waiting 4 nxt part thangam

    1. Thank u aastha akka?

    1. Thank u ammu?

  3. awesome

    1. Thank u ??

  4. Maza ho Asheeyana jaisi. itni hard emotions wali ff me bhi funny things!! Lol. Cute ones. Keep it up dear. Mummi tussi great ho. Yruly.. hahaha

    1. Sukhriya bisha kya karoon aadath se majboor hoon?

    1. Thank u Vinita ?

  5. Awesome ash but please make it long. Waiting eagerly for next episode

    1. Thank u pratu ? I will try to make it longer

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