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Today’s episode,

Ragini’s POV,

Today I am going to try something new, I am going to learn how to cook!!!,yes u heard me right, a woman is accustomed to many things and cooking is definitely one of them, not denying the fact that I am a ‘woman’ I have to learn this and I am not at all ashamed of doing so!!!
But before starting I have to buy a few essential ingredients, I started searching my bike keys but then realized it is with pia, so I decided to use the public transport (bus).

I boarded the bus but failed to find a seat, so I stood holding the handle, after two stops I found a man standing behind and leaning onto me, it was clearly evident that he was misbehaving but people NEVER MIND and have their ways to keep themselves out of the business, this one thing was enough to raise my blood pressure, I had to do something ,but neither did I shout nor ask for help as it would be a waste of my time, so I took a ‘safety’ pin >, bent it such that it would become straight —, folded my hands one above the other = and started poking him with it, so every time he tried to come closer, he was poked(I hope u all understand if not tell me ,I will explain u) ,’ ouch ’ he moaned and as a result he moved away, I turned back and gave a death glare (to him as well as the people) assuring that I was doing it intentionally and also to tell women are not helpless, they know how to fight back!!!!!!

I reached my destination bought all the things and was waiting at the bus stop, finally a bus came but it was not at all crowded, there were only 2 or 3 person sitting that too men, so I stood waiting for another bus but it was getting late so I thought to hire a rickshaw, I called the rickshaw man but before getting in, I noted the rickshaw number and messaged it to pia (safety precautions) and then boarded it and reached home.

‘Did u reach home safely?’ I got a msg from pia, which brought a very big smile on my face, having someone who cares for you, isn’t it one of the best feelings?, ‘yes’ I replied with a smiley emoticon.

And now the real mission starts, but before that I have a lot of unanswered questions like what will I cook? , will I be able to cook? , how will I cook? And most importantly will it taste GOOD? But all these questions can only be answered if I cook, I decided to try out a dessert, so I went through a recipe book (as though I am an expert) and finally found a recipe, my all-time favorite carrot halwa.

I grated the carrots, sautéed it, cooked them slowly in milk and then added sugar (that’s how it’s made, see guys I am teaching new recipes, u all should be grateful to me, lol, jst kidding )

So now it’s the time for tasting!!!!!!!
I took a spoonful and ate it, it was not at all bad, but it was not as good as my mother makes, ‘I am a beginner’ I told myself, so that I don’t stop cooking, but I must admit one thing the whole cooking thing popped in my mind because I was craving for home-made food, but I don’t have that in my fate ,at least not in the near future I thought.

I am away from my family, doesn’t mean that my heart has stopped beating for them, it still does and how much ever I try not to remember them, I end up missing them, ‘do they feel the same?’ I questioned myself, ’ yes of course’ replied my inner voice and I have full trust on it.

To be continued…..

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  1. Semaya iruku Ashu……. N na unaku msg paniruka hangouts la…. Née En invitation ah accept Pana da I can see ur msg n group too…

  2. priya

    Its too good asheeyana 🙂 and ty for teaching the recipe of carrot halva 🙂 😉 😛

  3. Sree

    Ur ff is very nice ash. I just now read all the eps and felt it truly very different. Intha madhiri oru ff na pathadhe illa. Hats off to ur idea. Post nxt soon. 🙂

    • Nanum anda kelviya kekanumnu nenachan ashu….. Unaku theriyuma…. Nee hangouts la vaa pls….romba nalla chat panlam….

    • asheeyana

      Saapuda theriyum? aana enaku bread halwa seyya theriyum, carrot halwa pani pathuiruken but senjathu illa

  4. Prateeksha

    Valakam pola romba supera iruku ash. Oru thaniya iruka ponnoda feelings matum illama ava problemsa epdi face pannanunu solirkarthu supera iruku. Keep rocking

  5. Geeta

    Very nice and different… Even I am also working in a company and staying away from my family.. Also facing problems specially in cooking … So I can relate myself very well with the story… Finally something real… Thanks a lot for this…

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