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Today’s episode,

Ragini comes home after a long day, her day didn’t go well, everything was not on its right place today, she was really exhausted, she was getting glimpses of her past, her head started aching
Ragini started throwing things, shouting like mad, finally she gave up, she caught her head and sat down,
Her own house started suffocating her, the four walls of her own house made her feel like staying in hell, she lost her cool, the loneliness which was surrounding her started to fill inside her, it started controlling her.

She wrapped a shawl around her and started walking,

Ragini’s pov,
I am walking aimlessly, I don’t know where I am going, I don’t know where is my destination but I just want to walk, walk till my legs ache, walk till the roads end, walk till someone ask me to return, I never felt so helpless, I didn’t know loneliness will make me weak, I never ignored the world around me but now that’s what I am doing, I looked myself in a mirror, my hair was bedraggled, I looked like a girl who escaped from an asylum, but little did I care about my appearance
I sat down on the stairs of a store, I looked up at the stars which were twinkling brightly, they were so peaceful to look at, these stars give the dark sky an unknown charm, no matter who left me alone, these stars didn’t ,they are always there……………… this increased my ray of hope
I wiped my face, set my hair, stood up and started walking……….. that’s when I heard a girl shouting ‘don’t touch me’, she was badly drunk, she was surrounded by a group of men, I don’t know why but I could feel she was in deep pain as I was, without having any second thoughts I rushed to help her, I covered her with my shawl, and started to drag her out of them , a man eyed her lustfully
I gave him a death glare and told ‘ don’t u dare think something like that’, he got scared seeing my burning rage and moved back

I hired a rickshaw and took her home, but by the time we reached home she was half asleep, the society people were giving disgusting looks to me for bringing her but I never really mind them, I made her lay on the bed and covered her with a blanket, she was sleeping peacefully and I sat beside her caressing her hair
I don’t have any relation with her but my heart didn’t allow me to leave her in such a state with those animals!! And soon the darkness disappeared bringing new light…………………………. this time for sure!!!

Pov ends.

The girl wakes up with a head ache and started panicking as the place was unknown to her but she calmed a little when she saw ragini

Ragini: are u mad? Don’t u have any sense? Why were u drunk, u know drinking is not good for health? And moreover did u realize u were surrounded by animals called men? What if anything happened to u? huh answer me…..
She says that in one breath, the girl was astonished and surprised to see her care for her
girl: I am sry….. i didn’t do that intentionally, I swear I didn’t drink , I don’t know how
Ragini: oh……..its ok, have this ( she hands over a glass of lemon juice)
She drinks it
Ragini: I am ragini!!!
Girl: swara!!!
Ragini: so? …….where do u live? I mean where is ur house?
Swara starts crying, she completely breaks down and ragini got scared seeing her in that state
Ragini: I am so.r.r..y!! I didn’t mean to hurt u
Swara: still crying) I betrayed my own family!! I hurt my own family!!! I don’t deserve this life !!! I should die!!!
Ragini: sh…….dont tell that!!!!

Ragini’s pov,
I saw her crying badly, her tears were genuine and showed immense guilt, for some unknown reason I felt so bad seeing her cry, I saw my own reflection in her, I know she has taken some very bad step and is repenting now, but I don’t think I should ask her now, she needs emotional support now, god what should I do now!!!!

Pov ends.

Ragini: swara don’t cry!!!! Everything will be fine

( ragini told this lie to her, the same lie which she was telling herself for the past 7 months, but it was not helping her nor did it help swara)

Swara was nodding her head in negative: no it won’t, I have myself made my life a hell, I don’t deserve this, no I don’t

Swara was not at all in her senses, she was continuously blabbering about dying and ragini lost her cool…………………………….


she slapped her!!!!!!

Ragini: chup !!!!! ( she ordered)

Silence fills the atmosphere….

Song plays In the background

“Main hoon gumsum tu bhi khamosh hai
Sach hai samay ka hi sab dosh hai
Dhadkan dhadkan ik gham rehta hai
Jaane kyu phir bhi dil kehta hai”

Ragini: I know u r in a complete mess right now, but my life is no less painful

Swara looks on

Ragini: I am leading a painful life, I have no one by my side, I live alone here!!!!! U know what it feels like?, what it feels like when u come home every day expecting a person to welcome u with a wide smile, but what u get in turn is darkness waiting to eat u up? , do u know what it feels like when there is no one listen to ur day long stories?, do u know what it feels like to sit alone the whole day?

Ragini: u know the strongest drug that exists for a human being is another human!!!!!!!!!! I don’t have that drug and my condition is worse than a drug addict!!!!…………………………….but Whenever I think of dying, life tells me to live

“Jee le zara, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil jee le zara
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa jee le zara”

Ragini: after a long time I thought I have someone who will be able to understand me ( referring to swara) but u !!!! r talking about dying…….dont u dare!!!!!!!!

As soon as she finishes swara comes and hugs her tightly and they both start crying

“Hai zindagi mana dard bhari
Phir bhi isme ye raahat bhi hai
Main hoon tera aur tu hai meri
Yunhi rahe hum, ye chahat bhi hai
Phir dil ke dil se, pul kyu toote hain
Kyun hum jeene se itne roothe hain
Aa dil ke darwaaze hum khole
Aa hum dono jee bhar ke ro le”

Ragini: will u be with me? ( she asks with hope)
Swara: no
Ragini gets sad
Swara: I am already with u!!!!!!!

“Jee le zara, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil jee le zara
Aye humsafar, aye humnawa
Aa paas aa jee le zara”

Never lose hope!! The best is yet to come!!!
To be continued…..

So guys I want u all to share ur experience on #being a woman, plz share ur views so that I can get some new ideas!!!

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Credit to: asheeyana

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  1. Sry guys I forgot to give the link to previous episode here it is,

  2. nice episode
    as a girl its really difficult to survie alone ur story concept is too good
    update asap

    1. Thank u poonam? keep supporting

  3. As usual awesome episode ash. Unnoda story romba unique a iruku. ☺

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  4. Nice episode

    1. Thank u samira?

  5. awww… no words… you’re marvellous… yep lonely life is really difficult one…
    U r right “the strongest drug that exists for a human being is another human!!” I loved this line… 😀 😀 ??

    1. Awwwww……thank u so much nive, I’m glad that u loved it?❤?

  6. Can you provide links of earlier episodes it’s so awesome I want to read them all please

    1. Sure give a min I will give u

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      1. And this 4th episode’s

        Sry for the confusion and 3 nd 5 episode links r in d first comment

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  8. Loved it

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  9. Very very nice ash.i liked this ep veryyyy much. Ragini is really a brave girl. I think swara will become her good friend. Its just my guess 🙂 U know i have manyy friends but when a problem comes i like to speak about it only to one friend who is away from me still veryy close to me. When i read this i dont know why this reminded me of her. She is always there for me when i cry. This was kinda same. Love u dear 🙂

    1. Thank you sree? nd u r absolutely correct, swara nd Ragini will become swaragini?

      1. Ash yenoda ff padikarudu illaiya i mean i didnt see u thats why i just asked 🙂

      2. Naan vidama padipen but intha Epi eludhuradhula bsya irunthen sry innimel cmt panren

  10. sry for the late cmnt. starting 2 para padikum podu light ah bore adichici but after really didnt expect swa exsist in this story. really superb epi at ending i mean last para. superb.
    as a woman am not like ragini. am very sensitive. lightly i scares abt boys bcos am studied in girls scl n now also girls clg. never i talked to boys. but if i got angry then i’ll bcome like bathra kali. yar nu pakamaten. vitu velasiduven

    1. Bore adichutha sry ka I will try to make it better ? nd I am studying in co ed school so I don’t have that problem

  11. It is really very good awesome

    1. Thank u priya?

  12. Honestly no words….its just awsome u know wht ….u just said truth that d biggest drug for human is human really hats off for ur think…
    Ab tak m kabhi kabhi comment krti thi tumhare ff pr but frm now daily…

    1. Awwww….thank u choooooo much love u

      1. LOVE U. TOO

  13. Hey romba different storyline..semaya eppo swara &rags r going to be together ..and asheeyana nee pesama funnyscenes add panu ..apparam sanskar and laksh entry .eum add panu. .and it’s your wish to keep them or not..naan suma unaku suggest panra….and I have some ideas….If u want ..I.will suggest u ..

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