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Today’s episode,

Days pass with swara and ragini becoming swaragini, they both share a very good bond. Neither ragini asked what is swara’s past nor swara asked what was ragini’s past.

Ragini: swara!!!! I am going to make coffee, would u like to have some?
Swara: sure ragini!!!

Ragini makes coffee for both of them. They sit on the chairs of the balcony, chatting….

Ragini: so swara what r u going to do?
Swara: what?
Ragini: I mean whats ur dream, what do u want to become?
Swara: I want to open a………..res…. restaurant
Ragini: restaurant? (surprised)
Swara: ya any problem?
Ragini: oh my!!!! that’s why u cook so well, great!!! So what r u going to do for that?
Swara: I am thinking of joining a hotel management institute but…….
Ragini: don’t think about the money, I am here!!! U jst think about the right institute!!!
Swara was really happy but her heart didn’t agree: but……
Ragini: no but vut, I know ur past was a horror but don’t let the past control ur present and future and if u open a restaurant I will be the happiest person on the whole world, u know why?
Swara nods in a no
Ragini: bcoz I don’t have to cook right? And if ur restaurant rocks then I will also get profit……..( she winks at her)
Swara nods and smiles

Ragini: hm…gud girl , she gets up to go but swara catches her hand
Ragini: what happened?
Swara: swara gadodia
Ragini looks on and thinks: past
Swara: a girl full of life!!! she was roaming like a butterfly, she didn’t know what was right and what was wrong, she was very innocent, she just loved every one irrespective of their caste, age, gender etc…..

That’s when something beautiful happened , She fell in love with a guy named roy!!! He was so fun to be with, when the whole world tried to change her, he accepted her as she was, she was leading a very happy life with him but her parents didn’t like him and decided to get her married ……..
So she and roy decided to run away, her heart screamed at her not to, but she didn’t listen to it, she took all her jewellery and ran away with him……..(smiles) and he ran away with all my jewellery!!!!

To add to the turmoil he told her that he was with her only for money bcoz she didn’t worth him, she was so scared, she didn’t know where to go, what to do, her heart was cursing her, cursing her for not listening to her parents, for running away from them,
she started to walk having nowhere to go, she was walking senselessly that she didn’t notice it was a dark night and there were many animals waiting to quench their thirst, that’s when a man approached, he wore torn clothes, he looked horrible that swara got scared moreover he was forcing her to come with him even after she said no, she hit him when he got hold of her wrist, she hit him and ran as fast as she could

She noticed a decent guy and asked him the name of the place, he answered her politely and she turned to go but he pulled her, the same decent guy!!!!, and started forcing himself on her ,she tried hard to get out of his hold but in vain, she pleaded him, she cried but nothing worked but then he stopped, she was puzzled, that’s when she realized someone hit him on his head, he fell down,
U know who hit him the same man who swara got scared of, hit him and ran away, she thought he was trying to misbehave but instead he was saving her from the other animals, she sat down crying that’s when reality hit her, all the way long SHE HAS TRUSTED THE WRONG PEOPLE!!!!

Ragini was shocked to hear her, she knew swara had taken a wrong step but didn’t know that it would kill an innocent girl swara gadodia and give birth to a complete opposite character, bcoz she has never seen swara smiling or playing pranks!!

She breaks down but ragini didn’t try to console her bcoz it was more important for swara to let the pain flow
Swara: the man gave me shelter to stay for the night but the next day I left from there thanking him for whatever he did!!!! I was searching for jobs bcoz I didnt have the courage to face my parents after betraying them…..
Ragini: u didn’t!! its jst, u know everything has a reason !!! maybe all this happened to make u realize the right things in ur life!!!
Swara smiles at her: in the process of searching for jobs, I faced failure and I ended up looking for a job in a bar and then somebody spiked my drink and after that u took me home…….
Ragini: good that u accepted this ur HOME!!!

swara realizes what she said

Ragini: and u don’t have to trust me!!! Bcoz I myself don’t do that!!! ( she laughs)

Swara hugs her : I trust u more than myself!!!

Ragini becomes numb by her confession

No matter what happens there are someone who will always trust you and they will be right in front of u and LIFE gets easier which such people around.

To be continued…..

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  10. I am really really impressed by yiur ff. A very strong one. I know I vanished. But I love your story. How can I be off for long? You r a sweet girl who started writing such a mature story! How did it come to u? You are superb.

    I froze by swara’s confession. And SwaRagini is really adorable. Keep it up. Let me keep mum. I am amazed by ur abilities!♥

    1. O? thank u cho much bisha, I was jst irritated by the entire system which people follow, I jst wanted to know how many people feel the same way as I do and I wrote this? keep reading ❤ u

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  11. Really a rocking epi dear…something about swara’s past revealed will wait for Ragini’s past to unfurl now and how they take care of themselves in this big bad world. U know m a true blue feminist?

    Sorry couldn’t comment on some episodes, got a little bit busy…

    1. Thank u nupur? and same pinch I’m also a feminist and its ok don’t feel sry but don’t forget to comment too?

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