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Episode 7
precap: swara’s past


Swara breaks down completely in front of ragini and ragini sits hugging her till the tears subside……..

Swara: thank u
Ragini nods
Ragini: ok now go and freshen up , we will go out
Swara: where?
Ragini: shopping!!!!
Swara smiles faintly
Ragini gets up but again swara catches her wrist
Ragini: do u have another flash back?
Swara smiles: no!!!
Ragini: then?
Swara: u do!!! Tell me na, u will also feel better
Swara: come on
Ragini: it’s a long story swara!!! Not story, it’s a harsh reality!!! No one can ever understand what I had gone through….
Swara: try me!!!! Don’t u trust me?
Ragini: if I had not trusted u, I would not have brought u here!!!
Swara: then?
Ragini: it’s just ……………….admitting once’ mistake takes a lot of courage………..and I don’t have…………that ‘courage’

Swara understands that she needs a little more time and she stops asking her.
Swara: ok but I will always be with u, u can share with me whenever u feel like sharing!!!
Ragini: I know (she smiles)
Swara: ok then I will get ready for shopping!!!!

SwaRagini finish all the shopping and head back home

On the way,

Ragini: wow!!!!
Ragini points towards a pani puri stall
Swara: pani puri!!!!
Ragini: u like them?
Swara: I love them!!!
Ragini: so how about a pani puri eating competition?
Swara: if I win?
Ragini: I will give u a very big gift!!!!
Swara: deal!!!
Ragini: if I win then?
Swara: I ……ah……..
Ragini: u will give me a part time job in ur restaurant!!! Deal?
Swara: double deal!!!!!

Ragini: namasthe bhaiiya!!!!
Pp bhaiya: arey ragini beta, bohoth dinse aayi nahi, bohoth kaam tha kya? (what happened u didnt come here for a long time, were u busy with office works)
Ragini: haan bhaiyya, aap kaise hein? (yaa, how r u?)
Pp bhaiya: mast hoon!!! (great)
Ragini: aur chotu? (and chotu)
Chotu: main bhi mast hoon (I am also great)
Ragini: arey vaa, kya baath hein!!! (very good) and hows ur studies going?
Chotu: I am the topper didi
Ragini: wow!!! give me five
They both give hifi to each other
Chotu: how many plates?
Ragini: competition!!!
Chotu: oh wow, I thought u do that competition only with lucky bhai
Swara: lucky bhai? (confused)
Ragini: no chotu I do that with all my bffs, so stop questioning and start serving
Swara: lucky?
Ragini: he is an idiot!!! leave all that and lets start

Swara was not at all convinced but then she felt it was an unnecessary topic, so she left it.

Here chotu starts bringing plates and they both start eating

Swaragini start eating, ragini was eating!!! No,no swallowing!! while our swara was no less!! both were very talented and were giving tough competition to each other!!!

Swara: with tears in eyes: water!!! Water!!!!
Ragini was crying: aahhaah!!!
Both of them were in a ‘I will burst now’ condition and were sweating badly, it takes a lot of hard work in stuffing things in ur mouth (lol)
Chotu brings the last plate and both of them eye each other with an impossible look but swara takes a small puri and eats and wins , while ragini lies down on the table
Ragini: ufff, I give up!!!!
Chotu: wow swara didi!!! U won against ragini di, u really are a champion!!!
Swaragini smile at him and with lot of difficulties they reach home


Ragini: ahhhh!!! I am not able to stand, my stomach is going to burst now!!!!
Swara: mine too!!! The competition was a very bad idea
Ragini: yaaa
Swara: but I won!!! Y eah!!
Ragini: ah…………

They both doze off complaining about the competition.

Next morning,

Ragini wakes up and finds swara missing, she searches her everywhere but fails to find her, she gets tensed

Ragini pov: where did u go swara yaar, am I that irritating that u left me without even informing, lucky is right!!!….o ragini how can he be right? Stop thinking nonsense, she will come back but………..

Her thoughts were disturbed by the doorbell which startled her for a moment , she opens the door and finds swara
Ragini: where were u? huh………cant u inform me and go? I was scared u know…r u fine?
Swara: ragini!!! Ragini!!! I am fine!! I went to buy the application form…………to join college!!!
Ragini: oh!!! She murmurs: I thought something else
Swara: huh?
Ragini: nothing
Swara: and u were sleeping and I didn’t want to disturb u
Ragini: so sweet of u!!! next time u go out, here is the sticky paper write in it and paste it on the fridge , so that I don’t get scared!!!
Swara smiles and nods
She starts filling the form while ragini peeps into it and finds swara’s bday ,
Ragini: tomorrow is ur birthday?
Swara: ya!!
Ragini: u didn’t tell me!!!
Swara: sorry
Ragini: its ok!!!
Swara: but I am waiting!!!
Ragini: for?
Swara: ur gift!!!! Remember, yesterday I won the competition, so u have to give me double gift!!!!
Ragini: that’s not fair!!!
Swara: I don’t know all that, u should give me!!!
Ragini pouts while swara smiles at her
Swara: just kidding!!!
Ragini: me too!!!

Ragini: swara come with me
Swara: where ragini?
Ragini: arey!!! Stop questioning and come with me

She takes swara to a place and stops her bike, removes her helmet (wear helmet guys, it saves ur life)…….( lol) and stands infront of swara
Swara: lifts her eyebrow) what?
Ragini: happy birthday swara!!!
She moves away such that swara could see the person standing behind her

Swara sees the person and gets shocked, her smile vanishes
Swara: voice filled with horror) roy!!!!!!!!!!!

(I want u all to share ur experience on #being a woman/girl and by chance if boys read my ff, u all too share ur experiences on #being a man/boy)

You can never imagine a future, living in the past. Live the moment!!!!
To be continued…..

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  1. Nyc one☺☺ …
    n today i also eat pani puri but there is competition at all….

    1. Thank u niku..
      ..ur name is cute

  2. i read ur ff today only ,ur ff is awesome
    really its the actual face of society and what happens with a girl when she aspires to be independent
    u have very beautifully described her loneliness and when she missed her family in short everything
    u r an amazing writer and today’s epi is also awesome
    keep writing and keep rocking
    and about me being a girl i don’t know what to say
    coz after writing such words i am out of my mind
    hope you understand

    1. Thank u sweet of u……I understand…..keep supporting me …love u

  3. amazing ff the best part is in ur ff that u always give good message in the last part also it suites in ur ff the bonding between swaragini is amazing no word to describe beautifully written n the strong character of swaragini made it more beautiful…I’m a silent reader bt u said not to be silent anymore so here i am..i did comment bt i don’t know if it will help u to encourage more to write because I’m very bad at encourage someone anyway ur ff is good just write the way u write right people who have good knowledge about writting will automatically praise ur writting which is enough to be don’t bother about the comment n tc..

    1. Thank u choo much…..I’m very happy that I broke ur silence……ur one comment means everything to ….it encourages me a lot….keep supporting nd love u

  4. Nyc ashu…

    Msg to ashu and aastha Akka :

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  5. Thank u Priya nd ur name is in g+ so try to come

    1. My neighbour uncle passed away right nowso I can’t able to come in hangouts too.. I can’t post my POV… I was just writing my POV but suddenly they said this news to me…he didn’t come to home till now..his daughter she is studying clg 2nd year sorry guys once I l become free I l post it….I can’t write it now…

      Astha Akka ida padinga I think I cant cmnt tmr… Ashu astha Akka pakalana avangaluku epdiyadu inform panupa plss…

      1. chlm yaaruku inform panna solra

  6. oh my sweety so sad. un name g+ n hangs outla iruku. ok nama inga chat panlam. ni enkuda chat pannanum na kkb page la coffee with aastha ff la cmnt pannu. bcos nan adikadi adhan cmnt ah check pannitu irupen so i can reply u asap. take care dear i luv u.

  7. ashu romba naliku apram innaki epi ya romba njoy pannen. rag’s past is lucky. i think she loved lak for him she leaved her fmly then he leaved her. is this ri8? i know its wrong. bcos u wont write the same story of swa. who is this roy? lak n roy is same? or smother else. y rag bring roy? am eagerly waiting for ur nxt part. many qns disturbs me.

  8. Hey yen ivvalavu late??? I missed u yaar and ur ff too. BTW the ep was very nice. Pani puri?? it was very good. Waiting to see Swara’s reaction??

  9. Romba supera iruku ash. Unnoda ff different a matum illa romba matured aavum iruku. Unnoda next episode kaga kaathutruken. Love you a lot ash ?

  10. Awesome nd swara nd ragini bonding is good nd so ragini past is luck…

  11. Dis one for ur prev epi??? so many criminals are masked as well mannered people… we cant judge anyone by their look…!!!
    Indha epi sema… Jodi no.1 Radha solrea mari adi dhool… 😀 😀 sema… nee idhu epi 8-9 potrikka ana rmba short eh irukku.. ?? anyways dis one is aesome.. 🙂 🙂

  12. Nice dr…waiting fr nxt epi


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